5 Jun 2020

Copenhagen: The Audo

So much has changed since our visit to Copenhagen back in January; it feels like we're half way through a year that we will never forget. There's been a few flickers of hope coming from Denmark recently, a the "new normal" life starting to move forward and people being able to return to work in some cases. When I see some of the people we met on the trip sharing Instagram Stories of meeting friends, working on photogaphy projects and cycling along the river, it gives us a sense of hope that we can overcome the evolving battle against covid-19.

The Audo Hotel - from the collective design community behind Menu - is officically back open for business. We didn't stay here on our trip, but we did spend a very leisurely morning in and around this meticulously designed gaff - taking our time to drink in the tactile surfaces, neatly curated selection of reading material, multi-functional lobby / work space / meeting and studio spaces, and cafe-restaurant. Oh, I can't forget the bathrooms too - linen clothes, locally sourced hand wash and delicate room scents are just what the doctor ordered.

Maybe when travel does resume to some level of normality, we'll take a plum to book a room with a view of the harbour.

Mat - Instagram.


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