20 Aug 2014

Noise Goods Interview | With Love From Portugal

Instagram has been in our daily diet of social media for a few years now. It's an invaluable tool for wanderlust + inspiration as much as it is for killing time of the daily commute. For me I've found it incredibly useful as a way of discovering talented designers, illustrators and brands from all over the world. One of those such is a leather accessories brand from Portugal named Noise Goods. After a few weeks of chatting to the man behind Noise Goods, Pedro Fernandes, I decided to place an order for their handmade Coin Wallet. Following on from I decided to turn our emails into an interview, they have a worthy story to share.


Buckets & Spades - First off, tell us a little but about Noise Goods, your background, and how you started the brand?

Pedro Fernandes - I was motivated by the need of change. I've never cared much about the fashion industry and I know we already have too much clutter around us. I realised that all my buying choices were pretty bad, but my wallet was even worse. I bought a lot of wallets that lasted a couple of months, and even worse, I really didn't much liked them. I started developing my own wallet just for funthe Coin Walletand quickly found myself with the knowledge to start a brand motivated by those principles. Developing products that last longer than the majority, have a rugged, acute aesthetics, and that are environmentally and economically more responsible by choosing local resources.

19 Aug 2014

Back To The Future Sports Almanac iPad Case

Surely the quickest way to make yourself look like a bonafide time traveller? Before the internet they had to improvise, time travelling around with Grays Sports Almanac was the only way to cheat your way to success.

This iPad case does all the hard work for you, though you'll have to Google anything post-2000.

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18 Aug 2014

Fitness Goals | Six Month Update

Some of you may remember my Fitness Goals post from a a few months back, well it's been just under six months so I thought it would be the perfect time to do a short progress update - checking in to see if I've reached my targets.  Here's a simple breakdown my previous goals and if I've achieved them:

- Gain 1-stone in healthy weight | I did but I ended up putting fat on too
- Build upper-body strength + muscle | Making progress each month
- Increase flexibility/relieve stress with yoga | Every day for six months, but slipped recently
- Improve cardio with running + cycling | Yes Yes Yes, been cycling 20ish miles a week
- Eat healthier + more varied foods/drinks | Still in progress. Enjoying more salads

Wearing - Albam Sweatshirt | H&M Sport Shorts | Timex Weekender Watch | Nike Socks | Nike Lunarglide 6 c/o Nike

When we last checked in I was tipping the scales at 12.8 stone, after aiming to put on healthy weight and gain a bit of size. Well a couple of months down the road I realised that even though I was gaining muscle I was starting to feel pretty porky around the middle. You know, favourite shirts were getting tighter.....I knew I needed to step up my cardio game if I was going to burn off all the beer, burgers + cakes. Damn Hollie being such a keen baker!

I discussed my issues with the trainer at the gym and they set me up with a more cardio-heavy routine, aiming for 25 minutes each session plus an extra session (making it up to five sessions per week if I can make it), which concentrates on cardio and arms only. I've been on this for about two months now and I've dropped down to around 12 stone, loosing a bit of fat around the "problem areas" without loosing too much muscle. For the past few weeks I've been running in the new Nike Lunarglide 6, but still, I'm not enjoying running as much as cycling! Which leads me on nicely to some new goals:

- Cycle 20 miles per week + 25 minutes cardio each workout
- Carry on with daily yoga to help with flexibility + well being
- Continue to build upper-body strength + muscle
- Tone up stomach, sides + legs
- Be more adventurous + varied with food

Sports Nutrition

I've been trying out various brands and products for a while and it's a majorly confusing subject. Here's a few products I've been trying over the past 6 months:

I stumbled across GoNutrition on a recommendation via Twitter, but I can't for the life of me remember who suggested it. They have a decent looking website and get good reviews so I thought it was worth a shot. I've been using a their Whey Protien 80 for a couple of months now and I've been impressed. It tastes great and mixes like no other and definitely helps recovery after my workouts. Tastes great in smooties or just with water (as recommended).

Since March I've also been trying out few products c/o the people at MaxiNutrition (formality MaxiMuscle). First  I gave Cyclone a bash, which is designed to increase muscle Size + Strength. This stuff worked pretty quickly, within two weeks I was seeing results in both size but mostly strength. Ultimately, it did make me put weight on both my muscles and stomach so I slowed my intake down and gradually increased my cardio. 

Following on the team suggested I try their Promax Lean, to help me drop a few pounds and tone up. Again I saw results within two weeks, which if I'm honest I was slightly alarmed at the rate I was loosing weight; so again I decreased my intake to try balance things out once again. In terms of how both GoNutrition + MaxiNutrition mixed and tasted I'd say GoNutrition has the edge for me, and being more affordable I'm more inclined to stick with them in the future.

I'm really keen to keep up with my new cardio routine and weekly cycling, as well as bringing a new indoor rock climbing or yoga class into the mix - and continuing on with core strength, building muscle and toning up. I'd love to find out how your current fitness goals have been progressing this year and how you've found things over the Summer months?

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16 Aug 2014

Chicken + Waffles at Stax Diner

Back down to London we went. I had some work and meetings scheduled in the city and Hollie's got a bit of spare time off from her job at the moment so we combined it with a short trip. We went for Chicken + Waffles at Stax Diner in Kingly Court, just off Carnaby Street. This place is worth checking out if you're into authentic American food - was a little pricey overall but pretty tasty and in a really lovely location. More on our trip later next week.

Major catch up with emails, blogs and work this weekend! What's up with you lot? Send me over some links to your new posts and have a good one. 

The winner of the Farah Vintage giveaway is Elliot L, thank you to everyone who entered!

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15 Aug 2014

Helvetica Collection by Mondaine | Clear Classic Design

When it comes to watches, I sit at the extremes. On one hand (not literally) I have an Omega Seamaster of some serious poundsworth; on the other, a Casio that costs less than a tenner. I’ll let you guess which I wear most often.

I’m always on the look out for a mid-range watch though. One that’s not too expensive, but isn’t made of cheap plastic. My previous watch in this category - an inherited Rotary - has now expired, or at least it only tells the right time twice a day. Luckily for me, an email dropped in the Buckets & Spades inbox last week from the guys at Mondaine showing off their latest Helvetica watches. They’re sleek, simple, so stylish. All that you’d expect from a Swiss watch maker.

I have to say, I’d struggle to choose between the two shown. The black one definitely has a bit more style about it, but the brown strapped watch is the perfect replacement for my Rotary - showing a little more sophistication.

Either way, both carry an elegant simplicity that works perfectly as a celebration of the Helvetica typeface - the reason behind the creation of these watches. And as readers of Buckets & Spades will know, we do like brands and products that have a clear inspiration behind their development.

I’m tempted, very tempted. Perhaps that Omega will be spending more time in the safe….Find out more about Mondaine here. - Nik

You can find Nik at - Conrad's Beer | Twitter | Instagram

13 Aug 2014

Outfit | Denim On Khaki

Just a quick post today as we're scooting around with a million + one things to do before we head down to London. We're in the city for a couple of meetings and a project I've been working on. Can't complain! Here's a couple of photos from the other evening, when me and Hollie headed down to the local park one evening. The light seemed really nice, we thought it would be a shame to waste.

Wearing - Levi's Workshirt c/o Mainline Menswear | T-Shirt c/o Sunspel | JCPenny Hiking Shorts | Converse First String | Jack Spade Sunglasses | Timex Weekender Watch

As I work freelance which mostly consists of me sitting in the same room all day long— all I really want from an outfit these days is comfort. Above is pretty typical of what I wear on a day-to-day basic. True, a denim workshirt isn't required uniform for working from home but this one by Levi's works perfectly, with it's mix of utilitarian + relaxed fit. I wore it with a simple jersey stripe t-shirt and loose fitting "old man" khaki shorts (obsessed since reading Patagonia's book), which I picked up in Orlando back June. Wearing shorts as much as I can before Autumn hits.  It's business as usual on the feet - I really can't recommend Converse First String enough, they cost a little bit more but the quality is incomparable to the regular version.

I'll be catching up with all your blogs in a few days, take it easy!

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12 Aug 2014

Packaging + Design | Limpa Metais Coração

I've set one of our contributors a challenge to seek out eye-catching packaging and design related sights with international appeal. Since Yasumi is prone to bouts of wanderlust, this should be a doddle for her and should make an interesting read for us. Today she's sent me some info about metal polish (of all things).

Yasumi says:

This is a classic metal polish and preserver strikingly emblazoned with a dramatic bleeding heart that caught my eye on my recent adventure. Limpa Metais Coração manufactured by Solarine in Braga, north Portugal since 1928. The company also produce silver and furniture polishes all packaged in these rather awesome looking tins and more practically, are renowned for their excellent cleaning capabilities.

If you would like to learn more about the Solarine brand or stare at their tins with me here is their website - Yasumi.

You can find Yasumi at - Stranger London / Worship Blues / Twitter

11 Aug 2014

Jacket Required SS15 Review

A couple of weeks ago I headed down to the capital to attend the menswear tradeshow, Jacket Required, which was previewing the SS15 season. Last summer was the first time I'd attended the show, and a year on things have certainly grown in scale. They've upgraded their location from Bloomsbury House (see Jacket Required SS14 here + here) to The Truman Brewery on Brick Lane, giving much more space showcase menswear and accessories brands from around the world.

This time I asked Nik to tag along - willing he stepped up with the promise of free beer and great chat.

9 Aug 2014

Patty & Bun Burgers + Weekend Links

Last week Nik treated me to a boiger at Patty + Bun. I'd heard a lot about it, and if the queue was anything to go by I was either in for a big treat or I was walking into another hyped "fast-casual dining" experience. Turns out those burgers are pretty good, if a little greasy + sloppy. I chose the Smokey Robinson and ended up with countless juices running onto my darn Timex, but it was worth it. The next one's on me Nik!

So come on, what's your favourite burger place? I'm keen to try In-N-Out Burger too. Enjoy your weekend friends!

Weekend Bucket List

Do you know your limits as a blogger?
The ridiculously good looking watches that smashed it on Kickstarter
Thousands of poppies lined the Towers of London to commemorate WW1
8 new apps to try [via Anna]
Made in America workwear designed for women [via Vanessa]
Mix alternative music with Swiss Modernism and here's what you get
Exploring the abandoned, at Kinugawa Onsen
This tickled my funny bone

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8 Aug 2014

Twin-Tone Lampshades by Lane

I'm feeling a little stressed out today due to a few plans being changed, some creeping deadlines and having to get a bunch of stuff sorted before we heading down to London again next week. So today's post is with the intention to cheer me up as much as sharing something colourful with you lot.

These Twin-Tone coloured lampshades by Nottingham based design store Lane are made entirerly from from one material, a heavyweight corrigated paper, which has been boned together to create two seemless layers. Every piece of these lampshades has been consurtcued in the UK and are 100% recycleable + biodegradable. Ahh, I feel better now!

Currently available in seven colours, for more details click here.

Thanks for visiting,

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