31 Aug 2009

Comme des Garcons Homme Plus

Model: Wiktor Hansson
Photographs: Yasutomo Ebisu
Styling: Kazumi Horiguchi
Hair&Make-up: Katsuya Kamo

25 Aug 2009

Burberry Autumn 09 Timepieces

I don't make a habit of blogging about uber expensive watches that I clearly can't afford or just not really into, I'm not sure if that will come with ages but I just don't really see the appeal of spending thousands of pounds on a metal bracelet that tells the time. I usually go for a bit of cheap and cheerful or something that looks quirky, though my taste is changing year by year. Currently I'm wearing a brown leather and dull gold faced Marks & Spencers watch. The thing I dislike the most about expensive watches is the bling factor and how many diamonds something is packing.

But then what pops up in my inbox yesterday certainly did catch my eye, Burberry's selection of watches for the Autumn 09 season.

Not to blingy - check!
Luxary leather straps - check!
Striking clock face - check!
Masculine frame - check!
Just the right amount of tech-i-ness - check!
No Burberry check - check!
This one is screaming cool Fench guy drinking coffee and smoking next to a river scenario.
For me this one has a James Bond feel to it, it's the mixture of dull silver and perforated black leather strap.
This one is my favourite (just over the 2nd one), for the main reason is that I wear a lot of brown/tan accessories and the face sort of reminds me of a sun dial. The larger perforated holes of the strap give it a slightly more sporty feel too.

Ranging from £325 - £395 a pop they are small prices in what you can expect to pay for more established watch companies, but these are affordable and accessible for people like me . I mean I am a student but I know if I will use it for 15+ years then it's worth it.

*Note to self* this is definitely something to think about, after all I am nearly 24!

23 Aug 2009

Topman a/w 09 Collections

Topman gets over shadowed by its big sister Topshop pretty much 100% of the time, when it comes to it, Topshop seems miles ahead with its designs, direction, trends and variety. You may remember the post on Topshop's a/w collections here. When I think of Topman on the whole I think of check shirts, cartoon t-shirts, pumps and not to great materials but for once I think Topman is taking big steps in the right directions with its 3 a/w collections.

Heritage trend (currently doesn't have a name):

Currently un-named this trend is hands down the finest trend I have seen Topman come up with (do they have a new Creative Director because this is way above what I was seeing in the shops last winter?) First off, I love the styling and the photographs for this, well thought and it's good to see that they are not just re-hashing the same old crap every winter just because their core customer is either blokey blokes who want " I Love Beer" t-shirt or students who just want baseball t-shirt and ironic boxer shorts. This trend influences seem to be Englishness with a touch of 80's rebellion against the over-the-top Club Kids like The Smiths (Not directly but I'm thinking the flowers, button down shirts and loafers). Top picks from this trend are all the heavy wool trousers, double breasted cardigan tucked in, fitted Pea coat and bulky Penny loafers.

"Wilderness" trend:

This trend is par for the course in turns of Topman's winter trends but with more of a grown up feel with a mixture of old American workwear ( I'm thinking "of Mice and Men"). Lots of cosy knits, clashing patterns and tailored jackets all thrown together but not working against each other. Not my favourite trend but here's my top pics: check blazer worn with oversized grey cardigan underneath and grey heavy wool trousers.

"Ziggy" trend:

This one slightly reminds me of some of Paul Smith's stuff from a couple of seasons ago, with the blazers, narrow jeans, bulky boots and leopard print, but in a good way. This seems a bit more interesting and considered than the usual "rock" inspired stuff. Buckets picks here are the purple velour jumper, red and navy paint blob shirt and the leopard print t-shirt.

So what do you make of these? Are they having a good effort at this Winter's trend, which is your favourite trend and which pieces can you see yourself wearing?

18 Aug 2009

Alber Elbez x Caran d'Ache

"To mark the first 20 years of Supracolor®, the Geneva company has produced an exclusive box containing the 120 original colours."

This Limited Edition of 1988 pieces reflects the 20 years since Supracolor® was launched. It is the result of a meeting between two independent companies, Lanvin and Caran d’Ache. It is decorated with sketches kindly lent by the man TIME Magazine voted one of the most influential personalities in the world in 2007: Alber Elbaz, the Artistic Director of the world’s oldest fashion house. He loves to make tiny sketches during fittings to alter the details of his collections. "I sit in front of the mirrors and I draw what I see. My Supracolor® pencils are not just useful - they are essential."

The elegant creativity of the "20 years of Supracolor® by Alber" demonstrates the two companies’ passion for beauty and their determination to pass on their expertise to successive generations."

Who wouldn't want to recieve this as a gift, that is the question. Caran d'Ache are a established art/stainonary supply company from Swizerland. You can see that they are no middle-of-the-road pen company, they are the real deal.

Other than making excuiste statinonary with incredible finishes, check out the pens.

They also have really great imagry on their site:

Text and images and for more details visit Caran d'Ache

16 Aug 2009

Topman LTD a/w 2009

Here's a preview of the Topman Ltd collection for the up and coming Autumn/Winter months. Not to be confused with the more innovative Topman Design collections, Topman Ltd concentrates on simple, classic designs with better materials and cuts that the regular Topman stuff. For example NO ACRYLIC. This sort of branch off range is perfect for someone like me, on a budget but needs something a bit more luxurious that the normal Topman gear, which will last longer than 2 wears.

The outfit that intrigues me most here is the third imagine. A very stylish and well fitting jumpsuit, do my eyes deceive? I'll be interested to see when this comes out if I'm still into the idea, but it's fairly promising

Images via Mode Feber

14 Aug 2009

Coco Before Chanel at the flicks

We saw Coco Before Chanel last night(it wasn't on where I live so we had to go to Manchester). The film was nice film, but you can see she was a very troubled lady. Audrey Tautou was perfect for the role, her delivery was spot on. Also it all being in a super sexy French accent didn't hurt. Though I did feel like I was left wanting more(or somtehing else). Or maybe that was the point, it being before she hit the big time in Paris.

What did you think? And how much do you want Chanel fast food? Eat it.

10 Aug 2009

Update - August/September

It's been a busy few weeks and blogging has suffered slightly because of this. Mainly due to my Topshop hours being different every due for the summer and in between that I have been starting to redecorate my house(starting in the back garden painting the brick walls and slowing moving on to the front garden and the room I'm moving into). Some of you may have seen my Tweets on this. As I am on a gap year from uni, for my course I have to complete at least 6 month industry placed work experience. Starting the middle of September I am doing some work for Manchester Fashion Network and I am hoping this will lead to some traveling and even doing some work for London Fashion Network as they are connected.

Also I'm hopefully doing some guest blogging for fashion156, the online based magazine, within the week. I'll keep you posted. I'm still looking for more work experience so if anybody knows of anything within the industry please get in touch, I'm open to anything.

In other news I'm off to London for four days from 1st Sept - 4th Sept, call it an annual trip, with Hollie. Seriously can't wait, I feel the same every time I go, basically I need to move down south, there is just so much more going on. Blackpool is good, but not for the things I'm interested in.

8 Aug 2009

The Venue Boys - Tush Magazine

I know little about Tush Magazine, other than it being an online German based fashion magazine. The Venue Boys shoot featured in issue no.16 (the latest) and this has forced me to look through their archives. Take a look here you won't be disappointed, the styling is spot on.

Images from Tush Magazine