29 Oct 2011

Nevermind Then

Images from Goodhood
Currently lots of stores with online presence are flipping things around and doing their own in-house lookbooks to showcase their offerings. It's a winning formula and something which makes total sense, show your best stuff off to the world in a way other than using static images. You never really get a proper feel for the fit and style of the products. Oi Polloi have a lot to answer for, with the ever popular  Deck Out, even giving characters and narratives to each look. But today I'm concentrating on Goodhood's collection, called Nevermind. The East London indi retailer is a store I'm only familiar with in the online world as I've never been to the physical store(though I did live 1 tube stop away a couple of winter's ago), but it's this sort of stuff that really draws me in. I'm a sucker for colours and patterns, as you all know. From the title and first images you instantly make the assumption that it's all inspired by Nirvana's 1991 romper stomper but I would say it's more just taking bits and bats from the early to mid 90s in general. 

The top image is clearly inspired by Kurt's signature look(though he would have been in Converse One Stars for sure) and some bits looks like they came from the My So-Called Life wardrobe. There's a nod to BritPop with sloppy cardigans worn with stripes, loose chinos with flannel and high on the head woolies with technical outerwear with skateboard shoes. 

The whole thing is making me want to dust off my Blur and Weezer albums again. Goodhood seems to mix sort-after premium brands with uber-cool cult and streetwear really well, it's not how I would normally wear things but it's acting and a great source of inspiration on these bleak grey days up north.


  1. I like most of these looks! Even though I have a hard time wearing color, myself, I'm drawn to it on other people.

  2. Anonymous18:19

    Never heard of Goodhood before, their website layout is right up my street! I like the clean cut look it has, really sharp and fresh.

    You're right about it making sense! If I like an item of clothing but unsure of how to style it I find images like these really help - even if it's just down to the colour they've matched them with.

    Also in reply to your question I'd have to say green for the satchel! Even when I added the green colour to the drawing I was swooning over it ha.

  3. Ohh Blur..Wezzer.. NIrvana!! Those were good times... so young! hahaha i sound like an old lady now!

    The first look is iconic!They captured all the vibe from that era preety well. Thumbs up for GoodHood!


  4. Aaah, I love Goodhood. If I were a guy I'de definitely be shopping there (well if I could afford it haha). Big fan of Oi Polloi as well (+ Flatspot for the more casual things - don't know if you know that one?). Anyway, I do like it when shops put a lot of effort in doing their own lookbooks, you get a glimpse of what the 'identity' of the store looks like (don't know how else to describe it). Nice lookbook!

  5. You have such a way with words, Mat Buckets. I love the way you comment (thank you btw: that's what drew me here: I'm allowing myself one blog visit a day cause I"m in novel-writing-mode, and you're the lucky guy) but your comments are the tip of the iceberg.

    They show the way your mind works. I'd never have thought of that but it's so true: this online 'look book' really is the way forward. To make us think in a different way 'it's not how I would normally wear things but it's acting and a great source of inspiration..' after all, isn't that all we want out of any art form? Music, film, or fashion merchandising. And yeah, it's pretty Bleak House down here in London, too.

  6. p.s. Now you've got me checking out Goodhood! I'll be late for the people I'm meeting, but I resist.

  7. Anonymous11:54

    I haven't heard of these guys before but I'm liking what I see! Currently on the hunt for some nice pieces for the Mr's birthday so I'll definitely check them out.
    I love it when brands do casually styled lookbooks, makes the brand so much more accessible.
    L x

  8. can totally see you in these!

  9. this kind of style is not for my body type. but nonetheless, i like and appreciate the looks very much.


  10. Loving the colour for sure, I like that they didn't go too literal with the whole 90s thing as well. & Weezer! They were so good at Reading last year...

  11. I am definitely a fan of this new trend of in house look books, so simple yet great at showing off the clothes, and creating an internet buzz! Not heard of this brand before so thanks love :)

  12. nice collection ! love the collor

  13. nice line!
    love those jackets! dope!
    now following you, hope to get the same in return =]

    -Nina P.


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