26 Jul 2016

Travel Diary | What I Learned From Travelling Around Japan

a little nap coffee shop tokyo japan
vintage grey car in tokyo
design and homeware store in tokyo japan
visvim store tokyo japan
vending machine in tokyo japan

This post is a little later than I planned, but what with us flying over to Las Vegas to plan our wedding and it being so flipping hot in England, everything has been running a little slower. For this travel diary I wanted to take a different angle to what I'd normally do. With Japan being so far away and somewhere that you definitely need to plan for, I want to put together a list of things that we learned in the 10 days we spent traveling around Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto, as well as a few of our top tips.

I'd love to hear from anyone who has been to Japan, or if you're thinking about going soon?

Take Recommendations, But Find Your Own Way

Tokyo is massive. With every district comes different interpretations of city guides and things to do, but with an economy which moves so fast it's hard to for guides to keep up. Before we left for Japan Yasumi gave us some sound advice, "Don't worry about following specific guides. Recommendations are great but businesses come and go every single month, so the chances are that you'll be disappointed. Just go explore on your own!". 

yellow van in tokyo
eames chairs in japan
dan marc furniture designer in toyko japan
vintage blue car in tokyo
road sign in tokyo

Wander Down the Backstreets

We were in Japan on business, but as it was a research project for Dan's furniture brand we constantly on the lookout for inspiration. Having Yasumi's advice in the back of our minds worked out perfectly, and as we weaved in and out of the cities backstreets especially in Harajuku we came across all sorts of coffee shops, design studios, independent stores, local makers, intriguing characters.

Take Artless Craft for instance; a beautifully designed coffee + tea shop in central Harajuku. We spent a good hour chatting to the owners about their design business (just behind the coffee shop), football, and how the city is constantly changing...

25 Jul 2016

The Art of Making a Tennis Ball by Benedict Redgrove

How to make a Tennis Ball by Benedict Redgrove
How to make a Tennis Ball by Benedict Redgrove

If you only watch one video today let it be this curiosity. The art of creating a tennis ball is waaaaaaay more complex and fascinating that you'd imagine! This short video takes you through the 24 steps each tennis ball goes through before it is ready for the court. Just wait 'till the neon green comes in shot...

Created by visual artist Benedict Redgrove for ESPN, and shot at the Wilson factory.

21 Jul 2016

Inspiration on Instagram | Basketball Toons by Vanila Lab

Basketball Teams x 80's Toons by Vanila Lab ghostbusters
Basketball Teams x 80's Toons by Vanila Lab cartoons
Basketball Teams x 80's Toons by Vanila Lab logos
Basketball Teams x 80's Toons by Vanila Lab badges
Basketball Teams x 80's Toons by Vanila Lab illustrations
Basketball Teams x 80's Toons by Vanila Lab

Not only do these aswesome fictional basketball team illustrations, by design studio Vanila Lab, take me back to the cartoons I used to watch when I was a kid, it also reminds about how I would fill the back of my homework books with doodles of logos, mascots, cars, people in class and "cool" inventions. Not much has changed really..!

See more from this project on Vanila Lab's Instagram here.

17 Jul 2016

Radisson Red Instagram Takeover

Radisson Red Instagram Travel Takeover

All this week I'll be taking over Radisson Red's Instagram account! I'm sharing images from our recently travels around the US; mostly concentrating on a bunch of our favourite places we discovered in Las Vegas! We spent a decent amount of time in the downtown area of the city, and I can't wait to share what we found (did you hear we're getting married in Vegas next year?!).

So if you like the kind of things I post on my personal account then head over to Radisson Red's Instagram account this week to see more from our trip to Florida and Nevada. I'd love to hear what you think so please do leave a comment on the photos!

14 Jul 2016

Hand-Painted Found Items by Dirty Bandits

I'm a Piece of Garbage by Dirty Bandits
I'm a Piece of Garbage by Dirty Bandits
I'm a Piece of Garbage by Dirty Bandits
I'm a Piece of Garbage by Dirty Bandits
I'm a Piece of Garbage by Dirty Bandits
I'm a Piece of Garbage by Dirty Bandits
I'm a Piece of Garbage by Dirty Bandits

These made me smile. I'm a Piece of Garbage by Dirty Bandits is a project which involved finding abandoned everyday items and writing phrases on them, which play on insecurities and questions of self-worth. The artists have managed to turn a sorry tale into something quite humorous and strangely uplifting, simply by using traditional sign painting techniques and vibrant colours.

Those unwanted items sure have personality, and a new lease of life! See more from this project here.
First seen on Swiss Miss.

12 Jul 2016

Store Visit | Save Khaki, Toyko

save khaki menswear store front in toyko
 Save Khaki - Toyko, Japan
save khaki menswear store pf flyers sneakers
save khaki menswear store in toyko japan
save khaki menswear store indigo goods
save khaki american inspired menswear
save khaki menswear shop shibuya japan
save khaki menswear store tokyo

It's been a good six weeks since I came back from my trip to Japan, and my heads been everywhere  and back since. Things moved so quickly, and before I knew it we were on our way to America, so I've only just got around to properly looking through my travel photos. We were keen to visit a bunch of stores while in Toyko, and we did hit a few belters, but we generally took Yasumi's advice of just going with the flow exploring this vast city without a set-in-stone plan. 

Save Khaki was one of those stores we happen to stumble across. Endless rails, shelves and tables of modern Americana is what they're all about; over-dyed tees, laundered chinos, utility shorts and jackets, and a boatload of indigo goods taking centre stage. There was plenty of US + Japanese concessions stocked in this Shibuya location too, with New Balance and PF Flyers footwear, Owen & Fred office gifts, and AnonymousIsm socks, along with a jam-packed pantry of camping gear, homewear goods and kitchen accessories.

Every street you wander down in Tokyo seemingly matches the next for its intrigue and creativity; from coffee shops and local craftspeople, to independent clothing stores and tiny whisky bars. I'll be sharing a few more of my Japanese finds very soon.

Save Khaki United, 150-0001, 5 Chome-25-4, Jingumae, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan. See more of our Store Visits here.