19 Oct 2020

All Parked Up - Our Print Shop

One thing that has kept me busy over the past few months is working on getting some prints ready. It's something I've thought about doing for a while, and after a fair few regular requests via Instagram, I finally got my act in gear and set up a super basic shop on Etsy.
Since July I'll shipped 50+ orders to all parts of the world; from Malibu, CA to a small coastal village in Australia. It seems folks are enjoying them in Scandinavia too, with the majority of international orders going to Denmark. Crazy.
Currently we have five prints available; three cars, One "Shopping Trollies in Orlando", and one of Hollie's It's a Love Story" print. We have plans to add a handful more in the run-up to Christmas. Each print has featured on my Instagram account at some point, so it's a lovely feeling to see them in other people's homes.

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