13 Nov 2018

This Week's Kit | Seasonal Planning w/ Farfetch

a menswear outfit collage featuring items available on farfetch for the black friday sale

Everytime Black Friday rolls around Hollie reminds me that it's a perfect opportunity to buy the things we've had on our wish list for months, for a slightly discounted price - be that for ourselves or gift ideas for Christmas. The things that we maybe haven't been able to afford at the time. We don't see the sale as a means to buy a bunch of stuff that we don't really need or hadn't found attractive until the price tags drop.

This year I've been sensible with my wardrobe purchases. I am fortunate enough to receive items of clothing from brands as part of my job, but I've become very selective with what I accept. I'm increasingly conscious of the longevity of clothing + my own wastefulness. When I do buy or accept something I ask myself these questions; "do I need it, will it replace something that's feeling a little worn out, will I wear it often?"

With that in mind I have partnered with Farfetch to share my picks from their current collection; items and styles that I've had my eye on for a while - no quick fixes here. I'm just hoping a few of them end up in their Black Friday sale:

Universal Works heavy twill shirt | Vans Sk8-hi leather checkerboard sneakers | Diptyque Mimosa candle | N Peal cashmere beanie | Issey Miyake block socks | Garrett Leigh Hampton sunglasses | The Beatles On The Road book | Joseph cashmere roll neck jumper | Makavelic waist bag | 032C loose fit trousers 

The Farfetch Black Friday sale starts 23rd November.

This post is in partnership with Farfetch and contains affiliate links. Your support of the brands + businesses we work with helps make this blog happen.

6 Nov 2018

Doom Bar Sessions in Cornwall w/ Sharp's Brewery

tube station cafe in polzeth
the st moritz hotel in cornwall review and feature
architecture style at the st moritz hotel in cornwall uk
polzeth beach and surfers
food at paul ainsworth's restaurant in padstow
food at paul ainsworth's restaurant in padstow
a collage of the polzeth rockface in cornwall
Sometimes I have a tendency to only think forward. Forward is good, in fact, it's great; it helps you  push yourself creativity, set goals and strive to become the person who you want to be. But looking back on past experiences is just as important, and can help you put the slower weeks into perspective. I'll sit in my office, take one look at my very mundane to-do list and think, "what the heck am I doing?!". But then one quick flashback though the past 12 months in my head always reminds me that I have zilch to moan about.

There's a couple of moments that I think back to, surreal situation which leave me wondering how did I end up there. Saying yes to intriguing opportunities seems to lead me down a very wacky path, and as long as there's no "risk" I'm fully on board.

One of these moments was on a recent trip down to Cornwall with local brewing bin guns, Sharp's Brewery, who invited myself and Dan to their annual Doom Bar Session. The invite said there'd be a a nice hotel, a tour of the brewery with a tasting session and meal,  time to explore the neighbouring villages, and a gig on a small boat with Feeder...sign me up.

coffee and cake at fees foods in rock, cornwall
brewery tour at sharp's in rock, cornwall
brewery tour at sharp's in rock, cornwall
brewery tour at sharp's in rock, cornwall
dinner and tasting session at the mariners resturant rock cornwall
rock beach and coastline in cornwall
sharps brewery craft beers
feeder brand at sharp's brewery doom bar session
feeder brand at sharp's brewery doom bar session

This trip turned out to be one of those surreal moments, one which I 100% do not regret saying yes to. In fact, the two day stay down in the tiny village of Polzeath Cornwall, just outside of the even more quaint town of Padstow, turned out to be extra special for me. 

I don't shy away from sharing my love of craft beer, as well as championing the people who take a risk to turn their ideas-on-paper become a reality. For me,  I have an underlying urge to do more in the beer industry. I have no idea what that idea is, or indeed much knowledge of the business, I just know there's room for me in there somewhere.

And for me to be invited down by a respected brewer to enjoy the area's colourful cafes, epic surfing coastlines and local foods is very humbling. But not only that, I got to relive my teenage years - along with 120 other people on a tiny boat - by seeing Feeder belt out their greatest hit!


We stayed at St. Moritz Hotel, hung out at TubeStation and Fee's Food, ate at Rojano's In The Square + The Mariners, and drank at The Old Ship + Sharp's Brewery.

I was a guest of Sharp's Brewery, who covered my trip to Cornwall for the weekend. Your support of the brands + businesses we work with helps make this blog happen.

26 Oct 2018

Glasgow, A Visual Diary

mat buckets wearing arket navy jacket, folk trousers and paul smith tee in glasgow
 Wearing - Arket Jacket [gifted] | Paul Smith Long Sleeve T-Shirt + Sneakers, Folk Trousers, Fair Ends Cap
cartel coffee company in glasgow
nom restaturant in glasgow
eating at nom restaurant in glasgow

I've had a copy of this blog post in my drafts folder for about a month. I've written two in total, but I wasn't particularly thrilled with either, which is weird because I had a blast on my recent trip up to Glasgow. Maybe it's a case of leaving the words too long, or maybe it's a case of not actually feeling mega confident with my writing of late. I've spent soooo much time working on images lately it seems I've forgotten how to put words next to each.

So in light of this slight writer's block I'm going to get the images do most of the talking this time. "Booo, what a cop out" you may think, but hey, do more of what feels right. Right?

Where We Stayed

Two night's spent at The Principal's Grand Central [press stay] was just what the doctor ordered. The location was bang on, right at the side of Glasgow Central Station, and the room was ideal for me and Jordan in two single beds.. Really spacious and comfy rooms, with a stellar bathroom and a cool view of the city's Southside. I tried to book a third night, due to all the trains out of Glasgow being cancelled, but sadly it was all booked up. A good sign though!

Where We Ate

This isn't an exaggeration in saying that Glasgow's food and drink scene is incredible. Never have I been to a city in the UK with such a passion for it; the variation of food styles, the meticulous details they put into their interiors, the sheer amount of space places popping up - and the passion follows suit. Highlights - Alchemilla, Gnom with Jordan's friend Nicole, Betty's Good Times Roll, Ramen Dayo, Paesano Pizza.

Where We Hung Out

We saw a lot of the city, and to stay it's changed since the last time I visited is an understatement. Our long list of recommendations took us to been before, and some places that have been on my "must visit" list for ages. We had plenty of time dedicated to meeting up with old and new friends, with local photographer Alex James sparing a whole afternoon to show us around some spots he knew we would love. Highlights - W2 Store, Drygate Brewery, The Lighthouse, The Good Coffee Cartel, Laboratorio Coffee.

good times roll cafe glasgow in forever yours betty
forever yours betty at good times roll cafe in glasgow
view from the river cylde in glasgow
this is alchemilla restaurant in glasgow
view from above, this is alchemilla restaurant in glasgow
review and feature of the grand central hotel in glasgow
review and feature of the grand central hotel in glasgow room details
review and feature of the grand central hotel in glasgow, view from hotel
review and feature of the grand central hotel in glasgow, and jordan bunker

Until the next city break.

Additional photos by Jordan Bunker.

26 Sep 2018

36 Hours in Berlin

mat buckets wearing universal works denim trousers with jigsaw menswear resort collar shirt in berlin
mat buckets wearing the new skagen falster 2 smartwatch
the visit coffee shop in berlin
interior of the visit coffee shop in berlin
yellow colour spotting in berlin
mat buckets wearing universal works denim trousers with jigsaw menswear resort collar shirt in berlin with uk blogger brittany bathgate
Shirt by Jigsaw | Trousers + Bag by Universal Works | Sneakers by Converse | Smartwatch c/o Skagen | Cap by Fair Ends | 
Glasses by Moscot

This summer has been unforgettable. The past four months have been some of the most rewarding of my life, and if I could exchange air-miles for beers I'd be set up for life. Something that is niggling me though, I'm getting worse at catching up on things that I've said I need to. A blog post here, a month's worth of admin there, and, well, let's not even mention the blog re-design...

I feel pretty content with most other things, especially when it comes to this summer's opportunities. Being able to travel for work given be chance to strengthen friendships something that would normally be missed due to being elsewhere. In a weird kind of way I feel like I've had plenty time for my friends for photography, creative support and even the +1 perks for trips I always reach out to my buddies.

Earlier this month I was invited to Berlin with Skagen for the launch of their new smartwatch, the Falster ll. Jake Millers came along as my photography support, and it turned out that my old mate Brittany Bathgate was also visiting for the event. We haven't spent much time together since earlier this year - both of us busy with things across opposite sides of the UK - but then BAM, there we are together in a different country.

The next day only left us with a few hours to hang, but it was good to hear about Brittany's home DIY progress and chat through the issues that come with owning your own place, as well as being self-employed.

At the fear of this post sounding like it doesn't have a purpose, it's purely a life update. But hey, that's what my space is all about I'm just pleased I still have the passion to share my journey with you.

Photography by Jake Millers.

12 Sep 2018

Exploring the City of Easton, Pennsylvania, with Majestic Athletic

mat buckets uk fashion blogger wearing detroit tigers mlb cool base jersey in easton PA
 Wearing - Detroit Tigers Cool Base Jersey by Majestic Athletic | Uniqlo Shorts | Vans Anaheim Authentics | 
Universal Works Tote Bag | Moscot Sunglasses | Percival Cap
street art around easton PA and wearing detroit tigers mlb cool base jersey by majestic athletic
film crew walking around easton PA for the MLB factory video
  Getting to know the film crew on wanders around old town Easton

This blog post is in partnership with Majestic Athletic + MLB.

After an exhausting first day of filming at the Majestic Athletic factory in the small town of Easton, Pennsylvania, we got to doing what we crew were craving sitting down with an ice cold beer.

Just a quick recap of part one; myself, Jordan Bunker + a film crew were visiting Easton to work on documenting the cultural importance of this small city the home of the US-made cool base jerseys, worn by MLB players + fans all over the world. My first blog post was all about our day at the Majestic Athletic factory, and for part two we're sticking to the city.


At 10pm the evening before, the cameras stopped rolling. Full up on pizza, burgers, pasta from one of the city's many old school bars, we headed back to the hotel to get some rest. Truth be told it felt like one of those 2-second sleeps the likes of Salvador Dali championed in the surrealist movement.

Our next day was all planned out; up at 7am for a quick breakfast before heading back to the factory to make sure we hadn't missed anything, followed by a couple of hours of exploring the city before driving back to New York to catch a game at the Yankees stadium. A dream day!

mat buckets uk fashion blogger wearing phillies away baseball shirt mlb cool base jersey in easton PA
Visiting Key City Diner for cherry pie + coffee, and what the locals call a "hoogie". It felt like I'd just stepped into the original Twin Peaks film set - clashing colours, a mixture of food smells and families just being families
key city diner details in easton PA
old school americana diner at Key City Diner, in Easton PA

Phillies away baseball cool base jersey by Majestic Athletic in Easton PA
 Wearing - Philadelphia Phillies Cool Base Jersey by Majestic Athletic | Banana Republic Shorts | Converse 70s Sneakers 

In several way Easton felt like many small towns I've visited across America. Welcoming and warm, sleepy yet full of life, slightly unpolished but reassuringly organised. In a round about way this city is what I think of when I picture working class America.

A visit to Key City Diner just across the river where Pennsylvania meets New Jersey was an experience to remember. I've been visiting America all of my life, but the countless trips to Universal Studios couldn't prepare me for stepping into what felt like a real-life film set."Dya want curly fries with that?" hollered the waitress as she took our order the answer is always yes. I'm yet to have a better strawberry milkshake.

Our group probably stood out like a sore thumb, but after the food arrived we settled in and became a part of the furniture. No trip to an American diner would be complete without an order of homemade cherry pie and a cup of coffee – this one came directly from David Lynch's well-referenced playbook.

It felt great to be wearing these Majestic Athletic jerseys all day, especially knowing how much worth the factory and its workers brings to the local economy. The locals know it too, I received a bunch of nods + compliments as we wandered the city. True, my limited baseball knowledge has all been acquired through Seinfeld, but at least I looked the part.
details, textures and street art around Easton PA
craft beers and interiors at the separatist bar easton pa
 Exploring the city's craft beer scene - the beautiful interior at The Separatist taproom + the raw authentic feel of Weyerbacher Brewery
a visit to the craft brewery weyerbacher easton pa
visiting craft brewery weyerbacher easton pa wearing phillies baseball shirt
the town square of easton, PA
Saying goodbye to our three days in Easton, PA, with Majestic Athletic. Long days, short nights, but one of the most rewarding projects to date.

For me, researching before you've got to a new place is all a part of the fun, and food, coffee, local stores and beer are always high on my list. Easton is a true 9-5 city, so I should have expected no less than the evenings being driven by American cooking and the craft beer scene. Visits to two local beer spots made for the perfect ending to Part Two of our trip. 

The beautiful interior of The Separatist taproom contrasting against the grassroots set-up at Weyerbacher Brewery felt similar to how I now see baseball. On one hand you have the polished side of MLB, with players looking perfect as they hit the stadiums, ready to entertain all, and then you've got the Majestic Athletic factory workers with 40+ years experience, just quietly getting on with their jobs. Both contrasts, but both parties working towards the same goal to champion a wider movement.

Our time in Easton had come to an end, but our journey wasn't quite finished yet. Next stop three days in New York - I'll can't wait to share more with you soon!

The Majestic Athletic Cool Base Jerseys which feature in this post are all available here.

Photography by Jordan Bunker.

This blog post is a part of a wider documentary project in paid partnership with with Majestic Athletic + MLB.