13 Jan 2018

Geo Typeface Wall Clock by Paulin

Something a little different today from Scottish watchmakers, Paulin. The Geo Typeface Wall Clock is the Glasgow-based design studio's first stand-out product which ventures away but not too far from their original wristwatch collection. Featuring the brand's in-house created Geo typeface, the Art Deco-inspired design follows timeless design principles from the Bauhaus movement giving empathises to bold colours, simplistic design + geometric forms. 

One of the things that's really doing it for us is the sweeping second hand, which makes the Wall Clock completely silent - no annoying ticks when you're trying to concentrate.

The Geo Typeface Wall Clock retails at a very reasonable £45, and is available in two colours here.

29 Dec 2017

Holiday Slowdown | A Few Good Things #1

Things have slowed down quite a bit since the Holiday Season set in. My first reaction was to apologise for the lack of updates, but none of us need to make an excuse for using our time off to recharge + reflect on how 2017 was for us.

Here's a few things I've been enjoying these past couple of chilled out weeks:

The Kinfolk Entrepreneur - One of this year's essential coffee table reading, from one of our generation's most influnetial publications. Editor Nathan Williams introduces us to an in-depth look at 40 creative individuals and businesses around the world - giving us a real peek into how they each of them has created a meaningful + inspiring living.

Inventery Mechanical Pen - This slim bit of onyx has been knocking around in my bag, pocket and on my desk for a few months, and I've enjoying using it every time it's in my hand. Weighty, comfortable to hold and writes like a dream.

Arket Vetiver Handcream - This one found its way under our Christmas tree. Cheers Hollie. It's great size to toss in your tote bag, and the packaging is perfectly understated. But ain't all about looks - the earthy notes make the scent really universal.

Instrmnt K-61 Watch - Attention to detail + user experience is always a high priority when it comes to Glasgow-based design studio, Instrmnt. I mean, have you ever heard of a rubber strap being injected with a vanilla scent, just so your wrists smells good? The minimal watchface and careful touches speak for themselves.

Glory Magazine Issue 3 - The third print of a publication that boasts a fresh take on football, design + culture. This issue concentrates its efforts on looking at Swedish football - stadium architecture, travel photography and kit design. I was hooked after reading the first article.

Beams Heavyweight Tee - I picked this long sleeve top up earlier in the year, and it quickly became one of the most worn pieces in my wardrobe. Worn over a white tee, under a shirt, or layered with a gillet, it just seems to work every time. It's from the SS17 collection, but I'm hoping the Beams boys come out with something similar next season.

Enjoy your downtime.

15 Dec 2017

Time Well Spent

 Time well spent - Moments in Atkinson's Coffee at Mackie Mayor, with VOID Watches

Jacket + Knitwear by Whistles | Gilet c/o Lavenham | Denim Trousers by Weekday | Sneakers by Vans | PKG01 Watch c/o VOID Watches | Tote Bag by Universal Works

If I was to look back over my diary from 2017 it would quickly become clear that my time has been spread evenly between being at home and on the move. Sometimes the trips away become tiring, and I'll long for a few days at home to collect my thoughts, but being in the position to travel so frequently has contributed hugely to why this year has been so fulfilling.

The train ride from Blackpool to Manchester has been a route which I've become more than accustomed to. The same seat, on the same train leads to the same walk into the city's Northern Quarter. I visit to catch up with friends, meet new clients, brainstorm ideas with regular collaborators, or to spend time on my own, catching up with work. This change of scenery gives me chance to focus on current tasks, and helps me fill my notepad up with new ideas. It's all time well spent - nothing is wasted if you're leading yourself towards something productive. 

This post is in partnership with VOID Watches.

Which brings to the title of this post, "Time Well Spent". When I'm working from home I battle with time management issues (too many attractive distractions), so, I see the days in which I set up in a coffee shop or cafe as just that: time well spent. This time my camp was the newly opened Atkinson's coffee shop, inside Mackie Mayor. I'm sure this place was made for me; the stunning rich blue wood, against the marble countertop + copper fixtures, topped off with genuinely friendly batistas, puts Atkinson's high on my list.

 Checking in at the newly opened The Patron bar + restaurant
Coat c/o Jigsaw | Down Vest by Uniqlo | Sweatshirt by Reigning Champ | Chinos by Folk | VO3D Watch c/o VOID Watches | Beanie by Topman | Sunglasses by Moscot 

VOID Watches was started as a side project by Swedish designer David Ericsson, in 2008, with the simple concept of creating a product that represents something greater than the hands on a clock face. How we can use our time to create meaningful ideas and improve ourselves is a message the Hong Kong-based team live by. VOID's design message certainly resonates with my feelings towards time, and has given me ideas with how I can improve my productivity while I'm working from home.

Filling the void of those long journeys between cities has never been a tough task for me. It gives me a chance to step away from my work - to catch up with new podcasts, push through a few more pages in a book, or simply to process my thoughts from the day. The urge to clear my inbox is strong, but on these occasions time away from work is a positive thing.

My second visit to Manchester this month led me to visiting the newly opened bar + restaurant, The Patron. These guys are on to a good thing here - I'll be back to try out their own beer soon. By choosing to step out of the "same-old-same-old" routine, it can give you a different outlook on your city; sparking conversation with fresh faces and reaffirm your love for the community.

Are you happy with how you've used your time this year, and how do you plan to move forward in 2018?

Photography by Jake Millers.

This post is brought to you in partnership with Void Watches. Your support of the brands + businesses we work with helps make this blog happen.

11 Dec 2017

Spontaneous Motivation | Visiting Aberdeen + Edinburgh

Welcome to Granite City. Home of Marischal College, the second largest granite building in the world 

During the darker months it seems that motivation can be a little bit harder to muster. The dark, heavy skies of the UK manage to break up at around 10am, only for the light to disappear totally by mid-afternoon. It can be a bit of a mood killer, so there's no wonder why they call in the winter blues. With the aim to keep our creativity levels topped up over winter, myself + Jordan Bunker embraced an opportunity that popped up with Late Rooms' Imprompu Nights campaign. 

The idea of having a spontaneous streak - not usually my strong suit - isn't something I'd associate with my current situation, but having been working from home for a solid three weeks I knew Late Rooms' offer of a few days away exploring a new city could be just the ticket. The catch was we wouldn't find out the end destination until we were heading to the train station. Searching out those little pockets of brilliance in cities and small towns across the UK is what we do best, so when we found out we were on our way to Aberdeen, Scotland, we turned to our communities on Instagram and Twitter for help and recommendations.

Late Rooms recently complied a list of the Top 10 UK's best places to visit for a spontaneous gateaway; taking into consideration the quality of hotels, food scene, retail environment, local sights, nightlife and travel connections. We really are spoilt for choice on these islands.

Before we arrived at the affectionately named "Granite City", we knew very little about Aberdeen, but we left feeling uplifted and inspired by the warm of its people, striking architecture and thriving independent scene.

 One of the UK's most respected menswear retailers, Kafka
Overshirt by Whistles | Vest by Lavenham | Sweatshirt by Asket | Trouses by Folk | Sneakers by Vans

 Find yourself spoilt for choice, but our favourite coffee hideout in Aberdeen was Cult of Coffee

It wasn't the easiest of destinations to get to (although I have been further north), but the city impressed us both immensely. Aberdeen's beautiful architectural design is down to the use of locally quarried granite, which casts a pale grey-ish silver hue across the city. It's a quality which is very unique to the city, something which its locals are very proud of. In fact, because of the granite, I don't think I've seen a more striking sunset in the UK. 

Hotel Details

We stayed at the 4* Mercure Aberdeen Caledonian Hotel, with rooms starting from £63 per night. The location was perfect, being five minute's walk from Aberdeen central train station, and within 15 minute's walk from pretty much everything we'd planned to do.


We caught our train home from Aberdeen before sunrise. But all in the name of spontaneity (and mainly due to some terrible weather conditions in the North East of Scotland), we decided to say on an extra night in Edinburgh...there's worst city's to get stranded in!

 Zero degrees means several layers of wool for Jordan Bunker
 One of the nicest looking drinking posts you'll come across in the UK, Hyde & Son
Our old faithful, The Milkman. You'll be pushed to find a smaller coffee shop in the city, but what they lack in size they more than make up for in personality, quality and great chat

I prefixed this blog post with the notion of keeping motivated in the colder months, and as myself and JB parted ways on the platform of Edinburgh station I instantly started to inspired and compelled to act on more of my impulses. On the three hour journey back down to Lancashire I scrolled through the photos and videos on my phone (including our first Instagram Live), and looked back fondly on the past four days we'd spend in Scotland. 

These moments were already turning into memories, but it was enough to keep my motivation levels high and my new-found spontaneous side well and truly satisfied for the time being.

Additional photography by Jordan Bunker.

We were offered 2-nights accommodation + travel costs to Aberdeen by LateRooms. Your support of the brands + businesses we work with helps make this blog happen.

14 Nov 2017

Simple Collection AW17 by Campbell Cole

Nottingham duo Campbell Cole are back at it again for AW17. The brand's signature release, the Simple Collection, shows signs of small tweaks, and for their latest update we see the introduction of a brand new product. 

Available in three colours - black, tan + khaki - the Simple Zip Corner Wallet joins the existing line up of the Key Wrap, Card Holder, Slim Wallet + a few other regulars. Measuring at 12cm x 8.5cm, using Italian leather, and finished off with a stalwart Riri zip and signature hand-knotted paracord zip puller, this new addition to the collection is bound to end us as a back pocket's best friend. With storage for cards, folded notes and lose change.

We have a lot of respect for designers who stick to their original concept, rather than catching a wave of a fleeting trend. By taking on board customer feedback and user experience, Ian + Felicity of CC react to what works, and what can be improved on for future production - both adding and taking away over time.

The AW17 Simple Collection by Campbell Cole is available here.