3 Feb 2020

Copenhagen: Han Kjobenhavn Store

han kjobenhavn store in copenhagen, denmark
han kjobenhavn store in copenhagen, denmark green tiles
han kjobenhavn store in copenhagen, denmark mid century interior
han kjobenhavn store in copenhagen, denmark mid century interior
han kjobenhavn store in copenhagen, denmark mid century interior

When visiting a new place or old I'll always reach out to the people with their fingers on the pulse for suggestions for new cafe openings, freshly drawn up menus, visiting exhibitions and other general cool stuff. I truly believe great things stuff can be found anywhere, and that's probably due to my definition of coooool being pretty broad. I get excited about loads of stuff - and that general steams from other people's passion for what they do (for example; a vintage wrestling figure collector, a dude that does ace things with ceramics or a bakery playing around with unusual combinations). These quirks are there to be found and to be enjoyed.

I had high hopes for our recent 4-day trip to Copenhagen, because on my first visit to the city I was left wondering, "I'm not sure what all the fuss is about". Circumstance hey, turns out I now know what I was missing the first time around. 

One trustworthy looking chap on Instagram mentioned that Danish menswear brand Han Kjobenhavn had recently renovated their stand-alone store, right in the centre of town. Without even looking it up I added in to our Google Map and pencilled in a visit for when we were close. As soon as we caught a glimpse through the traditional mahogany wood doors we knew we were in for a treat.

The punchy hi-shine powder blue floor, perfectly panelled oak wood walls and the swooshing white ceiling was equally matched with mid-century furniture, signature Scandinavian globe-like light fixtures and custom-build clothing rails which mirrored the pleasing shape of the store's layout. Phwoah! Mirrored panels both made you notice details that may have been missed at first glace, and the green tiles seen on the central display evoked a sense of the brand's identity.

For me what makes the Han Kjobenhavn shop so special is the jux between the store design and the clothes themselves; they have an edge, a self-awareness and youth about them, and sat within the mature and meticulous feel of the store-fit is what makes this gaff so memorable.

Han Kjobenhavn: Vognmagergade 7, 1120 KĂžbenhavn, Denmark

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