23 Apr 2014

Everyday Objects + Pantone Colour Swatch Match-Up by Inka Mathew

A colourful + humorous on-going project by designer Inka Mathew - matching small everyday objects found around her house, to Pantone Colour Swatches. Follow the project's Instagram account for regular updates and brand new match-ups

In other Pantone news - Barbour collaborate with a group of blogger's to launch their new campaign.

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22 Apr 2014

Traveling with Reiss | How to Pack Light

With our trip to Orlando in just under six-weeks the subject of packing in firmly in my mind. I know right, it's well too early for that business but everyone starts to consider what they might take, a while before they go. Guys, guys...?  Last week I worked on a travel piece for Reiss' blog , a "What's In My Weekend Bag" post if you will. 

As I've been traveling with work a lot this year I've started to nail down some proper packing steez, becoming a increasingly light packer. I chatted to the guys from Reiss about my packing tips, warm weather outfits and where I'd love to visit next:

Where in the world is your dream destination?
I’m very keen to continue my exploration of America, as I’ve only just started to scratch the surface. Last year I visited Savannah, GA, which was one of the most fascinating places I’ve ever been to. I’d love to visit Japan, to experience a totally different culture to what I have been used to. Their enthusiasm for life, attitude towards innovations, street culture and traditions are something that really interests me very much. I would also love to visit Iceland, Belgium, China and Russia.

How do you go about packing your bag?
My first rule is only take what you need. I start with deciding what items of clothing to take, making sure each item works with the others, so there’s no wasted space. I pack shoes first, placing socks and underwear neatly inside them, next packing electrical and other bits around them. All my clothing is neatly folded (the roll technique doesn’t work for me), and siting on top of them is books and magazines, which keeps things secure.

I make sure my washbag is in a separate compartment, to avoid any leaking issues. I never pack without “portable snacks” too, and I’m perpetually hungry. Nuts and dried fruit are always in there, as well as my gym kit, just in case.

On my next holiday I’ll be wearing…
Short sleeve pastel colour shirts, stripe t-shirts, soft cotton chino shorts, Ray-Ban Wayfarers and Nike or Jack Purcell trainers. Classic cargo shorts are something I’ve gotten into recently too, they’re practical with all their pockets but can work well with a plain t-shirt or short sleeve shirt. They were my go-to shorts last year, and they’re great for storing a digital camera in!

I’ve got a shaved head so hats are important too, this year my choice of hat will be either a bucket hat or a soft cotton baseball cap.

I’d describe my holiday style as…
A mixture of simple street and sportswear I think would describe it quite well. It’s always hard to define these things, but when I’m on holiday I tend to dress for comfort without shying away from colour. Not necessarily bright colours, but rather mixing patterns and textures with classic tailored pieces; for example I’d pair a short sleeved Oxford shirt with camouflage shorts.

I try to wear outfits that I can wear all day, without having to smarten up at night time. A button-down shirt, shorts and trainers is my ideal ensemble. The shorts need to have room for my camera, as I’m never without one

Many thanks to Reiss for asking me to take part in this series! What type of packer are you organised, overpacker or all in one big heap?

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21 Apr 2014

Concrete Coasters by 45Wall Design

With a couple of birthdays coming up I'm trying to get organised early and have started to go back through my old bookmarked gifts, as well as adding new ones. These handmade Concrete Coasters by California based 45Wall Design are a new edition to the list. They come boxed in lovely packaging too.

The 4-piece coaster set is $29, choosing from either black, white, gold + silver (colours can be mixed and matches). Concrete Coasters by 45Wall Design available here.

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19 Apr 2014

Percival Poster Hunt + Weekend Links

Over the course of 3 weeks throughout this April + May, Pervical will be placing a load of lovely illustrated posters around London, which have been created especially for the brand by Bobby Evans of Telegramme Studio. If you spot one of the posters on your travels you could be in for winning some great pieces from brand new collection.

Each poster is interactive and features a clever bit of coding, so you'll instantly know if you've won some sweet gear! All you do need to see follow the instructions using your phone and you might be walking home with something from their SS14 collection. Check the video below for all the details.

Happy Easter Weekend guys, hopefully you can get out there and soak up some good times.

Weekend Bucket List

What would you do in this extremely awkward situation?
Apparently we're hit "Beard Peak", here's Jon's very reasoned response.
Ten valuable lessons from a Welsh Denim maker.
Did this dude just lose $1 million + a car?
I'm venturing back into beer reviews!
Handy tips on keeping on top of your fitness goals.

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18 Apr 2014

Giveaway | Win Canon Rebel T3i

An extra special one today! We're celebrating our good friend Latrina's birthday with a great giveaway that everybody can get involved with. The super talented photographer + designer, Latrina came up with the idea of giving away something that we'd all dig, and we settled on a Canon Rebel T3i, with 18-22mm lens kit, worth £769 ($650)! How good is that?!

Happy birthday Latrina, thank you for inviting us on board. You can enter the giveaway below but before that, meet the lovely bunch of people who have made this giveaway happen:

Of Trees and Hues | Lorelai's Things | Cocorrina | Melissa Alam | Buckets and Spades |
 Whisky & Tinder | Thatch & Thistle | Thou Swell | Writers Block Near You | A Lively Blend |
 Tara Victoria | Fashiony Fab | My Life Box | Kyla is Inspired | Star Crossed Smile | Love Grows Design |
 Coco and Mingo | J for Jamie |45 Wall Design | We Resolve | To Adventure | Team Wiking | Hanna's Places |
 Clear the Way | Diana Willard | Pen & Peplum | La Designerie | Witty Title Here | Cambria Grace |
MamagesEmma Lou Designs |Safaris and Sunsets | Tori's Tales | Folk & Fest |
 Lucky Number Seven |Likes of Us | Ex Vitae | Horses of Ares

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This giveaway is open internationally, closing Tuesday 6th May. To enter use the widget above, once you submit your first entry a bunch more will be unlocked. The lucky winner will be chosen + announced by Latrina. Good luck!
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17 Apr 2014

Eastpak | Backpacks for Commuters

Wearing - Easkpak Floid Backpack c/o size?, Albam Sweatshirt, Carhartt Trousers, Levi's T-Shirt,  Northern Goods Co. Key Clip, Helmet, Timex Weekender Watch, Vintage Leather Gloves.

Just a quick post today as I'm feeling pretty under the weather and I've got a mountain of photos to edit, from the last couple of weeks. After several repairs to the left strap of my Dicota backpack, due to tares from everyday use (we're talking use every single day, for a while it carried two laptops and an slr!), I've landed upon this sturdy bit of kit by Eastpak. It's got room for a laptop, is super lightweight and has umpteen pockets + compartments.

I've only taken it for a spin a couple of times so I can't pass full judgement just yet, but I'll be putting it to the test over the next few months. Its first big challenge will be on our trip to Orlando next month! Do you rate Eastpak products or any other products for commuters?

Thank you for reading.

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16 Apr 2014

Sub-Saharan Adventures - Packing for Namibia

I'm heading off to Namibia in a week’s time and spent this weekend attempting to pack. I've never been, so knowing what to take has been difficult. Like most travellers, I want to travel light, but it's their Autumn (or as good as) and temperatures will vary from below 10C to above 30C, there could also be a lot of rain.

These are the perfect conditions for a pair of Merrell Chameleons. Not the most fashionable of shoe, but a lightweight walking trainer, great for the hiking we might do, and for when standing in a puddle attempting to push the car out of the mud. A pair of Converse will also accompany me for those few nights we'll spend in the towns. A trip to South America taught me that they're the best trainer for being squashed in a rucksack without being ruined.

I've been told to cover up from the sun and insects, so aside from the mountain of t-shirts and the couple of jumpers and hoodies I'll be taking, I'll also pack some Levi Commuter 511 chinos and a pair of Gap cargo pants. I'm not sure if you can buy the Levi's anymore, but they're built to be sturdy and have some fancy type of nanotech that keeps them clean, apparently. The cargo pants have large pockets, useful for holding my giant Nokia 6310i which is (unfortunately) replacing my iPhone for the fortnight. Bring on Snake 2!

My bag will mostly be full of practical clothes. Boring I know. Dust, mud, and sleeping in a tent just don't mix well with anything remotely expensive. I will take one luxury item though, a pair of Sunspel chino shorts. A tan colour is probably the only one that can get dust stained without anyone noticing.

1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Finally, I'm packing my - now slightly old - Nikon D3000 camera. Hopefully I'll be returning with lots of animal shots, rather than just strange shapes seen through a mud splattered lens.

I've never been to Sub-Saharan Africa before, so if anyone has any tips please send them through to me! - Nik.

You can find Nik at - Conrad's BeerTwitter + Instagram

15 Apr 2014

Yellow Bird + Yellow Beard's Birthday | Win $600 Visa Gift Card

1 | 2 | 3

Today we're celebrating Janee of Yellow Bird + Yellow Beard's birthday, and we've hooked up with a group of super bloggers to bring you this great giveaway! To celebrate Janee's birthday we're giving away a whopping $600 Visa Gift Card, which can be spent on anything, anywhere in the world!

14 Apr 2014

Beer + Design | 13 Guns American IPA Review

It's been a good few months since my last beer review, but after a positive response during the #lbloggers chat on Sunday, via Twitter, I thought it was about time I got my ass in gear and posted another.

Details - 13 Guns is a medium strength American IPA by Thwaites' off-shoot micro-brewary, Crafty Dan. Rich and smooth, with a whiff of citrus. For me, it wasn't as "hoppy" as the description promised but still enjoyable. Worth a shot.

13 Guns can be found in supermarkets with a Regional Beers + Ales section. I picked this one up in Booths, who also stock Triple C and Big Ben, from the same brewery. Have you can across any tasty beers of late?

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Augmented Reality Bus Shelter | Pepsi Max "Unbelievable"

I'm pretty sure this augmented reality bus shelter would have scared the bejebus out of most of us, escpecially this early in the morning! The "Unbelievable" interactive ad shell, by Pepsi Max was installed just in time for the busy morning commute on New Oxford Street, London. The technology uses its surroundings to create an alternative reality, in which the unbelievable can happen before your very eyes.

The public's reactions are something else! See a few more augmented reality examples here. For more on the Pepsi Max #LiveForNow project click here.

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