21 Oct 2014

TSPTR Does Peanuts

Peanuts on a jacket, and a decent looking jacket at that. It's by London-based streetwear brand TSPTR - which stands for something pretty complicated - and has all the hallmarks of a great piece of outerwear in my eyes. Collegiate sports throw-back, cartoon illustration, hometown colours (Blackpool)....you know, all the stuff I'm in to. In fact, did they design it for me? Either way, it's a match made in Americana-heaven. 

TSPTR have gone and created a whole collection featuring original cartoons from the Peanuts family, illustrated by Charles M. Schulz. The collection features tees, sweats (also above), jackets and accessories - each featuring a nod the cartoon that was sandwiched between Trumpton and FunnyBones. It's just a shame my boy Linus didn't make the team sheet.

TSPTR Peanuts collection available at The Great Divide.

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19 Oct 2014

Outfit | Weavers Door Wardrobe Feature

My long-term buddies at Liverpool-based Independent Weavers Door recently invited me to take part in the second instalment of their Wardrobe series. The newly revamp feature sees friends of the store feature in a shoot, which all features clothing from their currently range. I styled this one myself.

We wander the city looking for interesting places for photos - starting off at Bold Street Coffee for a cuppa and nose through Proper Mag, and ending up by the super curious Liverpool Met Cathedral.

Wearing - Oliver Spencer Jacket | Sunspel Sweatshirt | Norse Projects Shirt | Edwin Jeans | Converse Trainers | Norse Projects Socks | Vintage Cap | Northern Goods Co. Key Clip

Thank you for supporting the independent businesses that we're so passionate about. See more from the Weavers Door shoot here. We're always looking to visit new places, which are your favourite independent stores?

Photographer - Mike Gannon

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18 Oct 2014

Forest & Bird Conservation Ads + Weekend Links

The type of advertising + marketing that really gets me going is the kind that we can feel a part of. Something interactive and evocative stays with me for much longer than a run of the mill billboard or flyer. This printed ad campaign by Chris Childerhouse does just that. The series of ads commissioned for New Zealand's conservation organisation Forest & Bird shows us (click image to enlarge) that we all have the choice make a difference. See more here.

Well, I wish I could say I'm looking forward to catching some downtime this weekend but I've got a bunch of things to do. It's been a fun week though, a couple of days in Scotland + starting to plan for upcoming projects. Up to anything interesting this w/e?

Weekend Bucket List 

This branding project is a stone cold stunner
Fancy sleeping on a hammock 50m above ground?
How the changing face of blogging + our "success" is subjective, great read.
Another brilliant example of interactive marketing
Imagine seeing this in your back garden?!
This travel photography blog
In case you missed it - Celebrating Ciera Designs Blog Birthday 

For a limited time our sponsors East Dane are offering 25% off with code FAMILY25, which makes it the perfect time to pick up a new winter coat. I've just bought this Penfield Down Jacket.

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16 Oct 2014

Reconditioning Volkswagens

As we travelled across the east of Scotland to reach this week's destination The Glenrothes Whisky Distillery I spotted this curious junkyard in the middle of nowhere. We zipped past way too quick to stop first time but on the way back to the airport we made a point of stopping, and had a quick snoop around.

It was actually a reconditioning yard for used Volkswagens, but had basically turned into a place of rest of these beloved vehicles. We didn't have much time as we were a tad worried about getting chased off with a pitchfork, but I'm glad we managed to get a few quick shots.

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13 Oct 2014

BOSS Orange Watches AW14 Collection

I was having a discussion be it quite one-sided about watches yesterday with my mate, while we were at work. He's totally obsessed with watches and how they look. And when I say obsessed I mean it totally consumes him. It's not just watches though, it's anything that gets in his head, he just can't stop thinking (or shut up) about it. In the end he dashed out on his lunch break and bought a brand new shiny timepiece he was proud as punch all afternoon with his new purchase and was constantly asking us if I needed to know the time! Just like a kid with a boxfresh Stretch Armstrong, he just couldn't wait to give it a go. You can't knock the man's passion.

He mentioned a few brands which piqued his curiosity, and one of them was BOSS Orange Watches. If you've been reading the blog for a while you'll have probably noticed that I'm big into watches I wear one every day without fail, and it feels totally alien to leave the house without one. Today I'd like to give a mention to BOSS Orange Watches, who I'm partnering up with for a series of blog posts.

Their new collection has only just hit my radar but their use of orange struck me as a great match for Buckets & Spades. The BOSS Orange Watches collection is for those with a relaxed lifestyle, who love nothing more to travel + explore the unknown, and who also embrace their individuality and passion for design. This sure sounds like my mate to me! Style-wise the designs are heavily influenced by street culture and travel - with each watch taking its name from a famous city, while also having a nod to adventure sports such as Scuba Diving. I might not be brave enough for deep sea diving but I can get on board with living life more spontaneously

In the next part of the series with BOSS Orange Watches I'll be showing you how I've styled a piece from their new AW collection!

Thanks for visiting,

This article was written in partnership with BOSS Orange Watches.

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Celebrate With Ciera Design | Win $400 Gift Card

I'm really thrilled to join in the fun and help our friend Ciera Design celebrate five years of blogging this month! It’s such an worthy accomplishment and what better way to celebrate than by giving away a special gift to all our amazing readers?

One lucky person will receive a $400 prepaid MasterCard, that can be spent anywhere in the world that accepts Debit MasterCards. How good is that?! Use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter! If you haven't checked out Ciera's blog before it's full of design, travel, craft and photography - It's a perfect match with Buckets & Spades.

11 Oct 2014

Curiosities Series by Isle Skateboards + Weekend Links

The idea behind Curiosities Series by Isle Skateboards was to ask three pro-skaters to gather up some of their collected ideas (from travelling, childhood, gifts...) that all mean something to them. The items would then be photographed in a custom-made shelving unit and turned into skateboard decks. I like the idea that each skater can ride around with their possessions still with them, wherever their work takes them. Read more here, available here.

I could bang on about this week but I want to look forward to the next. There's so many things going around in my head, but I have to remind myself that it's OK to say "no" to things. Not every opportunity is right for us. So I'm saying "yes" to catching up with all your blogs, comments and emails this weekend. How's about you guys?

Weekend Bucket List

Funny animated online dating video
Men's accessories handmade in San Diego - Kickstarter
Fancy the nicest job in Britain?
Why arriving at the train station fills you with relief
The scariest bikeride I've ever seen, watch this!
Colour installation in Japan's Shinjuku Central Park
A Photographic journey to the End of the World
In case you missed it - A Conversation about Lancashire-made sneakers

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9 Oct 2014

Visiting Best of Britannia | Farmiloe Building London

Last week, we were invited to Best of Britannia - a showcase of British-Made products from independent + small companies. Located in the historical Farmiloe Building, in the heart of smart and trendy Clerkenwell, it’s an event that offers equally impressive sights on the stands and on the walls. We met some old friends and made some new ones. Our pals at Albam were on hand to show us their new Made in England socks, and we met up with Pantherella to grab another pair of socks in return for a couple of photos. Socks, it seems, are something the UK is proud to produce.

Of the many brands on display, a couple which caught my eye were: Trove, with their ultra-thin leather wallets; Walsh, the Bolton-based trainer brand; Susannah Hall's perfectly fitting tweed jackets; and the impressive origami stand of shoemaker Hetty Rose. Another which caught out attention was the handmade bags + leather accessories by Charlie Borrow.

Drinks were, again, high on the agenda it seemed. A sip of spiced single malt (with cracking label design) from Albion Racing Club on our way in, and a glass of Boodles Gin on our way out. Finally, we had the chance to meet well-known, well-liked, and well-renowned fellow fashion writer Grey Fox. Always nice to put a face to a tweet.

Over the next few weeks we'll be looking into exploring and sharing more from these new discoveries. We’ll be back at Best of Britannia next year and I’m sure the brands we met will be too, hopefully after a successful 12 months of business. - Nik

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8 Oct 2014

Walsh x TRiCKETT Footwear | In Conversation

When I heard news about two fellow Lancastrian brands hooking up to create a pair of trainers I knew it was the right time to get hold of one-half of them for a chat, and find out a bit more about the collaboration. In many ways TRiCKETT is a brand that fits with Buckets & Spades perfectly; they dig all the things I dig (Americana, sportwear, memorabilia), produce items for a purpose and design as if they were creating it for themselves. In their latest venture TRiCKETT have buddied up with Bolton-based footwear maestros Walsh, to produce their own pair of Made in England kicks.


Buckets & Spades - So first off, how did the partnership with TRiCKETT and Walsh come about, is there a history between you guys?

Iain TRiCKETT - Well the whole Walsh thing came about because I am obsessed by shoes. Like not just 'oh shoes are nice', I mean it's all I think about, Mrs. Iain gets annoyed sometimes. It's just a good job I'm a hunk. It's not just trainers, or collecting Jordans / adidas, I mean, I'm obsessed with all kinds of shoes from Orthopaedic ones, to formal shoes to specific sports shoes. They just make me tick.

My grandad always used to bang on about this weird shoe brand in Bolton called Walsh who used to make Rugby boots. He mentioned them a few times when I was at school and I even convinced my Mum and Dad to buy me a pair of their fell running shoes for PE. The love affair sort of started from there. A few years before starting TRiCKETT I decided I wanted to make trainers, but in the UK and in Lancashire. So doing them with Walsh made sense. This was about 5 years ago when I was styling photoshoots with Japanese imported Walsh shoes and pleading with photographers and editors to let them in. So rather than write an email, I got in touch with Jon and the chaps at Walsh via a 'letter', hand-written, the lot and just told them how I used to get beaten up for wearing Walsh and how my Grandpa liked shoes. Luckily they didn't think I was a psychopath and about a year later the Mark 1 was born.

7 Oct 2014

The Brixton Pound | The Design Of A Local Currency

The Brixton Pound is a currency local to Brixton. It's a neat yet slightly strange concept. In return for sterling, you get a currency that can only be spent in certain shops, bars, and restaurants (about 250) in the Brixton area.

This way, you're 'forced' to use local, independent businesses, who in return offer discounts and bonuses to folks who use Brixton Pounds. I say 'forced' as it's easy to say you'll 'shop local and independent', but sometimes harder to do in practice. Strapped for time, I'll often resort to high street chains, whereas a pocket of Brixton Pounds will make me think (and plan) to seek out the independent guys.
It was the design of these notes that struck me most though. A clean, crisp, cool looking currency, designed with a real attention to detail - using Brixton heroes and various counterfeit measures built into the design. I'd say their design trumps the humble pound. 

Does anyone know of any similar concepts in the rest of the UK and beyond? - Nik

You can find Nik at - Conrad's Beer | Twitter | Instagram
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