25 May 2021

Forest of Bowland | Salomon

Salomon XA-01 | andWander Jacket | Cartocon Sports Shorts | Uniqlo Socks

This is what I'd call my 2021 version of going "out out". My regular "out" means a walk around the park, down the beach or to our local coffee shop, so "out out" now means me going anywhere that isn't in my hometown. 

The Forest of Bowland is approx 55 minute door-to-door from ours, but it feels like a million miles away. Nestled in between the Lake District and the boarders of Lancashire, is a part of the country that I'd venture up to a few times a years when I was growing up, but it's taken me a lot longer to rediscover the place. Quite frankly, it's beautiful; views of snowy peaks, tree canopy as far as the eye can see, flowing freshwater rivers and winding hillside walks which don't require checking Google Maps every 5 mins. You may need to use your imagination here, but some parts of Bowland's forest floor reminds of Yosemite National Park.

It felt good to breathe in some fresh air - if only for a morning, everything felt good again.

- photography by Jake Millers

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