19 Oct 2020

All Parked Up - Our Print Shop

One thing that has kept me busy over the past few months is working on getting some prints ready. It's something I've thought about doing for a while, and after a fair few regular requests via Instagram, I finally got my act in gear and set up a super basic shop on Etsy.
Since July I'll shipped 50+ orders to all parts of the world; from Malibu, CA to a small coastal village in Australia. It seems folks are enjoying them in Scandinavia too, with the majority of international orders going to Denmark. Crazy.
Currently we have five prints available; three cars, One "Shopping Trollies in Orlando", and one of Hollie's It's a Love Story" print. We have plans to add a handful more in the run-up to Christmas. Each print has featured on my Instagram account at some point, so it's a lovely feeling to see them in other people's homes.

Thank you,

8 Jul 2020

Easy Oven-Baked Carrot + Courgette Risotto w/ Lemon + Chilli Recipe

easy bake in the oven carrot and courgette vegtable risotto with lemon and chilli recipe

If my messages are anything to go by it would seem risotto is hot property right now. And if you're anything like me, most of your main meals include some form of heat, so this recipes is one that that I have adapted and tweaked over time to give me just the right zing-to-heat ratio I need. It's a super easy dish, made even easier (and much quicker) by the oven-baked method. 

Heat isn't everyone's bag, so I'm only using those chilli flakes as a garnish:

Easy Oven-Baked Carrot + Courgette Risotto w/ Lemon + Chilli

Prep time: 10 minutes - Cooking time: 25 minutes


(makes 4 big portions)

Olive oil
2/3 cloves of garlic
250g risotto rice
750ml veg stock (2 cubes is best if you can)
2 decent sized carrots
1 courgette (leeks also works nicely + adds extra sweetness)
1/2 white onion (don’t worry if you haven’t got any, no biggy it’s not essential)
1 lemon
Parmesan cheese

Yogurt / water on hand just incase

A big pan which is suitable for your oven (if you don’t have an oven-proof pan you’ll have to make it the old fashioned slow way on the hob; pouring in the stock gradually and stirring until all liquid is absorbed.

For the Garnish

1/2 zest of lemon
Chilli flakes (Hot sauce is a great alternative, especially Cholula)
Fresh basil
Parmesan cheese


- Pre-hear your oven to 200c /180 fan

- Heat some oil in your pan. Combine grated carrot, grated courgette and finely chopped onion in a nice big pan + gently fry on medium heat for 6 minutes

- Add finely chopped garlic to your pan and stir for a minute

- When everything looks nice and soft add your risotto rice and veg stock to your pan, season with salt and pepper if that’s your bag and increase your heat for 2 minutes

- Pop the lid on your pan and place covered in the middle shelf of the oven for 10 minutes

- After 10 minutes remove from the oven + give it a big stir. Place back in the oven for a further 10 minutes uncovered (add extra time if it’s not the stock isn’t looking quite absorbed yet, likewise if it’s too absorbed we can fix that)

- After the further 10/15 mins take remove from the oven carefully - grate 1/2 zest of lemon, 1/2 juice of lemon + as much Parmesan as you fancy. If it’s looking too thick whack in a dollop of any kind of yogurt or water and give it a big stir. Place lid on for a few mins.

- Serve with a load of Parmesan, the rest of your zest of lemon, chilli flakes + basil. Squeeze the other 1/2 lemon juice on top if you need extra zing

PS it’s ace cold the next day, blob extra yogurt on top if its a little dry or make into arancini balls

Enjoy! Mat


17 Jun 2020

Coffee Roasters - Your Recommendations

Koffie Leute + Ohoj Roasters in Utrecht back in October

It’s fair to say that I can’t replicate the good brews that our coffee shops offer, but since lockdown I’ve been giving it a shot, trading off beans from a different roaster each month. Last week I asked for your favourite coffee roasters, via my Instagram Stories, so I thought I’d whack them into a list for future reference:


5 Jun 2020

Copenhagen: The Audo

So much has changed since our visit to Copenhagen back in January; it feels like we're half way through a year that we will never forget. There's been a few flickers of hope coming from Denmark recently, a the "new normal" life starting to move forward and people being able to return to work in some cases. When I see some of the people we met on the trip sharing Instagram Stories of meeting friends, working on photogaphy projects and cycling along the river, it gives us a sense of hope that we can overcome the evolving battle against covid-19.

The Audo Hotel - from the collective design community behind Menu - is officically back open for business. We didn't stay here on our trip, but we did spend a very leisurely morning in and around this meticulously designed gaff - taking our time to drink in the tactile surfaces, neatly curated selection of reading material, multi-functional lobby / work space / meeting and studio spaces, and cafe-restaurant. Oh, I can't forget the bathrooms too - linen clothes, locally sourced hand wash and delicate room scents are just what the doctor ordered.

Maybe when travel does resume to some level of normality, we'll take a plum to book a room with a view of the harbour.

Mat - Instagram.

6 Mar 2020

Copenhagen: A Few Days In The City

It’s been a little while since we spent a few days over in Copenhagen, but I’m still thinking back to it two months later, which is a strong sign.

In fact, there was plenty of positive points about our visit; the inspiring interiors, outfit inspiration on every street corner, good food and drink combos, and the great company for sure. Me and Jord had both made a few connections in the city via social media over the past few years, and it was nice to finally turn those into real life buddies. One of the most rewarding things to come from “being online” is the real life relationships that come from it - and may I hope that continues.

An extended chinwag to the staff down at Mikkeller, a shared tasting menu of new receipes at Sidecar with local designers Monica and Alona of Mero Studio, a shared appreciation for considered menswear at Goods co, or even the late night jocularity with Jord back at the hotel. Honesty, it’s all excellent stuff.

But enough chatting now, here's some things that caught my eye:

ARKET Puffer Jacket | Oliver Spencer Jumper (gift) | Universal Works Trousers | Converse 70s Renew (gift)

Places we visited:


Food + Drink



Where We Stayed


I've got one last blog post from Copenhagen planned...then maybe I go back for more?

11 Feb 2020

Copenhagen: Frama Store

a visit to the design store Frama in Copenhagen display
a visit to the design store Frama in Copenhagen fragrance
a visit to the design store Frama in Copenhagen bicycle
a visit to the design store Frama in Copenhagen close up textures
a visit to the design store Frama in Copenhagen textures
a visit to the design store Frama in Copenhagen

My only previous connection to Danish design house, Frama, is from them popping up in Monocle mag, my mate Dan discussing their delights on many occasions and seeing their very beautiful showroom-shop front space appear on my Instagram feed from time-to-time.

It's a store that's been in my "places to visit" folder for a while now, and finally, a couple of weeks ago I placed a tick in the win column while we were visiting Copenhagen for a few days. Planned out by the hour, but regularly straying - due to the fact we didn't realise the city basically closes between Sundays and Tuesdays - we made our way through a very quaint neighborhood of picture-perfect washed orange cottages to find the unassuming residence of Frama.

What can be said has probably already been said about this store, but it's far more impressive that the photos may suggest. Set in an old apothecary shop, Frama's furniture, lighting and skincare can be found across several large rooms and small nooks, joined up by slightly creaky stairs and dark corridors. The airy spaces compliment the lower lit rooms perfectly - showcasing the brand's Scandinavian approach to creating a mood, taking you through their kitchen, living room and bathroom set-ups. If these guys did a hotel!

I left empty-handed, but Jordan treated himself to a new fragrance, as he was fresh out of his carry-on. What I did take away from my visit to Frama - and the city in general - was the way these guys marry textures, fabrics and finishes to create a unique environment. It's playful, subtle and aware of impact.

Frama: Fredericiagade 57, 1310 Copenhagen, Denmark.

3 Feb 2020

Copenhagen: Han Kjobenhavn Store

han kjobenhavn store in copenhagen, denmark
han kjobenhavn store in copenhagen, denmark green tiles
han kjobenhavn store in copenhagen, denmark mid century interior
han kjobenhavn store in copenhagen, denmark mid century interior
han kjobenhavn store in copenhagen, denmark mid century interior

When visiting a new place or old I'll always reach out to the people with their fingers on the pulse for suggestions for new cafe openings, freshly drawn up menus, visiting exhibitions and other general cool stuff. I truly believe great things stuff can be found anywhere, and that's probably due to my definition of coooool being pretty broad. I get excited about loads of stuff - and that general steams from other people's passion for what they do (for example; a vintage wrestling figure collector, a dude that does ace things with ceramics or a bakery playing around with unusual combinations). These quirks are there to be found and to be enjoyed.

I had high hopes for our recent 4-day trip to Copenhagen, because on my first visit to the city I was left wondering, "I'm not sure what all the fuss is about". Circumstance hey, turns out I now know what I was missing the first time around. 

One trustworthy looking chap on Instagram mentioned that Danish menswear brand Han Kjobenhavn had recently renovated their stand-alone store, right in the centre of town. Without even looking it up I added in to our Google Map and pencilled in a visit for when we were close. As soon as we caught a glimpse through the traditional mahogany wood doors we knew we were in for a treat.

The punchy hi-shine powder blue floor, perfectly panelled oak wood walls and the swooshing white ceiling was equally matched with mid-century furniture, signature Scandinavian globe-like light fixtures and custom-build clothing rails which mirrored the pleasing shape of the store's layout. Phwoah! Mirrored panels both made you notice details that may have been missed at first glace, and the green tiles seen on the central display evoked a sense of the brand's identity.

For me what makes the Han Kjobenhavn shop so special is the jux between the store design and the clothes themselves; they have an edge, a self-awareness and youth about them, and sat within the mature and meticulous feel of the store-fit is what makes this gaff so memorable.

Han Kjobenhavn: Vognmagergade 7, 1120 København, Denmark

25 Nov 2019


In Edinburgh | Outfit all by Oliver Spencer (gifted for a paid project)

Well this was unplanned...I've just realised that it's been waaaaay over a month since my last blog post. Honestly, I hadn't even thought too much about blogging for a while. It's not that I've fallen out of love with it as such, it's more, other things have taken priority and the projects that I have been working on have either not required any blog action, or the fact they've not left much time for me to put energy towards these pages.

My reasons for blogging have always been the same; to share things I think are cool - be that parts of my creative process, travel diaries and other bits I've found from around the internet. That will never change. Through blogging I've met many inspiring people, and some which have become best buddies. Work buddies, travel buddies, life buddies I reckon. The people who will offer constructive feedback, help out very last minute with no questions asked, chat for an hour on the phone about everything and nothing...even better when you get to work together and it just doesn't feel like work at all.

If there's a positive takeaway from my absence from blogging, it will be because I've been busy building meaningful friendships. And thank you to Jordan for being that guy.

1 Oct 2019

From Light to Dark

transitions lens clear frame glasses by cubitts at palma cafe blackpool
old seaside typography inspiration in blackpool
transitions lens clear frame glasses by cubitts at parma cafe blackpool
transitions lens clear frame glasses by cubitts at parma cafe blackpool, wearing COS, Albam and Converse
transitions lens clear frame glasses by cubitts on blackpool beach

Light responsive lenses by Transitions Optical UK (gift) | Shirt by Albam (gift) | Jeans by COS (gift) | Trainers by Converse (gift by size?) | Cap by Brooks Brothers | Socks by MHL | Watch by Void Watches

Paid partnership with Transitions Optical UK

Back in the days when I was in short trousers - and we're talking late 80s / early 90s here - we were lucky enough to take our summer holidays in Orlando. Me, my Mum, Grandparents and my older brother and sister would pack our bumbags, lace up our rather ugly matching Airwalk trainers and don our colourful Disney baseball caps, in prep for two weeks of mega times in the Sunshine State.

And when I think about it now, not much has changed; we still live in the same seaside town as we grew up in, we still head to Orlando every now and again with the family, and we still all enjoy a good ugly trainer. Memories of my family wearing light sensitive glasses spring to mind when thinking back to those trips in Florida – they both took to wearing them in the early 90s, due to perpetual sunny days out at theme parks and lazy days by the pool. It’s quite a nice feeling to think that three generations of our family have been linked by something as simple as these lenses.

When you combine the craft of Transitions lenses and the design credentials of London's own spectacle maker Cubitts, the outcome is a modern, discreet design, good for any occasion.

These reactive lenses are UV sensitive, meaning they look just like regular optical glasses indoors, but when the lenses are exposed to UV rays they will automatically start to darken, with them becoming fully engaged outside in direct sunlight. I'm wearing the Cubitts Flaxman frames in quartz with Graphite Green lenses - somewhat of a dream combination of my love of clear frame glasses + anything that comes in khaki. So here's to not carrying around two pairs of glasses anymore!


9 Aug 2019

Caminito Del Rey, Malaga | World's Most Dangerous Walkway?

Is caminito del rey the world's most dangerous walkway, hiking in malaga spain
Is caminito del rey the world's most dangerous walkway, hiking in malaga spain
Is caminito del rey the world's most dangerous walkway, hiking in malaga spain
Is caminito del rey the world's most dangerous walkway, hiking in malaga spain
Is caminito del rey the world's most dangerous walkway, hiking in malaga spain
Is caminito del rey the world's most dangerous walkway, hiking in malaga spain
Is caminito del rey the world's most dangerous walkway, hiking in malaga spain
Is caminito del rey the world's most dangerous walkway, hiking in malaga spain

"Risk taker" and "thrill seeker" aren't two words that would describe me. It's not that I haven't done some cool and slightly hairy things in the past, but on my recent trip to Malaga with AC Hotels I'd say I certainly ticked one of the boxes off properly - with a 8k walk along the "World's Most Dangerous Walkway". Well, that's what Google likes to label it anyway...

When Hollie saw that I might have the opportunity to explore one of Spain's more dangerous pursuits, it was a firm no...No way, no how. And I must admit, the articles and stories which I'd seen online didn't install me with the greatest of confidence either. But then, a little further digging suggested that the whole cliffside walkway - which cuts through one of Malaga's most beautiful regions, along with the early 1900s hillside railway - was actually fully renovated in 2015, taking on extensive repairs to tired parts of the hike, while also creating a whole new modern walkway which now sees thousands of visitor's feet each day. Sounded pretty resonable to me.

Sure, it could be very silly if you messed about or stay glued to your phone screen a little too long, but it would be wrong to label "The King's Little Path" as dangerous. It was definately high up, and and some points the pathway does become narrow, but to called it dangerous would be sensationalism.

That's not to say it wasn't a sensational experience. In fact, the hike through Caminito del Rey in 32 degrees heat was one of most amazing experiences of my life, and I'm so pleased I said yes to the opportunity. Scary at points, almost unbearable heat throughout, and some of the most stunning views I've ever seen in person. I'd do it all again in a heartbeat.