26 Sep 2018

36 Hours in Berlin

mat buckets wearing universal works denim trousers with jigsaw menswear resort collar shirt in berlin
mat buckets wearing the new skagen falster 2 smartwatch
the visit coffee shop in berlin
interior of the visit coffee shop in berlin
yellow colour spotting in berlin
mat buckets wearing universal works denim trousers with jigsaw menswear resort collar shirt in berlin with uk blogger brittany bathgate
Shirt by Jigsaw | Trousers + Bag by Universal Works | Sneakers by Converse | Smartwatch c/o Skagen | Cap by Fair Ends | 
Glasses by Moscot

This summer has been unforgettable. The past four months have been some of the most rewarding of my life, and if I could exchange air-miles for beers I'd be set up for life. Something that is niggling me though, I'm getting worse at catching up on things that I've said I need to. A blog post here, a month's worth of admin there, and, well, let's not even mention the blog re-design...

I feel pretty content with most other things, especially when it comes to this summer's opportunities. Being able to travel for work given be chance to strengthen friendships something that would normally be missed due to being elsewhere. In a weird kind of way I feel like I've had plenty time for my friends for photography, creative support and even the +1 perks for trips I always reach out to my buddies.

Earlier this month I was invited to Berlin with Skagen for the launch of their new smartwatch, the Falster ll. Jake Millers came along as my photography support, and it turned out that my old mate Brittany Bathgate was also visiting for the event. We haven't spent much time together since earlier this year - both of us busy with things across opposite sides of the UK - but then BAM, there we are together in a different country.

The next day only left us with a few hours to hang, but it was good to hear about Brittany's home DIY progress and chat through the issues that come with owning your own place, as well as being self-employed.

At the fear of this post sounding like it doesn't have a purpose, it's purely a life update. But hey, that's what my space is all about I'm just pleased I still have the passion to share my journey with you.

Photography by Jake Millers.

12 Sep 2018

Exploring the City of Easton, Pennsylvania, with Majestic Athletic

mat buckets uk fashion blogger wearing detroit tigers mlb cool base jersey in easton PA
 Wearing - Detroit Tigers Cool Base Jersey by Majestic Athletic | Uniqlo Shorts | Vans Anaheim Authentics | 
Universal Works Tote Bag | Moscot Sunglasses | Percival Cap
street art around easton PA and wearing detroit tigers mlb cool base jersey by majestic athletic
film crew walking around easton PA for the MLB factory video
  Getting to know the film crew on wanders around old town Easton

This blog post is in partnership with Majestic Athletic + MLB.

After an exhausting first day of filming at the Majestic Athletic factory in the small town of Easton, Pennsylvania, we got to doing what we crew were craving sitting down with an ice cold beer.

Just a quick recap of part one; myself, Jordan Bunker + a film crew were visiting Easton to work on documenting the cultural importance of this small city the home of the US-made cool base jerseys, worn by MLB players + fans all over the world. My first blog post was all about our day at the Majestic Athletic factory, and for part two we're sticking to the city.


At 10pm the evening before, the cameras stopped rolling. Full up on pizza, burgers, pasta from one of the city's many old school bars, we headed back to the hotel to get some rest. Truth be told it felt like one of those 2-second sleeps the likes of Salvador Dali championed in the surrealist movement.

Our next day was all planned out; up at 7am for a quick breakfast before heading back to the factory to make sure we hadn't missed anything, followed by a couple of hours of exploring the city before driving back to New York to catch a game at the Yankees stadium. A dream day!

mat buckets uk fashion blogger wearing phillies away baseball shirt mlb cool base jersey in easton PA
Visiting Key City Diner for cherry pie + coffee, and what the locals call a "hoogie". It felt like I'd just stepped into the original Twin Peaks film set - clashing colours, a mixture of food smells and families just being families
key city diner details in easton PA
old school americana diner at Key City Diner, in Easton PA

Phillies away baseball cool base jersey by Majestic Athletic in Easton PA
 Wearing - Philadelphia Phillies Cool Base Jersey by Majestic Athletic | Banana Republic Shorts | Converse 70s Sneakers 

In several way Easton felt like many small towns I've visited across America. Welcoming and warm, sleepy yet full of life, slightly unpolished but reassuringly organised. In a round about way this city is what I think of when I picture working class America.

A visit to Key City Diner just across the river where Pennsylvania meets New Jersey was an experience to remember. I've been visiting America all of my life, but the countless trips to Universal Studios couldn't prepare me for stepping into what felt like a real-life film set."Dya want curly fries with that?" hollered the waitress as she took our order the answer is always yes. I'm yet to have a better strawberry milkshake.

Our group probably stood out like a sore thumb, but after the food arrived we settled in and became a part of the furniture. No trip to an American diner would be complete without an order of homemade cherry pie and a cup of coffee – this one came directly from David Lynch's well-referenced playbook.

It felt great to be wearing these Majestic Athletic jerseys all day, especially knowing how much worth the factory and its workers brings to the local economy. The locals know it too, I received a bunch of nods + compliments as we wandered the city. True, my limited baseball knowledge has all been acquired through Seinfeld, but at least I looked the part.
details, textures and street art around Easton PA
craft beers and interiors at the separatist bar easton pa
 Exploring the city's craft beer scene - the beautiful interior at The Separatist taproom + the raw authentic feel of Weyerbacher Brewery
a visit to the craft brewery weyerbacher easton pa
visiting craft brewery weyerbacher easton pa wearing phillies baseball shirt
the town square of easton, PA
Saying goodbye to our three days in Easton, PA, with Majestic Athletic. Long days, short nights, but one of the most rewarding projects to date.

For me, researching before you've got to a new place is all a part of the fun, and food, coffee, local stores and beer are always high on my list. Easton is a true 9-5 city, so I should have expected no less than the evenings being driven by American cooking and the craft beer scene. Visits to two local beer spots made for the perfect ending to Part Two of our trip. 

The beautiful interior of The Separatist taproom contrasting against the grassroots set-up at Weyerbacher Brewery felt similar to how I now see baseball. On one hand you have the polished side of MLB, with players looking perfect as they hit the stadiums, ready to entertain all, and then you've got the Majestic Athletic factory workers with 40+ years experience, just quietly getting on with their jobs. Both contrasts, but both parties working towards the same goal to champion a wider movement.

Our time in Easton had come to an end, but our journey wasn't quite finished yet. Next stop three days in New York - I'll can't wait to share more with you soon!

The Majestic Athletic Cool Base Jerseys which feature in this post are all available here.

Photography by Jordan Bunker.

This blog post is a part of a wider documentary project in paid partnership with with Majestic Athletic + MLB.

3 Sep 2018

Bedroom Interior Update

JWDA concrete lamp by menu world, in our tonal bedroom, with linen bedding and candle by le labo
JWDA concrete lamp by menu world, in our tonal bedroom, with linen bedding, candle by le labo and coffee cup by kinto
close up details of the JWDA concrete lamp by menu world, in our tonal bedroom, with linen bedding and candle by le labo
other pieces from around our bedroom, including brass and marble mirror by oliver bonas and popeye magazine
a stack of books and candle can be found on our end of bed cabinet
JWDA concrete lamp by menu world, in our tonal bedroom, with linen bedding and candle by le labo and instrumnt watch

With all the constant DIY going on in our house it's refreshing to be able to walk into a room without seeing tool lurking around every corner. In fact, our bedroom has been 100% tooltime free for a good month now. We keep saying "it's not quite finished yet", but then is anywhere actually ever complete? To be fair though, we're not actually plan to do much more to this space, other than restore the original 1930s floorboards and add a few more personal touches.

There's a few things I didn't manage to photograph this time, like our new mirror, and cabinet at the end of our bed, as well as Hollie's side table. But then, it probably doesn't harm to hold a few things back, after all it is our bedroom.  I'm sure you'll catch a further of a glimpse on my Instagram Stories, have you been watching?

Above: Our beautiful new JWDA concrete table lamps by Menu kindly gifted to us by Utility, IKEA cabinet, Matisse illustration in brass picture frame by Habitat, bed by Sofa.com, linen bedding by Zara Home, Rennes sneakers c/o Oliver Cabell, candle + skincare by Le Labo + reads by Kinfolk, Canteen and Popeye.

18 Aug 2018

Nordic Cafe at ARKET Liverpool

take a first look at the new arket store in liverpool - and the beautiful cafe
take a first look at the new arket store in liverpool - and the beautiful cafe
take a first look at the new arket store in liverpool - and the beautiful cafe

We welcome the new ARKET store to Liverpool. The doors officially opened at 12pm on 18.08 but we were invited in for a little preview the day before. The store looks fantastic, and it's a great addition to the city finally giving the brand a strong Northern presence but we did end up spending most of our time in the beautiful cafe up front.

If you visit the store soon you'd be excused if you don't make it far past the coffee shop. The smell of Swedish cinnamon buns, dark roast coffee and Nordic-inspired pickle-filled flatbreads is a winning combination, and one to go back for.

ARKET Liverpool, 91-92 Paradise Street, L1 8FJ, UK.

30 Jul 2018

Visiting the Majestic Athletic Factory in Easton, Pennsylvania

Creating a custom made Majestic Cool Base Jersey at the Easton, PA factory in America
Workspaces at the Majestic Athletic factory in Easton, PA Creating a custom made Majestic Cool Base Jersey at the Easton, PA factory in America

 This blog post is in partnership with Majestic Athletic + MLB.

When something curious drops into your inbox an eyebrow can often be raised. Too good to be true? A spammy scattergun email approach? But these emails can often be worth a second glance. A few months back I had one of those emails staring back at me. It started with sometime along the lines of, "...we think you'd be perfect for an exciting project we're working on with Majestic Athletic and Major League Baseball". Whoa. They got me hooked.

After several phone calls, brainstorm sessions and small bits of pre-project photography I found myself boarding a plane heading to New York, in preparation of meeting up at the small city of Easton, Pennsylvania, with the Majestic Athletic team, a production crew from London + my stalwart travel buddy and photographer for the project Jordan Bunker.

The idea behind the project was to document the journey which Majestic Athletic's iconic US-made baseball jerseys go through to finish up on the backs of professional players of MLB and the millions of fans worldwide. From the cutting room floor to the finishing room of Easton, PA, to the final product on the MVP players at Yankees stadium in New York. We'd follow the process, from start to finish.

An integral part of this brief was to also look further than the product; to dig deeper and find out more about the people that make this all happen. Who were the personalities behind each step of the production, what makes this small blue-collar town really tick and how this historical factory effects wider community.

As a last minute surprise I was told that I'd have a hand in creating my very own Majestic Cool Base Jersey. I'd shadow the whole process, from the tailoring and fitting to sewing down the name + numbers on the back. This was going to be a fun day!

Custom tailoring at the Majestic athletic factory in Easton, PA with Michael Pannuccio
 Resident tailor Micheal Pannuccio was on-hand to take my measurements for my custom Cool Base Jersey
The factory floor at the Majestic Athletic factory in Easton, PA
Matthew Spade and Button Babe" Lori J. Smith at the button sewing station at the Majestic Athletic Factory in Easton, PA
 Myself + the adorable "Button Babe" Lori J. Smith after my attempts of sewing buttons onto a one of the jerseys
Philadelphia Phillies Cool Base home Jersey and logo at the Majestic athletic factory in Easton PA

A 4:30am start on the day of filming was quite a shock to the system. But, we were there to shadow the working day of some of the Majestic factory's most invaluable workforce we were on their time. From the 6am clock-in and mid-morning precision at the cutting table, to the magically rhythmic sewing team and the all-important quality control stations seeing this US production line in action was an experience not to be forgotten.

Easton's community spirit runs deep throughout the Majestic fleet. These guys have been responsible for creating the official MLB jerseys in the factory since 1976. We spoke with Plant Manager Mark Todd about the buzz he gets when seeing the MLB players hitting home runs on TV while wearing jerseys made on his floor, and watching the charismatic "Button Babe" Lori J. Smith sew the mother of pearls on faster than you'd ever imagine. The day was filled with these short but memorable interactions; each worker connected by a passion for their job and the drive to hone their craft.