6 Mar 2020

Copenhagen: A Few Days In The City

It’s been a little while since we spent a few days over in Copenhagen, but I’m still thinking back to it two months later, which is a strong sign.

In fact, there was plenty of positive points about our visit; the inspiring interiors, outfit inspiration on every street corner, good food and drink combos, and the great company for sure. Me and Jord had both made a few connections in the city via social media over the past few years, and it was nice to finally turn those into real life buddies. One of the most rewarding things to come from “being online” is the real life relationships that come from it - and may I hope that continues.

An extended chinwag to the staff down at Mikkeller, a shared tasting menu of new receipes at Sidecar with local designers Monica and Alona of Mero Studio, a shared appreciation for considered menswear at Goods co, or even the late night jocularity with Jord back at the hotel. Honesty, it’s all excellent stuff.

But enough chatting now, here's some things that caught my eye:

ARKET Puffer Jacket | Oliver Spencer Jumper (gift) | Universal Works Trousers | Converse 70s Renew (gift)

Places we visited:


Food + Drink



Where We Stayed


I've got one last blog post from Copenhagen planned...then maybe I go back for more?

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