29 Mar 2014

Calepino Stationery @ Waremakers + Weekend Links

The stationery hoarder in me is saying "buy the whole lot", and my love for product photography is making it tricky to keep my eyes off it all. French brand Calepino has only been doing there thing since 2011 but they're knocking the ball out of the park in terms of design. Available at Waremakers.

Ireland was a blast! After spending four long, eventful days in Dublin + Belfast, I'm well and truly shattered. I can't wait to share the campaign with you lot, but you'll have to wait until June to it in full. Plus gained two new buddies! The only downside of the trip I managed to lose my three-week old Ray-Ban glasses, proper gutted dudes. This weekend is for catching up with Hollie, a week's worth of blog posts and a mount of emails. How about you?

Weekend Bucket List

Creating bags from reclaimed military fabric.
Traveling from one seaside to another, Howth, Ireland.
Currently looking for a camera bag, this one is winning the race.
Have you entered the latest giveaway? Win Empire Magazine's Top 10 Movie Sequels.
Love this chap's look, major trousers inspiration.
This 9-year-old is more metal than all of us put together.

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  1. Woah now! I'm drooling at all this stationary haha. Ahhhh the ruler detailing on the back of the notebook sort of takes me back to secondary school days when we had it on our planners.

    Sorry to hear about the Ray Bans, it's always crap when you lose something isn't it, hopefully some kind soul will hand them in - they did with my brothers phone recently so you never know!
    It's good to see it didn't put a massive dampener on your time in Ireland though!

    Katie » Tattyboots

  2. I wish I could un-see these pictures. I want it all.

  3. Oh wow, I love the feel of that stationary. It seems like the perfect size too!

  4. Oh man, my inner stationery nut is making a mental wishlist! Hope someone hands your Raybans in, it is gutting to lose stuff.

    Maria xxx

  5. This stationary looks beautiful Buckets, you must buy it all! Can't wait to see what you got up to in Ireland.

    Tweet Tweet xx

  6. This kid is amazing!

  7. i have a special place in my heart for stationary! these look splendid!

  8. I keep seeing these around but the paper.....not sure about the paper!! (you know what i am like Mat)

  9. I want all of that! glad you have had a great time in Ireland but I am sorry that you lost that lovely glasses, I hope you manage to retrieve it somehow

    Katrina Sophia Blog


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