11 Oct 2017

Our Las Vegas Wedding Day!

 Pyjamas by Karen Mabon

Newspaper + stationery all designed by us, printed by The Newspaper Club + Moo

Photography by Branch & Cole

The day of our wedding was everything I hoped for. Even a freak stomach bug, which stopped me from eating and drinking for a few days, couldn't stop it from being the happiest day of my life. Recent events in Las Vegas had made me hesitate on sharing this post, but that's not what the city or its people would want. Vegas is a pretty special place indeed, like no other. 

Our week in this crazy city (which included our pre-wedding shoot at the Neon Museum) was made even more special by being joined by 30 of our closest family and friends (and new friends, I'm looking at you Caleb + Levi!), which made it a truly an unforgettable experience. Just thinking back on our time there with everyone makes me want to relive it over and over again.

I'll keep this post short and sweet, but I must give our thanks to a few people:

Paul Smith for making my suit fit perfectly, Drakes for providing me with the awesome emerald green tie, The Newspaper Club for helping us create the newspaper for our guests, The Wynn hotel, SW restaurant + The Little Chapel of the West for being amazing hosts, Travis Allen aka the best and most classy Elvis tribute act you're ever likely to see. Special thank yous are also reserved for Caleb + Levi of Branch & Cole, whose names will live on as the legendary gents who documented every step of the way - I just hope that we made it a great experience for you too (that buffet, right?!)!

Take a look below at how our wedding day unfolded!

Suit by Paul Smith | Tie c/o Drakes | Shirt by Brooks Brothers | Shoes by Mark McNairy x Sanders | Sunglasses by Moscot | Pocket Square by Reiss
 Dress by Victoria Beckham | Shoes + Bangle by Kate Spade
 Watch by Paul Smith

 Our private dining room at SW restaurant at The Wynn, with a little surprise at the end!

Instax memories, 2am beers and glazed donuts
Thank you for visiting, we both hope you enjoyed them! We couldn't be happier.
Mat + Hollie

6 Oct 2017

EYES by Lucas Zanotto

Take a look at 01:25 minutes of simplistic creativity by Lucas Zanotto. EYES! Well, as the saying goes, "if you can't find inspiration then you're not looking hard enough".

First seen on Swiss Miss, but to be enjoyed by all.

2 Oct 2017

Reflecting on Achievements | Paul Smith Life-proof Collection

Pocket Square by Paul Smith
by Paul Smith
Artist Stripe Socks by Paul Smith
Photography by Jordan Bunker

There comes a point in our lives when it would serve us well to take a step back and reflect upon what we've achieved. It's very easy for us to become consumed by the projects we work on   the hours we spend on social media and the miles of road we cover without giving a second thought to just how much we have grown.

In a world where any acts of boast could easily come off as an "I'm better than you" remark, I've always been conscious of how I come across online. But there are some occasions that we need to give ourselves a break, and celebrate the achievements we're proud of. For me, this project that myself and Jordan Bunker collaborated on with Paul Smith is one of those occasions.

The Life-proof collection, PS by Paul Smith resonated with my love of colour, design detail and the notion that practical clothing doesn't need to be hung on the peg until that daytrip to the great outdoors comes around. Our aim was to show the collection off as it was intended; in rain, shine and everything else the unpredictable Leeds climate could chuck at us.

What makes this project really special for me is that the man himself + the brand he's built is one of  the main reasons why I became so fascinated with fashion + design when I was a young teenager. And to say that 15 years on I'm working alongside PS to create content is an huge achievement for me personally. It's also a testament to how much my working relationship with Jordan has grown constantly pushing ourselves raise our work to the next level. I can now see why reflection is regarded so highly.

Is reflection a part of the way you work? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

The Paul Smith AW17 Collection is available here.

This post is brought to you in partnership with Paul Smith. Your support of the brands + businesses we work with helps make this blog happen.

24 Sep 2017

Giving Time to Explore Edinburgh, with Timex

 Jacket by Paul Smith (similar) | Shirt + Denim Trousers by Weekday | Sneakers by Converse | Easy Reader Watch by Timex | Sunglasses by Moscot

13:00 Hyde & Son's on George Street is one of the city's newest + most exciting spaces. From the team behind Leman Locke, Hyde & Son's offered a relaxing environment for coffee, drinks + food.

A venture across the Scottish boarder is always a welcomed one. Having had the opportunity to explore some of Scotland's most beautiful landscapes and its vibrant cities, I can safely say that I'm a member of the fan club. I'll try to organise a trip as frequently as possible, and I'll take any excuse to further install my love for its history, people and landscape.

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Timex's best-selling Easy Reader collection, we wanted to visit a city within the British Isles that mirrored the brand's core values and heritage, while still having a firm grasp on progression and willingness to evolve. For us, Edinburgh was the perfect place.

10:00 The borough of Stockbridge is full of independent restaurants, coffee shops and retailers. You could easily spend hours shooting the breeze with locals + getting lost in the side streets. Aesop and the newly opened The Method stores are setting a high standard.
Jacket by Several (similar) | Shirt by Jigsaw | Trousers by Topman | Watch by Timex | Socks by Paul Smith | Sneakers by Common Project (similar) | Sunglasses by Ace&Tate

For many of us, a Timex evokes a certain childhood memory of receiving our very first watch. In 1977 the first Timex Easy Reader pootled off the production line, and since went on to sell 25 million+ worldwide. Fast forward to its 40th anniversary and we see the new collection being brought up to date with some sweet new additions; the iconic INDIGLO® night-light still features, but this time the face reveals a back-lit "40". New life is carried over into the strap design too, with American Horween leather, along with complimenting stitched edges, being used for its durability and comfort a natural patina will begin to form over time.

The city is full of hidden treasures; from the independent community in the borough of Stockbridge coming together to support the notion of thinking smaller to create something bigger, the city's ever-changing entertainment scene to the recent renovation of the Quartermile an area which seems to be obsessed with Swedish bakeries!

For me, a travel experience has a lot about those details that you don't first see at first glace; a tiled staircase which leads to a restaurant's bathrooms, the smell of freshly baked cherry brownies, an unassuming cobbled street which serves as a cut-through towards something more tourist-friendly.

Everything is down to detail. I feel that same passion towards design.

 12:00 Making time out to explore the city's much-loved botanical gardens + its surrounding area. Feeling ready for food, we took to Instagram for recommendations.
 15:00 Taking recommendations from the Edinburgh locals. Photographer Murray Orr took us to one of his favourite lunch spots, Checkpoint, just off the Royal Mile.