26 Jan 2015

ASAP54 | Finding Inspiration In Everyday Life II

Wearing - Penfield Down Jacket | Libertine-Libertine Jumper | Selected Homme Chinos | adidas Stan Smith Trainers | Harry Stedman White T-Shirt | Ralph Lauren Socks | Dents Scarf | ASOS Hat

Cast your minds back to just before Christmas and you may remember me mentioning that I'd been challenged by ASAP54 to pick an outfit out, by using their new app. For those who don't remember, the ASAP54 app helps you discover new items of clothing + brands, simply by uploading any photography. After a few days of "ASAPing" I'd managed to gain a bunch of new followers, and Pantone picked up on one of my images. Result!

I used the app by uploading my some inspiring and colourful images, and then picked out items from the results I got back. The idea was to choose pieces that I wouldn't have necessarily chosen for myself, or considered in the past. It was first time I'd ventured into the down jacket territory since I was a kid, and I'm glad as it's flipping freezing up here right now. Also the Libertine Libertine jumper isn't a style I would usually consider either - it's navy, black, white, striped, spotty, cashmere....ultra busy indeed. I'm glad I tried something new though, life would be pretty magnolia if we ate beans on toast every day. I finished off the ASAPing with a pair of Stan Smiths. Ah....busted, this is where the beans analogy falls down - that's my second pair of these in a year.

I'm happy with the outfit in the main, but I would bin off the scarf and go for different coloured socks next time. They just down sit right for me. Overall I'm pleased with the items that I found by using ASAP54, and I had fun using more visual and interactive kind of social network. Did any of you get chance to try the app out?

Thanks for visiting,

For this collaboration I was gifted vouchers to use to buy items using the ASAP54 app.

23 Jan 2015

Shine Craft Vessel Co. Beer Growlers

Instantly the Shine Craft Vessel Co. reminds me of why I'd love to spend more time across the pond, and also of blog like Shhhhh, In Honor of Design, Cork Grips + To Adventure. Makes me want to get myself in gear and try to find work across the pond. A dream. Anyone want me?

Shine Craft Vessell Co. make modern-day beer "Growlers" originally named for the rumbling noise that the stopper makes when beer sloshes around in them for people who like an adventure and enjoy good beer. Shine's take on an age-old commodity was an instant hit in the right circles, since opening for business in early 2014. Each 64 oz. Growler has been designed and made in Virginia, US, keeping every part of production within the local community - with a percentage of each sale going to the NSAC.

I can't say I've been in the position to regularly transport much beer, but with a road trip looming and with a strong affection to Shine's simple, colourful and practical design, I definitely think they would make the perfect travel companion. Swig of beer for the working man!

Shine Craft Vessell Co. Growlers available here.

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22 Jan 2015

Life Tastes Better Together by Sean Mort

Doesn't it just? Don't hate, don't envy, don't copy - be inspired, work together and support each other. Life Tastes Better Together.

Print by Sean Mort, available at No Culture Icons.

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20 Jan 2015

Outfit | Planes, Trains + CAT Boots

Hollie wears - Zara Coat | COS Dress | Topshop Leggings | Boots c/o CAT | COS Mittens | Longchamp Bag | Zara Scarf

The best things about Christmas is getting time to spend with Hollie. I never shy away from the fact that my working life can get pretty lonely at times - I usually try to combat this by going to the gym, getting out on my bike or nipping to Hollie's parents' for a coffee. The door is always open for me there. So this gone Christmas we agreed to see each other as much as possible. Granted, it either involved grabbing coffee, beer shopping, eating Toblerone or watching John Candy's filmography on our new smart tv, but it was pretty spot on. Planes, Trains + Automobiles people!

A coffee break usually ends up with us heading out to "the wall" - the light was pretty perfect on this particular day. Hollie's on her feet all day at work so these CAT Boots have been a blessing she's all about the comfort. Trainers, boots, sandals....anything flat really. So much so she even received this really sweet book for Christmas by Hannah Rochell. It's well worth checking out if you're into footwear design + illustration. A few weeks in and the CAT boots are still her no.1 choice.

Eeeeee I don't know, she makes it look so easy.

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19 Jan 2015

Store Visit | Shinola, London

Shinola | Newburgh Street, London, England

I've been excited to visit the new Shinola store in Soho ever since I heard that they launched their UK e-commerce store back in late 2014. The first time we saw Shinola's products in person was at the Pop-Up Flea, and ever since then we've become a little obsessed with their mix of classic Americana and modern-day values.

The Detroit/London connection seems like an unlikely one at first, but it all makes sense when you find out the new store is located on Newburgh Street, just off Carnaby Street. Fast-becoming one of my favourite streets in London, Newburgh Street is already home to Red Wing, LVC, Filson, Fred Perry, Evisu, Onitsuka Tiger, Flying Horse....for a little street it's sure packing some monster names

I've heard from Detroit-native Uniform Journal that all the Shinola stores are a pleasure to visit, and the Soho store didn't disappoint. The design team have done an excellent job with utilising a small space which comes as standard around the area. Their extensive range of ridiculously attractive, handmade watches sit alongside travel + everyday leather goods, stationery, sporting collectables, a small range of clothing and a selection of those bicycles. All proudly Made in USA. An Americana-enthusiast's dream.

Shinola's connection to the UK has been picking up steam recently, with their Craftsmen in Britain series collaboration with Jocks&Nerds Magazine. If you ever find yourself on Carnaby Street I suggest taking a wonder up the side streets to Newburgh Street. It's a great little area, with a real community feel and something for everyone. It's the perfect location for a store with such a passion towards its product, history and one that celebrates its country's craftspeople. Shinola - 13 Newburgh Street, London, W1F 7RS. 

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18 Jan 2015

Spotted Out & About + Weekend Links

 Wearing - Shetland Wool Jumper c/o Leith Clothing | Blackwatch Tartan Scarf | Skagen Watch | Paul Smith Ring

Some things I spotted when I was out & about in London over the past few day. It's been another busy week, hence the late Weekend Posts - next week is all about knuckling down with projects, making plans for our road trip and getting back to eating healthy. I've finally completed Super Mario World so I can now concentrate on stuff that matters! Enjoy the rest of your weekend. First photo by Nik.

Weekend Bucket List 

Celebrities that look like mattresses, bizarre
The sock brand giving back to the homeless
How Wes Anderson created some of his more famous scenes
Messing around with Emojis
Itching to travel around Japan
"People you meet at the gym" Mr. Porter-style
In-case you missed it - We're planning a European road trip

12 Jan 2015

Outfit | Planning For Road Trips

Wearing - Waxed Jacket c/o Barbour | Reiss Sweatshirt | Harry Stedman T-Shirt | Universal Works Trousers | Wolverine 1000 Mile Boots | Skagen Watch | Wolsey Socks | ASOS Hat | Club Monoco Tote

Yep the wall, I'm at the wall again. Someone recently said to me, "...looking forward to seeing it (referring to a bag I just bought) at the wall sometime soon". This is true, I have a limited amount of locations up my sleeve, unless I actually visit a new town. But as I've loosely pencilled in 2015 as the "year of road trips", who knows what weird and wonderful places I'll have as a backdrop. On a scale of one to Yasumi (Yasumi being 10, because look), I'm aiming for a realist seven.

The plan is for me and Nik to drive across Europe - starting at mine in Lancashire, then down to France, and then on to wherever will have us! A realistic seven. Belgium, Holland, Germany, Denmark...stopping off for a couple of days in each country. As I write this it's sounding more like a potential eight - we've got to make this happen!

I realise none of this has anything to do with the photos above, I've gone off on one. I'd call this outfit "Dad's Day Off", as the combination of the Barbour Jacket + Wolverine Boots makes me think I'd be more suited to a Range Rover than a Fiat 500. They'd both serve as trusty companions for a trip across Europe.

So does anyone have experience in planning road trips like this? We're thinking rent some wheels, sort out some sweet places and go from there. Dom Joly's Happy Hour springs to mind. If there's any travel companies reading please do get in touch!

Flat Design Illustrations by Josh Lepley

Nothing complicated, just simple and effective 2D illustrations of iconic and popular items. We really don't need to add more complicated issues to Mondays, so this is just a straightforward nod to the rest of the week. We got this one.

Flat Designs by Josh Lepley, see more of the series here. Read more about Harry's here.

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