25 Oct 2011

Things Right Now

Burt's Bees farmers Hand Salve - 
Anyone who suffers when it starts to get a bit chilly out should really give this ago, seriously good stuff. Has the added bonus of a nice medicated smell and a fella with a beard on the front. It doesn't work like a regular moisturier, it's think as anything and works instantly. Especially good for thumbs.
Ralph Lauren Double Black -
If I'm honest I really wanted the regular Polo Black version but I picked this up in Orlando for a good price. It smells quite coconuty and is extremely subtle. The matte bottle has minimal branding, you will only see a small logo on the cap. It does seem to fade after a few hours on me but you do get a waff every now and again.
J.R Watkins Lavender Hand Soup -
 Granted I did only buy this for the packaging alone, I was intrigued as well as pretty excited to see some ol' time branding. J.R. Watkins have been producing natural products since 1868 and this is one of the oldest recipes. As well as stuff for your person they do a tone of charming cleaning products too. This was another Orlando pick up. Sadly it doesn't look like they ship to Europe.

Just a few things which are ingrained into my daily routine at the moment, oh and crumpets but we all know what they look like now don't we.


  1. Good products, i love Burts bees

  2. I too buy the Watkins solely based on the typography on the label.

    I like the Polo bottle!

  3. I am a sucker for products with retro packaging but Burt's Bees is really the BEST lip balm out there. That minty fresh feeling slays me every time. I've asked my aunt to bring home something like it—Mr Smith's Rosebud Salve.

  4. i'd buy the RL for the packaging alone.


  5. Burts Bees is amazing.

  6. Anonymous13:52

    Ha I would have bought the hand soap on looks alone too. Although last time I did that was with Euthymol toothpaste, only to discover it was pink and like brushing your teeth with germoline...

  7. Anonymous17:02

    I love Burts Bees products - I have an amazing lip blam from them which I religiously use now.
    L x

  8. Freaking love J. R. Watkins too! The packaging alone is enough to get it but the products inside are also always pretty amazing. I snatched up a whole bunch on sale a while back but have sadly run out of it all now! Enjoy it while it lasts! xx

  9. Oooh christmas present ideas for the boys! (Live with a timber framer/carpenter + Burts Bee's = perfect) Thank you :P

  10. i adore the way you photographed these pieces. i just love anything with retro/vintage packaging, too. the lavender hand soap looks lovely.


  11. you're a packaging sucker just like me. i would have bought that for the packaging alone too. and the 'fella with the beard'?? ha!

  12. Clearly you need to be an art director! These photographs are so beautifully set and obviously your eye and taste level would make you the perfect art director! Not to mention all your graphic design training! Haven't tried the burts bees hand salve yet but next time I see it, it'll be in my bag! The winters here are BRUTAL so it would be nice to try a new product.


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