1 Nov 2011

Latest Pick-Ups

Dodgers t-shirt, Old Navy. I always seem to watch a lot of baseball while I'm across the pond, so I'm celebrating this fact with a team jersey.
Koto triangle patterned shirt, Urban Outfitters US. Another Florida purchase, I know nothing about the brand but I knew I had to have it as soon as I saw it. Apart from the top pattern it's full of little details, the top button is smaller than the rest, triple stitched cuffs and cream brand tag on the side hem. Reminded me of the Folk Archive shirt.
Levis 511's. I can't believe to mark up us guys have to pay for Levi's stuff, I picked these up in a outlet (again in Flozza, sorry to keep going on about it) for $38. I did a bit of research and these cost about £75 here. I'm pretty obsessed with Levi's and their history right now. You should check out there new LVC site if you're into that sort of stuff, Hollie was really struck by the photos and details.
Short Leave wool jacket, Urban Outfitters UK. This one is my most recent purchase, you might remember that I was invited to an Urban Outfitters menswear press day a couple of weeks back. Well Shore Leave is Urban Outfitters own brand for Europe, their outerwear seems really good quality and I haven't taken this off much since I got it. Bonus that it has brown football buttons. The tweediness looks good with everything.
Last but not least, Vans 106 via Clare from Tweet @ All Sole. 5 years down the line my Authentics have because extremely tired looking. The plus side of whacking them in the washing machine every month is that they have slowly became a super pale shade of blue and don't stink(come on people, no excuses for smelly trainers). But saying that when Clare said she'd send me a new pair over I was hardly going to refuse. Cheers Tweet.

Happy November / Movember everyone!

*I was having some tough times with my camera today, I was trying out a couple of different techniques and didn't quite nail it. The constant change from sun to cloud wasn't helping. I thought I'd roll with it anyways.


  1. that wool jacket is bloody brilliant!

  2. Great selection esp. the Shore Leave jacket, came across it in my local UO and although I wouldn't wear it myself, it's definitely a commendable effort from the UO own-brand.


  3. Love this selection so stylish!
    Love it!
    xx Ilka

  4. Very nice selection :) xx

  5. Funnily enough, I think I like your two UO purchases the most, that coat is fab. Tweed really does look good with everything.

  6. looove that UO shirt!

  7. That jacket is absolutely wonderful!

  8. Nothing beats a classic Levi's - the combination will make for a great classic look!

  9. The shirt is beautiful! The patterns. Ahh!

    Are you growing a tache for Movember? : )

  10. The shirt with that pattern!!! By far the best piece! Really original and a fresh lookfor a guy ;)


  11. That Koto shirt is LOVELY! and the shore leave jacket looks so warm, great purchases :)

  12. I might need to employ you to style my boyfriend...

  13. Nothing beats shopping in the states when you have the £ or Euro! If you ever visit NYC you must get in touch the I'll take you to the best vintage shops in the city and you won't believe the deals. PLUS it's totally up your alley in terms of style!


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