2 Sep 2015

NHL x The Simpsons Illustrations

We’re fans of The Simpsons. Serious fans. Mat has almost endless photos of his many trips to see The Simpsons at Universal Studios, in Florida, while I have an almost encyclopaedic knowledge of series 3 to 11 (aka. an annoying habit of constantly quoting lines from the show).

We’re also fans of illustration. Perhaps not as serious fans as we are of The Simpsons, but it’s rare not for one of us to stumble across some ace drawings on Instagram at some point during the day. So, when these illustrations appeared on Instagram, showing NHL logos reimagined as Simpsons characters, we spent a good twenty minutes basking in their beauty and genius, before adding them to the ‘must cover’ column of the Buckets publishing list.

And here they are for you all to enjoy. Don’t forget to check out the artist, AK47_studios, on Instagram.

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31 Aug 2015

Giveaway | SWIG Hip Flasks

For September we've partnered with SWIG to bring you this month's giveaway. SWIG is a small company from London, who produce modern versions of the age-old drinking vessel - an accessory which in modern times has been relegated to the Christmas clearance section in most supermarkets. By striping back the humble hip flask to its bare essentials, using rounded edges + minimal branding, and updating the design with a handmade vegetable tan leather slip, SWIG has brought this gift up to date for 2015.

We're giving two Buckets & Spades reader the chance to win a SWIG Hip Flask worth £89, in a colour of their choice. Choose between the Executive in Orange, Blue, Black or Brown, or the minimal Naked in stainless steel. To enter use the Rafflecopter form below to sign up to the Buckets & Spades Newsletter. Best of luck my friends!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

28 Aug 2015

Jocks&Nerds x Shinola Visits Nigel Ruwende's Studio

Back in April 2015 Jocks&Nerds held their first pop-up work studio in Shinola's Soho store, showcasing the talents of designer + apron maker, Nigel Ruwende. The Community of Craft Series proved to be a great success for both British + America brands spurring on an ongoing partnership between the two companies. Working closing with local creatives to help showcase their talents to a wider audience only highlights the importance of thinking smaller to create bigger.

Now, a few months on, the Community of Craft series revisits Ruwende in his own London-based studio. This short video explores the design processes which goes into making products for his label Saint&Birchley, how he made the switch from personal styling to craft, and how his uncle had such a profound influence on his career path.

Also see our Store Visit to Shinola Soho, London store. 

25 Aug 2015

Three Places To Visit In Manchester

We found ourselves with some free time in Manchester earlier this month, as we were down for burger eating at Grill On The Alley. With a few hours to kill we decided to join in with the new Blogger's Travel Guide which Think Money are currently creating; a UK town + city guide generated by the blogging community, featuring ways to spend a day for under £40.

Our idea was to visit a coffee shop, splash a little more on lunch, and then try to find something fun to do that wouldn't cost us a penny:

As we arrived in Manchester at a leisurely pace we headed straight for a light lunch at Jamie's Italian. Not wanting to stuff myself up for dinner, I had a small mushroom + avocado salad, Hollie got a couple of appetisers to herself, and we shared some ravioli nachos. Tasted great, but the size of my salad was a little small for my liking. Everything else was tip top though.

For both our meals + drinks our bill came to around £25. Find Jamie's Italian here.

We visited the newly opened Foundation Coffee House on Lever Street, in the Northern Quarter. There's been a bit of buzz around this place since it opened; for it's sheer size and its lean towards a more conscious lifestyle. The chap who started Foundation was frustrated with the lack of healthy foods options within coffee shops, so you'll find plenty to choose from here; Fairtrade coffee + tea, fresh juices, protein bars, nuts, but also cakes and the usual.

There's loads of workspace to set-up shop for a few hours, with plenty of natural light, and private meeting spaces. Coffee + cake cost us around £10 in total. Find Foundation Coffee House here.

It wouldn't be a trip to the city without hopping over to the Manchester Art Gallery. The gallery is full with both traditional and contemporary exhibitions and permanent fixture; we usually sway towards to contemporary exhibitions, which features lots of stuff from pop artists, furniture designers + modern installations. 

Currently on; The Lost Gardens of Manchester, House Proud, and Summer Workshops for families. Free entry all year around. Find Manchester Art Gallery here.

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24 Aug 2015

This Week's Kit | Packing For Scotland

Trips away and holidays always sneak-up on me. Without fail, if I book something in for a couple of month’s time, it’s always the day before that I’m frantically rushing around, checking the weather, throwing random clothes together, and searching for a case big enough to fit them in. Mat’s much more of a planner, and for any trips he’s always prepared. Camera in one hand, packet of mints in the other - it’s the uniform of the modern day explorer. So, I thought, who better to ask than Mat for advice on an upcoming trip?

It’s Scotland again for me - that not-so-far-away land that until last year, I’d hardly visited, and have since been more times than I can remember. Although it’s relatively close, we’re going to be doing a lot of travelling; adding up the trains, planes, and automobiles, it’s going to be pushing 20 hours on the ‘road’. I’ll need a distraction, Rapha’s new Mondial magazine is just the thing.

Of course, writing for Buckets, my work is never done. Mat’s keen for some snaps of Scotland - as if he doesn’t have enough already - so is bullying me into buying a new camera. His choice is the Lumix GX7. I’ve used it and it’s an ace camera, but I might have to see what the bank balance is looking like after payday.

Then we have the clothes. A difficult time of year, September. It could be hot, cold, or anywhere in-between. Mat’s suggesting the Budgie Jacket from Universal Works. It’ll travel well and has plenty of pockets for my phone, wallet, giant hotel room key (honestly, at the last place the key fob weighed a tonne), and those mints.

My choice now and these Nike Internationalist have been on the wish list for a couple of weeks. Very tempted to visit the guys at Albam and pick up a pair, as well as ordering myself some decent socks to go with them. Everyone heard of Form & Thread? Mat highly recommends them.

Finally, I’m going to need a lightweight case to throw it all in. This one by hardshell case by American Tourister is just the ticket. Turns out Tesco do a really wide range of travel accessories these days, and I won’t even have to leave home to get it. Score!

As for that beer, Mat makes a good point - when you're in the middle of nowhere good beer can be hard to find. A couple of cans from Camden Town Brewery and America’s own Flying Dog ought to do the trick. And I’m done! Bag packed, boarding pass downloaded, all that’s left is to wave goodbye to Heathrow and say hello to Aberdeen...

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22 Aug 2015

Multicoloured Basketball Court in Paris + Weekend Links

When your basketball court is multicoloured and tucked away in between a row of buildings in the centre of Paris, you know you're onto a winner. So effective, and it certainly made us smile. Designed by Ill-Studio for fashion brand, Pigalle. First seen on Dezeen.

Phew, the weekend came around just when I needed it. It's Resting up time, with a beer + some cycling. No work. Enjoy yours, my friends!

Weekend Bucket List

The "why-didn't-I-think-of that" of key fobs
Whoa, did you all see the incredible ariel video of LA?
Will we see a Flight of the Conchords film?
More LA stuff; Rod of Uniform Journal in the new Nike campaign
It's my birthday coming up. Just saying...
In case you missed it - My Summer Uniform

20 Aug 2015

Visiting Marseille, France with the new BMW 6 Series

To me, France is quickly turning into the 26 Bus of countries; you live most of your life just near the route, without giving it a secondary thought, then something comes up and you have to use said route twice in the space of as many months. In May I had the opportunity to join the BMW team, to spend two days driving around Marseille. The South of France was selected for its long winding roads, Instagram-able views and extra fancy foods. BMW offered us three brand new models of the 6 Series; The CoupĂ©, the Gran CoupĂ© and the Convertible – perfect for the expected sunny weather.

How could I say no?

I arrived in beautiful city of Marseille, with only one thought it mind - rest. But, we were straight out to dinner, to familiarise ourselves with our driving buddies for the next two days. The chaps from Cool Material, MenswearStyle + Ape To Gentleman were all ready to push the BMW 6 Series to the limits. We discussed our driving routes over steak + beers, before getting an early night.

18 Aug 2015

Bellroy's Philosophy of Design

Bellroy is a brand that just keep on delivering the goods. I remember when we saw their first offering - a simple slimmed down wallet; a really neat idea, but I did wonder how much further that could go.

The fact that they were constantly releasing new versions of that first wallet, and expanding into a range of different sizes + systems, revealed something of Bellroy’s philosophy. These guys are led by design; with each new and updated product a testimony to their focus on combining style, efficiency, and practicality.

Phone case c/o Bellroy

Their new leather phone cases are a case in point. They’re protective (exactly what you want for an expensive phone) and hold 1-3 cards, cash, and an extra sim-card. All of that storage and they’re still sleek, neat, and remove many of those extra millimetres that come with an ordinary phone case.

It’s such a great idea. How many cards do you actually need to carry in a day? Three at most? The phone case was perfect for hot-footing it around Edinburgh the other week. Bags left in the hotel, one phone, a couple of cards, and some of Scotland’s ace looking money tucked in the case - perfect! Now, if only they could come up with a way of slimming down my laptop case...

For previous posts on Bellroy click here.

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