4 Jul 2015

PF Flyers Made in USA Collection

Being in the USA inevitably means we're more susceptible to the exposure of American things we never knew existed. Goof Off, Krud Kutter, canned pig's feet, Bump Patrol shaving aid...all things we've come across on our daily trips to the local supermarket. A brand I'm a "little more" excited about than a Weed Whacker is PF Flyers, a footwear brand we've been fans of since our teenager years.

They've been working on a new Made in USA collection, produced from their factory in Boston, Massachusetts, featuring their signature Center Hi model, in both black + white leather. Inspired by the original PF Flyers branding from the 1960s, the update features a hand-drawn midsole stripe, hand-stamped tongue branding, and a premium embossed original ankle patch.

PF Flyers has created a short video showcasing this new release, which also celebrates Boston-based businesses who are championing US manufacturing and American-sourced materials. The video features Bully Boy Distillers, Repeat Press, Forestbound Bag Co. + Redemption Tattoo. Let's just hope PF become a little easier to track down in the UK.

See more of the PF Flyers Made in USA collection here.

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2 Jul 2015

Eden Sessions + The ASUS Transformer Book Chi

Looking at various Instagram accounts I follow, the life of a blogger can look like a world of fun, food, fashion, and travel. It’s true - blogging offers some amazing experiences; but there’s hard work involved too (honest!).

What Instagram doesn’t show is the hours and hours (and often days and days) in-between each post. Travelling across London, travelling across the UK, sat at a computer sending emails, writing posts, checking posts, organising meetings, going through each and every photograph from an event praying that one of them looks good enough to use. This isn't a moan of course, I just wanted to share the working process.

Take my trip to the Eden Sessions, down in Cornwall. It was a great trip - I’d go as far as to say epic, especially once you’ve thrown in a go on England’s longest zip wire! But it’s what, 300 miles from home? That’s a long old drive, especially in one go. And I’m supposed to be working!

As with any job, after a while you start to develop a routine and a knack for fitting work around a hectic schedule.

A 5 hour drive down to Cornwall started with a quick tidy up of the inbox and maybe an email or three each time I stopped for a coffee. Once we arrived, a couple more hours were spent sat snugly in the YHA Snoozebox (definitely check that out - like some sort of Japanese micro-hotel on wheels), listening to the rain and tapping away on the keyboard.

This is where the ASUS Transformer Book came into it’s own. As they were sponsoring the Eden Sessions - a set of top gigs playing out across the Summer - they were kind enough to send me a Transformer Book in time for the journey down. Essentially, it’s a tablet, but with a fold out (and unclippable) keyboard. The best of both worlds! You can lie in bed, as the Snoozebox has no desk, flicking through Twitter, the news, and Bloglovin’, and when the times comes to work, sit up, attach the keyboard and get typing!

Back in London, feeling suitably refreshed from a good dose of South Coast sunshine and with the music of Paolo Nutini still ringing in my ears, it’s another week of coffee shop working. I’ve just discovered Four Corners Cafe outside Waterloo: light, bright, with excellent coffee and big tables to work from. The ASUS Transformer Book is folded out, like a mini-laptop, and here I am writing this blog away!

Thanks for the trip has to go to ASUS, Eden Sessions, The Eden Project, and Barrie Thomson for the cafe recommendation.

We’re always interested to hear from you guys, especially those of you freelancing. What’s your working routine? Laptop, desktop, or tablet?

Nik of Buckets & Spades was a guest at Eden Sessions on behalf of ASUS

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28 Jun 2015

Enjoying Kona Brewing Co. in Orlando

Very much enjoying Kona Brewing Co. this week. In fact, they're just what we look for in a good beer; variation, distinct flavours, colourful labels and an honest back story. We've been working our way through their range since we arrived in Orlando, and we even tried Kona beer battered fish + chips at the Tommy Bahamas restaurant, on our stay-over in Naples!

Have you tried any of Kona's beers? My personal favourite is Big Wave - it's big time! Aloha `oe.

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26 Jun 2015

i-D + Don Julio Tequila | La Cantina Primavera

Mat might currently be sitting a lot closer to Mexico than I am - him being in Florida and all - but here in London, I don’t seem to be able to move for tequila. That’s not a problem for me - I love the stuff! Judging from the reaction to our post last year on London’s first tequila festival, a lot of folks don’t agree, which is a real shame.

Tequila is such a great drink. Ignore the cheap stuff, served up in a shot glass with lime and salt; real tequila has a taste to better most spirits and a range of flavours that possibly surpasses even whisky.

At one end of the scale, tequila is light, sweet, and fruity; while at the other, it’s can be warm, mellow, and smoky. Anyway, I’ll stop there. I could talk about tequila all day; but I won’t, as thankfully someone far more qualified has already done the talking for me

These guys really went town - although I expected no less from Gizzi Erskine, to be honest. The aim of the night was to challenge people’s perceptions with traditional and innovative ways to enjoy tequila alongside authentic Mexican food.  

Working with tequila brand, Don Julio, Gizzi Erskine put together a fantastic looking tasting menu, alongside a range of Don Julio inspired tequila cocktails, served up for one night only...

La Caintina Primavera! (translation: The Spring Kitchen)

These guys really went town - although I expected no less from Gizzi Erskine, to be honest. The aim of the night was to challenge people’s perceptions with traditional and innovative ways to enjoy tequila alongside authentic Mexican food.  

Hopefully, this approach by Don Julio and Gizzi can help people understand that tequila is a drink of real quality and taste - and reflects what Mexico (and Mexican cuisine) is all about! We couldn’t make it to the main event, but take a look at this video to see how it went down. I’m looking forward to the next one and hoping that Mat might bring back a bottle or two from the States. Here’s hoping! Nik.
This post is in partnership with i-D + Don Julio. Thank you for taking the time to support the businesses that make this blog happen. Those who know, drink responsibly.  
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22 Jun 2015

Store Visit | Oliver Sweeney, Covent Garden

 Oliver Sweeney, Covent Garden, Henrietta Street

After our visit to the newly opened Natural Selection store at Seven Dials we moseyed down the road to Henrietta Street; Covent Garden's most exciting road when it comes to menswear.  With Nigel Cabourn, The Real McCoy + Fred Perry (and soon to open Edwin) propping up each side the pavement, this one cut-through street is starting to space up nicely.

Just around the corner from our favourite barbershop, Ruffians, you'll find the new Oliver Sweeney store. With its modestly sized front, the store makes you do the old double take once you step foot inside - anyone without their specs may struggle to see to the rear of the shop, it's massive. The store contains the brand's new collection; formal and casual footwear; shoes, boots, trainers + beachwear; key pieces from their clothing range, and a selection of exclusive concessions from Left Field Denim + Karas Kustoms stationery.

Kitted out with dark brown wooden fixture and dimly lit lighting, against the dark marine blue units, the store definitely has a gent's clubhouse feel to it. And when you finally reach the back of the store you'll find a whiskey bar, which caters to those in need of something wet. But this doesn't distract from the fact that the store is a beautifully considered space, one which could lend itself nicely to events, classes or exhibition space. Covent Garden, you're on a roll.

Oliver Sweeney, 10 Henrietta Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2E 8PS.  See more of our Store Visits here.

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21 Jun 2015

Buckets & Spades on Cool Material

The top bunch at Cool Material invited me to take part in their regular "Wear This" feature. A simple idea - each week ask a different style insider or friend of the website to pick a selection of products to make up an outfit + gift selection. Here's what we choose:
 Click through each link to see the product + click here to view the full post on Cool Material.

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19 Jun 2015

Pothole Street Art by Jim Bachor

Ever seen a hole in the road? Ever driven over one? Of course you have! They're annoying and unsightly, but instead of filling them with tarmac, what about something a little more aesthetic? That's what Jim Bachor does. We'd bet money that you've never driven over any like these before.

Pot hole art! It's awesome, and should surely catch on. His work can currently be found across Chicago, but we'd love to see some of it in and around the UK. Get grouting people! See more here.

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18 Jun 2015

We're Currently in Florida!

It's been a little quiet around these parts lately, I forgot to mention that we're currently out in Orlando for a few weeks on holiday! Things will be a little slow around here but we will be posting a few posts here and there - when we can pull ourselves away from a frosty 4-pack.

We're still sharing on the social scene, you can follow our holiday updates on Instagram + Twitter!   

Thanks for sticking with us,

15 Jun 2015

Store Visit | Natural Selection London, Seven Dials

It's been a easy progression for Natural Selection to shift focus from a denim-centric brand, to what is now a well-rounded collection of contemporary clothing for men + women. After starting life focusing on indigo goods, Natural Selection has just open their first retail store, to coincide with their first comprehensive collection under the name of Natural Selection London. The store can be found within the busy streets of Seven Dials, Covent Garden - an area which is never happy unless it's evolving. How many coffee shops does one area need...I always leave buzzed.

Within football booting distance of Carharrt WIP, Le Coq Sportif, and the newly opened Finisterre outdoor store, the store sits in a great location - Seven Dials, at Covent Garden has a great community feel. As well as their core denim (we previously styled a feature which focused on their denim), the store stocks a full collection of jersey, chambray + printed shirts, outerwear, trousers, and a few concessions - including footwear brand, No. 228, and some super swanky perfumes.

Have you took a trip around Seven Dials lately?

Natural Selection, 46 Monmouth Street, Seven Dials, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9LE. See more of our Store Visits here.

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12 Jun 2015

Barbican Constructing Worlds Prints by Tom Pigeon

The Barbican Centre is one of my favourite places to visit, and work in London. I don't often like to tell people this, in case it suddenly fills up with people.

It's perfect, as it's really quiet, has a coffee bar, and above all else is a truly inspiration place to spend the day. If you get bored of work or catch writers-block, you can take a wander around it's very 'different' architecture, visit the greenhouse if it's open, or go and see whichever exhibition they happen to have on.

Last year, The Barbican ran a Constructed Worlds series - works reflecting various 20th and 21st century architecture. As part of the series, one of our favourites, Tom Pigeon, designed three prints inspired by photographers, who in turn have been inspired by architects.

Still with us? Good. Take a good look, we know you'll find them just as impressive as we do.

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