9 Feb 2016

Candylab Modern Car Toys

Winter is hitting us hard now; wind, rain and snow are coming all at once. For most blogs with a fashion angle, that would be a chance to tell you about a brilliant new coat or suggesting a new pair of heavy jeans.

Not us though. We can cover that if you like, but we’d rather focus on something to brighten your life, rather than just warm your body. And here it is, these amazing cars from Candylab Toys. Designed in Brooklyn, each car is colourfully designed, made from solid Beech wood and would made for a study looking desk ornament / toy. They're sure to bring some fun to even the dullest of offices.

Take a look at the whole range here (available in the UK here) and check them out on Instagram for some neat videos of these cars doing their thing. Meanwhile, I’m off to work out which cars I need to buy to reenact some classic scenes from Steve McQueen's Bullit.

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6 Feb 2016

Rebound by Andrew Faris + Weekend Links

There's something very pleasing, and calming about this project by Visual Artist Andew Faris. Can't stop looking? Follow his work on Instagram for more colour hits. First seen on Swiss Miss.

Enjoy your weekend folks!

Weekend Bucket List

Kids' inventions are turned into real products - The Inspiration
Why creative education is as important as traditional academic subjects - It's Nice That
How fast food brand use design to respond to more 'authentic' rivals - Creative Review
Career paths change + goals are dropped, but it doesn't make you a failure - A Rosie Outlook
Wanna feel good about being "different"? - BBHLondon
Listen to Episode #7 of our "semi-regular" podcast series - Buckets

In case you missed it - Talking about the importance of writing things down + keeping the flow

4 Feb 2016

Store Visit | Club Monaco, Covent Garden, London

Club Monaco, Henrietta Street, Covent Garden

Henrietta Street, just around the corner from the market at Covent Garden, is pretty hot property when it comes to menswear these days. With Nigel Cabourn, Oliver Sweeney, Edwin, Fred Perry and The Real McCoy's already taking up residency, Club Monaco has added its name to the growing family. Located just around the corner from our favourite barbershop, Ruffians, is Club Monaco's third store in the capital dedicated to menswear. The store itself takes on an outside-inside theme; with hanging baskets and large planters lurking around every corner, accompanied upstairs by a simple black and white oriental-inspired interior, and a more" gentlemans' club"-feel downstairs.

Along with the Club Monaco casualwear and smart collections you'll find a selection of well-suited North American brands in there too; Alden, Gitman Vintage, Jeans Shop, Wings & Horns, along with a selection of accessories and books. Their American whiskey offering doesn't hurt matters either.

Club Monaco Men's Shop, 5 Earlham Street, 29 Henrietta St, London WC2E 8NA. See more of our Store Visits here.

2 Feb 2016

Giveaway | Win Panasonic LUMIX LX100 4K Camera

Wearing - ASOS Wool Coat | Reigning Champ Sweatshirt | ASOS Shirt | Universal Works Trousers | Time Teller x Buckets & Spades Watch c/o Nixon (more on this soon) 

As I've spend the last six months as one of the UK Brand Ambassadors for Pansonic LUMIX I thought it was about time we gave something back to you guys. We've been sharing our progress with the LUMIX LX100 4K camera over various posts - an Introduction to 4K Photophraphy, Basic Tips for Improving your 4K, a Video Editing Walkthrough, a review of the camera itself and how it can be used in everyday situations. And now it's time to have a go yourself!

Have any of you given 4K Photography a go yourself? If you have I'd love to hear how you've got on, but if not then how about a new camera to give it a bash yourself?

We have a Panasonic LUMIX LX100 4K camera (worth £599.99) to giveaway to one Buckets & Spades reader. This is the same model as I've been using throughout my partnership - which is 4K-ready, and can also shoot in regular photo mode. To enter this giveaway use the Rafflecopter form below to sign up to the Buckets & Spades Newsletter + unlock more ways to enter. This giveaway is open to the UK only.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

31 Jan 2016

adidas Originals Hamburg Collection

Trainers are, without doubt, the most versatile shoe on the planet. Trainers can be simple, and they can be complex, classic and contemporary, smart and casual, fitness and fad - and they don’t just exist at these extremes, but at every point along the spectrum.

It’s no surprise, then, that buying a pair of trainers really isn’t as straightforward as it perhaps should be. Not every style works for every person - far from it. When I have a flick through the new releases online, I’ll steer well clear of the huge hi-tops and massive Larry David-style (Mat's icon...) bright white technical trainers. They obviously work for someone, just not for me.

My trainers have to be simple, unfussy, and stand up to the rigours of a freelance lifestyle...I’m joking - it’s hardly a jungle out there. But, at the same time, life in the city can turn a nice pair of white trainers into a soggy pair of grey sneakers in no time.

That’s why the new adidas Originals Hamburg collection immediately drew me in. You don’t become a mainstay of football fans unless you’re offering up something that’s seriously hardwearing. And, as this beautifully shot Scotts x adidas video - filmed in Hamburg - shows, these trainers are perfect for exploring any city on match days.

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29 Jan 2016

Keeping the Flow | Thinking Better with Parker

Words were never my strong point, and with the aim to improve on that weakness I started Buckets & Spades back in 2008, to try to brush up my language skills and creative writing. Over the years I've become used to using a pen to jot down my thoughts daily; through endless notetaking, and organising my life using a diary. I actually have a love/hate relationship with words, as I find it all-to-easy to compare myself to the whitty and expressive folk I come across in magazines + on Twitter. This doesn't come from a place of jealous, far from it, as it inspires my writing style to be more open and natural.

I find Yasumi's unique perspective on life, and the way she tackles words to be hugely inspiring.

Wearing - Whistles Denim Shirt | Albam Jeans | Harry Stedman T-Shirt | Red Wing Boots | Paulin Watch

One constant throughout my whole growing up was having to write things down, as a way of collecting my thoughts, relaying ideas and organising my life. This is one side of modern technology that Apple hasn't been able to affect; I need a pen, notebook and diary to feel like I'm on top of accomplishing the day's tasks, and never leave the house without them. I make a to-do list every single day, and when the day is finally over I look back at my diary to make sure I'm set for the day ahead. There's also the odd doddle thrown in (Hollie didn't appreciate the Picaso-inspired drawing of her...), of ideas that pop into my head, intriguing things I see on my travels, or ideas for outfit combinations.

The Better Thinking campaign by Parker got me questioning just how important the humble pen is to my life, and how invaluable it is to my own personal experiences. For me, a beautiful pen is as important as the thoughts themselves. And Parker is helping us unlock a better way of thinking; by helping us discover exciting ways to create new content, and to keep our ideas fresh.

26 Jan 2016

Beer + Design | Omnipollo Illustrations

I've been meaning to share these beer labels by Omnipollo ever since I stumbled across them in a dusty old beer + wine store in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, last summer, but for some reason they just got pushed back. As I look over them again the same thoughts pass through my head as they did previously - "You don't see this every day...I wonder what they taste like?"

Each one of Omnipollo's beers takes on characteristics of its own; by using different breweries from across the world to create a unique taste. Each bottle takes on a colourful, pleasing and somewhat surreal theme. I can only imagine that if they taste as complex as they look then these are sure to be showstoppers. Each design has been created by the company's Swedish brewer + artist Karl Grandin. Now, let's hunt some down?

See more of Omnipollo's designs here. See more packaging post here.

25 Jan 2016

My Morning Routine with The All Night Listening Post

Recently I chatted to fellow menswear, outdoors + beer drinking enthusiast, Arran Cross, about my Morning Routine, for is blog (and one of my personal favourites), The All Night Listening Post.

"My job is a little hard to describe, so I usually find it easiest to say I’m a freelance writer. My partner, Hollie, says that doesn’t really do me justice, but to say I’m a writer, photographer, blogger, stylist, marketeer, social media dude, doesn’t really have a ring to it. So I’m going to describe a regular morning for a freelancer writer based in North West, England. I get woken up at around 7:30am, by my silent rumble-emmiting watch alarm by Withings - since switching from a iPhone alarm to waking up in silence I know I never want to go back. A head down for breakfast, but catch up on BBC1 news for 20 minutes first. Breakfast is usually porridge + honey, or Weekabix + honey. Basically honey on everything in my household..."

Jing Tea in the morning

Read the rest of my Morning Routine on The All Night Listening Post here.

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