20 Jan 2021

Salomon XT-6

By the end of 2020 I was ready for the break. Not so much switching off digitally speaking, but more-so from the feeling of not knowing when to down tools for the day. We didn't really know what was coming next; what a 2-0-2-0 Christmas would look like, how to plan, or when things would feel stable again. I can still only think 1 or 2 days ahead right now.

It was nice just sitting around, watching films, eating chocolate and staying home, but also, a part of me wanted in to be over. Not that it felt like "fake Christmas, but it just wasn't right. We didn't see anyone over the holidays, other than chatting to my mum from her front garden, and Hollie's parents alike. The DPD guy feel like best mates at this point. Wonder if he's take a fit pic of me...

I worked with Salomon in mid December around their XT-6 line. The deadline was short, and asked for this stand-out model to be worn in both urban and outdoor settings. Travel restrictions could mean only one thing, stay local.

        - Photography by Jake Millers

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