1 Sep 2014

DITTO Glasses | Virtual Try-On at Home

As clumsy as it may sound, I'm starting to get through glasses like there's no tomorrow. This year I've had two pairs of specs; the first I managed to loose in Dublin on my trip with ASOS and the second have ended up with skewiff legs due to me carrying them in a "trendy man's" leather glasses slip - Hollie's words not mine.

I've worn glasses since I was around 17 years old, only using them for driving and long distances, but I've always have an affection towards wearing them. I was constantly reminded of the fact that I didn't need a pair when I was a kidI was only member of my family not needing a pair "full time"–but I always thought they evoked a certain cool but most importantly, adulthood. I'm usually trying to find a good excuse to wear my RayBan frames but I know the consequence is that I'll end up relying on them, then be stuck with lids for life! I do think round frames suit my face though, but it was trial and error finding the perfect style.

When it comes to looking for a new pair of specs there's many routes to take. It's pretty hard to decide whether to check out your local opticians, seek recommendation or stick to what you already know. DITTO are offering something a little different from the rest - the online eyewear specialist has developed some crazy futuristic technology that not only lets you virtually try on glasses from their full collection, but they've also designed the programme so you can twist your head around to see the glasses frame at every angle.

I asked the ever-willing Hollie to try on a few a few pairs of glasses using DITTO's try-on service, to give you a better idea of how it all works. We picked several styles to try from their designer glasses range; Wayfarer, Oval, Round + Oversized.

Currently DITTO's brand list includes Ray-Ban, Persol, Linda Farrow, Illesteva, Chloe, Super, so there was plenty for us to choose from for both male and female. The experience of "virtually" trying on a pair of glasses online before you order can only be a positive thing. We could clearly see which styles suited Hollie, and with a slight tilt of the head, which styles didn't! It was kinda spooky how real they looked on her. I did have a go trying on a few pairs too but Hollie is much more photogenic that I am!

Overall it's not only a fun service but also a helpful exercise to see if we are making the right choice, to avoid disappointment at home. The next time you're shopping around for a new pair of glasses–be that prescription or UV–it's definitely worth checking out DITTO's services. Plus they're Currently they're offering a $50-off incentive, easy international shipping + no hassle returns.

In Collaboration with DITTO

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30 Aug 2014

Fuut Under-Desk Foot Hammock + Weekend Links

This is just too good not to share (again) on here. The Fuut Under-Desk Mammock by Connect Design [via] makes so much sense. Switching easily between "work" + "rest" modes, it works by attaching to either side of your desk and let's you work comfortably in a more relaxed manner, without compromising your posture. This would improve my life big time!

This weekend I'll be helping out at the local food bank, catching up with Hollie, reading blogs and organising my week ahead; I'm off to Scotland for a couple of days next week (really really far up!). How about you? Please do send me over some links to your new posts. Happy weekend my friends.

Weekend Bucket List

Colour psychology and how it affect our every day choices
These Variations on Normal designs are so funny!
Man these dogs can really skateboard [click video]
Beautiful travel photography blog [via Jane]
Barbers in Liverpool is Men only, how backwards?
A certificate of your awesomeness
A blog sharing my love for classic car design + type [via Present & Correct
In case you missed it - Three Days in London

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29 Aug 2014

Bellroy Travel & Elements Collection

 Elements Sleeve

We’ve featured Bellroy on Buckets & Spades before. They’re an Australian brand who’ve tackled the problem of unsightly bulging wallets extremely well, producing a range of slim wallets, designed to hold a number of cards and currency from every country.

For their latest range, Bellroy have moved from fashion to function - although keeping their style, of course. Their Travel and Elements range are designed to be hardwearing and able to protect your possessions from (you guessed it) the elements; be that while cycling, traveling or at a waterpark.

Elements Travel Wallet

We managed to get our hands on three of the collection. The first, and possibly my favourite, is the Elements sleeve. It’s tiny! Only slightly wider and longer than a credit card, yet it can hold an untold number of cards (I have three in there) and some cash. The small tab-pulled drawstring helps you get the cards out and a slot on the front is perfect for a Oyster card or any other card that you need to remove frequently. My only concern is that I might lose it one day. It’s that small!

We also have the Hide & Seek and the Passport Sleeve. With room for about a million cards and secret foldaway pockets that allow cash, coins, and cards to be hidden from view, the former is probably more function over style. I don’t think I’ll ever enough cash to warrant such a large wallet. Still, good to know I can hide some away if I do!

Passport Sleeve

The Passport Sleeve is far more stylish. Sleek and thin, the tan version looks great with the orange and white stitching. Again, the guys at Bellroy have thought things through. Not only does it hold a passport (obviously), but it has space for cash, cards, and a very clever boarding pass holder. Oh, and did I mention a tiny Bellroy that slots in the top?
 Elements Pocket Wallet

Bellroy do keep coming up with great ideas, developing subtle innovations that add to a wallets function, while reducing its bulk and offering something stylish. The kind you like to leave lying around on tables to show off. For more information on the Travel & Elements Collection click here. - Nik

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28 Aug 2014

M.Nii Makaha Pocket Tee

Lately I've been obsessing over vintage surf photography. It's become a slight fascination of mine over the past couple of months, be that for my itch to travel more and experience the new or from a nostalgic point of view. There's something about surf culture that evokes a sense of freedom, adventure and comradery that I can really get on board with.

M.Nii is one such surf brands I've enjoyed researching into, and their Makaha pocket t-shirt sums it up perfectly for me. It's the kind of t-shirt that you can wear every day, for it only to improve with age. The type you pick up from the store one minute, then to only realise you've had it 10 years and can't bare to part with it. That's what I want from a t-shirt.

For more information on M.Nii visit here, check out this behind-the-scenes video of the making of M.Nii's collection with GAP here

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27 Aug 2014

Three Days in London

One of the main perks of becoming freelance is the freedom it's given me to accept opportunities that in the past I may never had time for. Bringing in a source of income is obviously important but along the way I have been giving the opportunity to work with brands, develop ideas and of course be involved in the blogging community, but the most rewarding aspect is the travel.

Recently I was invited down to Westfield London shopping centre, to check out their stores and enjoy a day relaxing, with a clear mind from any work. When staying in London I usually get a cheap room at Tune Hotel but this time we decided to book in at our favourite hotel, CitizenM on Bankside; having previously stayed at their Glasgow location. Seriously folks, this is just the coolest hotel I've ever stayed at. Top marks to the genuinely lovely staff, gadget-centric rooms (crazy mood lighting), quirky extra touches and strong craft beer selection. Just 5 minute's walk from the Tate too, perfect.

26 Aug 2014

Yasumi Says Packaging + Design | Kimura Drinks Co, Fuji Cider

Continuing on her set challenge to go forth and seek out eye-catching packaging and design related sights Yasumi is back with something to feed our curiosity.

Yasumi Says:

Japanese are crazy in love with Mount Fuji and since the mountain was added to the World Heritage list in 2013, this love has gone into overload! Perhaps this has affected me more that I realise because here I am being drawn in a moth like fashion to bottle labels featuring that shapely mountain. Fuji Cider is made by the Kimura drinks company and I should let you know that unlike the apple tipples that are known and loved in UK,  Japanese cider is a fizzy soft drink that is usually lemon flavoured.

Kimura Drinks have a bunch of interesting sounding thirst quenchers in their catalogue including green tea cola, salt cider and even a wasabi ginger ale. - Yasumi.

You can find Yasumi at - Stranger London | Worship Blues | Twitter

24 Aug 2014

An Interview With Original Penguin

I recenetly sat down with Original Penguin to be a part of their "Summer of Music" series. We discuss style, design + music. Read the full interview here.

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23 Aug 2014

Hefty's Burgers Project + Weekend Links

graphic design project, hefty's burger branding project, fast food packaging, lifestyle design blog
graphic design project, hefty's burger branding project, fast food packaging, lifestyle design blog
graphic design project, hefty's burger branding project, fast food packaging, lifestyle design blog

I seem to be making a habit of posting about food on Saturday's, well it's hardly the worst subject to end the week on is it? This week it's not be real food, rather a really sweet branding concept for "Hefty's Burgers" by Jake MacDougall. Totally loving this short self-initiated project; it's simple, nostalgic and making me hungry.

I've also been thinking a lot about how I blog; how I put unwarranted pressure on myself and neglect the subjects that matter to me. Something I've been thinking about for a while but Roise's post on the subject really struck a chord. More on that next week. So what's going down this Bank Holiday w/e my friends? I'm hoping to attend a vintage car show and catch up with blogs/emails/Super Mario World.

Weekend Bucket List

Think about visiting Hawaii
A list of the "ugliest buildings in Britain",
Just why the Ice Bucket Challenge is so important + my attempt (you can here me speak!)
An interview with the man behind cycling + lifestyle brand Mamnick
Stylist spends his spare time giving haircuts to the homeless
Did you see Jac's newly designed blog? Digging the fresh layout.
It's nearly overshirt weather once again
Have you ever read Jane's letters to her dog Piri?
In case you missed it - Six Month Fitness Update

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20 Aug 2014

Noise Goods Interview | With Love From Portugal

noise goods coin wallet, made in portugal leather, men's tan wallet, handmade wallets, printed pages magazine, lamy pen yellow, moleskine diary, mens fashion blog

Instagram has been in our daily diet of social media for a few years now. It's an invaluable tool for wanderlust + inspiration as much as it is for killing time of the daily commute. For me I've found it incredibly useful as a way of discovering talented designers, illustrators and brands from all over the world. One of those such is a leather accessories brand from Portugal named Noise Goods. After a few weeks of chatting to the man behind Noise Goods, Pedro Fernandes, I decided to place an order for their handmade Coin Wallet. Following on from I decided to turn our emails into an interview, they have a worthy story to share.


Buckets & Spades - First off, tell us a little but about Noise Goods, your background, and how you started the brand?

Pedro Fernandes - I was motivated by the need of change. I've never cared much about the fashion industry and I know we already have too much clutter around us. I realised that all my buying choices were pretty bad, but my wallet was even worse. I bought a lot of wallets that lasted a couple of months, and even worse, I really didn't much liked them. I started developing my own wallet just for funthe Coin Walletand quickly found myself with the knowledge to start a brand motivated by those principles. Developing products that last longer than the majority, have a rugged, acute aesthetics, and that are environmentally and economically more responsible by choosing local resources.

19 Aug 2014

Back To The Future Sports Almanac iPad Case

back to the future merchandise, back to the future sports almanac ipad case, tech gadget ideas, design blog

Surely the quickest way to make yourself look like a bonafide time traveller? Before the internet they had to improvise, time travelling around with Grays Sports Almanac was the only way to cheat your way to success.

This iPad case does all the hard work for you, though you'll have to Google anything post-2000.

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