26 Sep 2016

Outfit | Blues, Greys + Thoughts on Instagram vs. Blogs

 Wearing - Sunspel Sweatshirt | J.Crew Chinos | Vans Old Skool | CHUP Socks | Fairends Cap | Watch c/o Timex | Campbell Cole Key Wrap

Feels like ages since the last time I shared an everyday outfit on here. It used to be a weekly thing, but, I dunno, I guess we all seem to be sharing more + more on Instagram, and certain types of blog posts have taken a back seat. I still really do see the value in running a blog - there's lots of advantages, and I'll touch on that subject soon - but the speed of sharing on Instagram is hard to match.

While we might be spending more and more time on Instagram, and less reading blogs (I still visit plenty every week but admittedly I do comment a little less comment these days) I still like to think there's a good bunch of you who enjoy seeing a full outfit in a traditional blog format.

So here we are. Nothing groundbreaking, nothing too eye-catching, nothing out of the ordinary; just a straight-up everyday outfit that makes me feel good. Blues + greys is all I need at the moment. Oh, and because we took these shots at the weekend we squeezed in a Cloudwater beer for good measure.

Do you still enjoy seeing everyday outfits on blogs or are they more accessible on Instagram?


23 Sep 2016

Inspiration on Instagram | Hyper Realistic Cars by Daniel Cali

I'm a big fan of cars; not really in the 'what's under the bonnet' kind of way, not really in the 'which model's that' kind of way, but more in a 'yeah, that looks neat' kind of way.

Okay, so perhaps I'm actually just a fan of car design and that's what made me stop scrolling and click follow on Daniel Cali's Instagram account.

It isn't just the car's he shows that are literally show stoppers; but, the way he shows them. Beautiful, vivid, profile shots, with a deep, rich, colourful background each one looks like it's been lifted straight from the screen of some future version of GTA.

Seriously, have a look, and try to figure out of they're all real illustrations or not!

You can find Nik at - Twitter | Instagram | Newsletter

20 Sep 2016

Campbell Cole '16 Purism-Inspired Simple Collection

For their AW16 Simple Collection, Nottingham-based accessories brand Campbell Cole take inspiration from the Purism art movement of the early 20th century. Known for its simplistic use of colour + shapes, Purism founded by Amédée Ozenfant + Le Corbusier celebrated the basic forms in everyday life, and disregarded overly-decorative art.

The brand introduces us to a bunch of new embossed styles this season; the A5 Travel Pouch, Simple Wallet and Slim Card Wallet joins Campbell Cole's core collection. Each item in the collection has been designed + crafted in England, using Italian vegetable-tanned leather, and are available in Khaki, Navy, Tan and Black.

This obsession with simplicity is something that really resonates with me; sometimes you don't need to be the boldest or shout the loudest to make people notice you. 

See Campbell Cole's new collection here. If you're in London you can also find them exhibiting at Design Junction for London Design Festival 22nd-25th September.

15 Sep 2016

Travel | Visiting Biella + Turin, Italy with Menabrea Beer

 Menabrea Brewery, Biella, Italy

This past month has become a little fuzzy; we finally nailed down our Las Vegas wedding plans, set the wheels in motion for our mortgage application (which, for a self-employed "blogger" is wee bit complicated!), as well as a couple of travel opportunities that popping up at last-minute. I returned home from Italy and France to the news that we sadly lost my Grandad to cancer.

For that reason I haven't really felt inspired to keep on top of blogging lately. Somehow the daily scroll of Instagram has kept me a little more entertained, especially Jordan Bunker's incredible travel photos from Asia.

But this week I jumped straight back into editing photos from a recent trip to Biella + Turin, with Italian brewer Menabrea. This was a trip of new experiences for me; first time visiting Italy, first time touring a brewery (no ideal how I've avoided them for so long) and the first time my nostrils have been exposed to such high levels of potent cheese...!

 A colourful collection of Menabrea's archived advertising

The name "Menabrea" wasn't totally brand new to me, and according to my Untappd beer app I've drunk a handful of their blonde ales in my time. The trip to Northern Italy cropped up at a really busy time, but it was hard to pass up on my first trip to a brewery.

My first task of the trip was to get the lingo right. I'd been struggling with the pronunciation of "Menabrea", and as it turns out you say it like "Men-a-bray-ah". Bags all packed for the 4am start from Stansted   all set for two days exploring the small town of Biella + historical city of Turin.

13 Sep 2016

The Woolrich Mill by Jackie Nickerson | Authentic American Manufacturing

The folks that know us well, know that we’re always keen to take a look behind the scenes of our favourite brands. In the last few years, we’ve visited factories, workshops, design studios, distilleries and anywhere else that good people ply their craft.

Of course, if we can’t get there ourselves, we can always take a look through the lens of those that have - like in this shoot for Woolrich, by photographer Jackie Nickerson. Nestled deep in the heart of Pennsylvania - a place pretty far from both Blackpool and London - lies the Woolrich Mill. Here, as with a lot of places along the East Coast of America, is a greater deal of history and heritage then you might expect.

Woolrich started life almost 200 years ago as a wool factory, founded by an English immigrant, John Rich. As a brand, they have a history entwined with that of the USA, producing garments through the Civil War, both World Wars, and eventually earning international fame with their hard-wearing, almost nature-defying parkas, developed for the oil boom of 1970s Alaska.

Since then, the style of Woolrich has been tweaked and their clothes enhanced by advancements in garment technology; but, the brand’s philosophy has remained the same - producing clothes with a broad appeal, that meet the demands of the modern day.

Photographer Jackie Nickerson has had the enviable task of shooting the mills for their latest campaign; capturing not just the clothes, but the elements of the unique environment that produce them. It’s the sort of shoot we love, one that steers away from stereotyped ‘fashion’ images and, instead, introduces us to the brand, by capturing the individuals, processes, and landscapes that lie beneath it.

You can find the brand’s London flagship on Brewer Street, Soho. Discover the story, as shot by Jackie, through Woolrich’s Agenda.

This post is in partnership with Woolrich. Thank you for taking the time to support the brands + businesses that make this blog happen.

8 Sep 2016

Giveaway | Win a Paulin Watch

We're giving away a watch of your choice from Paulin's latest collection! Head over to our Instagram page to enter. Tag your friends in the image for extra entries. 

Giveaway is open worldwide. Good luck!

6 Sep 2016

Shatter-Resistant Water Bottle by SOMA

We love for these 17 oz. shatter-resistant water bottles by SOMA. The bottle itself costs $30 and is made from BPA-free, borosilicate glass (sounds tough!), comes with a soft silicon sleeve and leak-proof bamboo cap. Every part of the product has been designed with sustainability in mind; with the packaging being created from post-consumer waste and a percentage of each sale being donated to their charity partner, Water.

Find out more about SOMA product and their give back scheme here.