10 Aug 2017

Got Married, Went Road Trippin' Part 1 | Las Vegas > San Francisco

It's about one month since we landed back from our Las Vegas Wedding / West Coast Road trip. At the time those long drives from city, to small town, down dirt roads and back to city again felt like they would never end, but now it's all starting to slightly feel like a distant memory. But it's a memory that will never be forgotten, because it wasn't just any road trip, it was the road trip after the happiest day of my life!

Seeing so many of our friends + family's smiling faces for a whole week was a pretty magical feeling, and the actual wedding ceremony was perfect. Spirits were high, food portions were ideal, drinks were endless, temperatures were ridiculous and sleep was pretty much none-existent...but I wouldn't change a thing.

We said goodbye to our guests (albeit a few of them who joined us on the road trip) in Vegas, and thanked them for making our week one of the most memorable in our lives. Over the next 10 days we would drive from The Wynn in LV to Hollywood Roosevelt in LA, via Yosemite, San Francisco, Monterey and Santa Barbara.

 Wandering in Badwater Basin, Death Valley

The drive from Las Vegas, through Death Valley, to Yosemite took the best part of eight hours, but what an incredible way to see the country. Going from 48 degrees in Vegas to around 10 in Yosemite National Park was quite an exerprience. We spent two days exploring Yosemite, and if I'm totally honest, my words wouldn't be able to justify the feeling this place gives you. I was so in ore of the scale (how small it made me feel) and beauty of the place that my camera didn't come out of my bag that much. I'm OK with that!

From El Portal in Yosemite, we drove three hours to San Francisco.

 Luggage for our trip c/o Horizn Studios

Two days in San Francisco gave us a good amount of time to explore, but not nearly enough to see everything I hoped for.

We stayed at Hotel Zetta, just by Union Square. The hotel was seriously good, from the small detail of the lobby decor and rec area, and the staff's attentiveness, to the British-inspired (but not corny at all) restaurant. When the staff found out we'd just got married they drew us a personalised cartoon of San Fran, and popped a bottle of champagne in our room! What can I say, if you want people to be happy, just equip a lobby with a pool table, photo-booth and Shuffleboard!

The step-counter was going crazy while we were there. We covered lots of ground but did miss a fair few things I wanted to see...until next time.

 Sweatshirt c/o Asket | Shorts c/o Realm & Empire | Jacket by Several | Sneakers by Vans | Cap by Norse Projects | Sunglasses by Moscot | Bag by Instrmnt

 The view of San Francisco skyline from Alcatraz Island

I don't want to make these travel blogs too text-heavy, no one needs to read an essay on how good I thought our visit to Alcatraz Island was or how I have a tendency to spend way too much time trying to find good coffee. Photos will do the talking, and with that being said, Part 2 of our West Coast Road Trip will cover our journey from San Francisco to Hollywood!

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27 Jul 2017

Las Vegas Wedding Preview, at The Neon Museum

 Photography by Caleb John Hill of Branch & Cole at The Neon Museum, Las Vegas, Nevada

We've officially been married for one month, as of the end of July! It's fair to say that the wedding day was one of the most surreal, emotional and happiest days of my life, and for our friends + family to travel across to world to share the experience with us was an incredible feeling.

I've got so much I want to share from our wedding + post-wedding road trip; from dozens of Instax snaps of the party and videos of Elvis giving it his best leg jives in Vegas, to more subdued times exploring natural beauties like Half Dome, and sinking endless IPAs down in Monterey...

I know some of you guys caught my Instagram Stories from Death Valley, Yosemite, San Fran + beyond - your feedback was amazing and we had a blast documenting it, we're just sorry it was ver in a flasg. Thanks so much for all the kind comments!

But for now I'm excited to share a handful of preview photos from our pre-wedding shoot with Caleb John Hill of Branch & Cole, taken at The Neon Museum, Las Vegas, Nevada! We were lucky enough to spent a good few days getting to know our photographers; a 5:30am start down at the museum totally worth it for that absolutely perfect location to seeing them dancing with our f+fs in the early hours of our wedding day. We raise a PBR to all the folks involved!

Can't wait to share more with you soon.

20 Jul 2017

How I Create Flatlay Images for Instagram

My Latest Flatlay - Sunglasses by Monokel Eyewear | Moisteriser c/o La Mer | Razor by Harry's | Shirt by Jigsaw |  RI x Matthew Miller trousers c/o River Island | Hops & Barley Magazine | Blue Bottle Coffee | Instax Photos | Vans Sneakers c/o Farfetch | Wallet by Campbell Cole

The idea for this blog post came to me a few weeks ago, when I received a message on Instagram from someone asking me for advice on achieving a great flatlay. I was flattered that they had reached out to me with such positive words, but I found the question quiet tricky to answer, because, is there really a recipe to creating a "great" flatlay? 

I've never been a person to tell people what's right and what's wrong, I've always favoured going down the route of giving my opinion on how I find it best to go about a certain process, and my thinking being creative ideas / problem solving. I've found that by doing this I get around being "that person" who tells us what we should be wearing or how to do things the right way. That just isn't me. 

With that in mind, below I've outlined my thought process when it comes to creating flatlay images for my social accounts (mainly on Instagram @mat_buckets). This style of image seems to resonate as well with my audience as it does with brands. Hopefully you'll take away some new ideas from my two cents on the subject.

The Tools I Use

There's nothing too flashy about what I use to create my images; I usually stand on top of a 5" ladder, with the items laid out on our white bedsheets. I don't worry too much about creases as they can work in your favour, but we'll come to that later. My current camera of choice is the Lumix GX7, which works great if you're looking for clean images with a natural colour balance.

Theme + Story

Before I start chucking things all over the place I like to have a clear theme in my head. This helps me pick suitable items that will not only work nicely together, but will be the basis of the caption that accompanies it. By doing this I find it avoids things feeling random and disconnected. Fortunately I do get gifted items from time to time, but I don't just want to bung any old thing up because it's this week's "blogger mail".

For my latest image decided on the theme of "holiday pick-ups / post-wedding relaxation". The colour of the Vans Old Skool sneakers c/o Farfetch, worked perfectly against Hop & Barley magazine and La Mer moisteriser. I also love the way the various shades of blue pop out.

Proportion + Space

Thing one is big deal for me, and it probably the most time consuming aspect of creating a flaylay. Generally I'll shoot on a white background, as it feels like the ideal blank canvas to tell a story, but sometimes I'll shoot on the carpet or floorboards - depending on the light, or if I'm trying to mix up my Instagram feed a little. I'll start by placing the bigger items down first, then adding accessories, reading material and lifestyle products around and overlaid. If the item isn't overlaid with another product I like to make sure there's a few inches of space, then I'll twist each item left + right until it looks good on camera. 

There's a lot of running up and down the ladder at this point, checking each item looks right and the proportions of each is pleasing on the camera. Generally I'll try to keep a couple of corners clear from product, with the aim to help lead your eye to certain areas of the image. My latest image took me about 20 minutes to get right before I was completely happy, with a few minutes of editing time.


Quite simply put, once I've worked out a theme for my image I'll select products which compliment each other, in terms of colour. So if there's some yellow text on a magazine I'll try (but not always) to weave in a little yellow somewhere else in the image. Tonal and colour-blocking seems to work really nicely too.

Would You Wear It Together / Is Anything A Conflict?

This always crosses my mind when I'm corralling my items for a new image. Would I actually use these items together? For example, would a razor be in the same situation as a bowl of porridge? If it tells the story you're trying to get across then super, but generally I try to keep things as natural as possible!

Using Light

We are fortunately enough to live a house on a corner plot, so we have a decent amount of natural light coming from all angle. I try to take my images at a similar time of the day - around 11am - to keep a consistent lighting style each time. But if it's sunny I mess about with the angle of the blinds, which helps with highlighting certain areas of the set-up + adding shadows to create depth (this is where the creases on the bedsheets can help!). Play about until something interesting happens!
Finding Your Own Style

It's all trial and error, so just experiment with colours, light and ways of laying out your images in a few different corners of your home (or even outside...there's no restriction after all). I feel like I've found a style that works for me, but I'm always keen to experiment with something new to keep things fresh.

I hope some of you guys have found this post helpful in some way, and do let me know if you use any of the tips when creating images for your Instagram account. Drop your IG username in the comments and let's connect!

24 Jun 2017

Off to Las Vegas To Get Married!

This weekend we finally fly over to Las Vegas to get married! Things are starting to feel real now, but at the same time super surreal. The best thing about it though, is that some of our closest friends + family will be coming with us to help us celebrate!

I haven't scheduled in any blog posts on here, but I can't wait to share our trip on Instagram + IG Stories, so if your keen to see what we're up to then you can find me at @mat_buckets. From Vegas we drive to Yosemite, San Francisco, Monterrey,Santa Barbra and finally end up in LA.

If I don't speak to you guys on social media then see you on the other side!

20 Jun 2017

Peroni Ambra Pop-Up at The Oast House, Manchester

We're almost ready to launch into full-on celebration mode here, as it's only a few days until myself + Hollie fly over to Las Vegas to get hitched! The countdown is pretty much over, and we're all preparing for a super surreal, fun (30 of our friends + family are travelling with us!) an emotional couple of weeks, but there's just enough time left for one more round of drinks, with Peroni Ambra, before we say those famous words.

To celebrate the official launch of Peroni Ambra, the Italian brewer has partnered up with The Oast House in the heart of Manchester's Spinningfields district, to play host to a brand new pop-up experience - The Apertivo Bar. Expect to find the team sharing the beer over ice, with a twist of orange to garnish, all served in a bespoke handmade tumbler, created by Italian designer Andrea Morgante.

What makes Peroni Nastro Azzurro's brand new offering, Peroni Ambra, so unique and inherently Italian is one of the aperitivo's key ingredients, the Chinotto fruit. This guy is a rare and unique fruit, part of the citrus family, which is grown and harvested in the Liguria region of North West Italy. 

To mirror the heritage of the brewer's first aperitivo beer created specifically to open the palate Peroni Nastro Azzurro's authentic Italian experience will be coming to our very own North West region of England. 

The Aperitivo Bar, presented by Peroni Ambra will be taking up residency in The Oast House from Thursday 22nd to Sunday 25th June, making it perfect opportunity to discover little taste of Italy right here in the UK.  

Location: The Oast House, Manchester, The Avenue Courtyard, Spinningfields, Crown Square, Manchester M3 3AY.

This post is in partnership with Peroni Nastro Azzurro. Thank you for taking the time to support the brands + businesses that make this blog happen.