27 Mar 2014

Vehicles by Matthew Hoss Part 2

Our friend over in Denver, Colorado, Matthew Hoss has been busy since we last checked in with him. Along with develop a US-made footwear range he's been keeping up with his illustration blog, Vehicles by Matthew Hoss. Check back in every Sunday for a weekly unique look at transport designs + nostalgia.

See more of Hoss's illustrations here.

This is a scheduled post as I'm away in Ireland for a few days. You can catch me on Twitter here.

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  1. very nice drawings
    i love the first one

    Mi blog by Amo

  2. Oh, hope you're enjoying Ireland. I really want to visit there some day.

  3. These are quite fantastic. I really like the Defender.

  4. these are great! and oh that delorean. :) back to the future!

  5. Matthew has some talent there, incredible stuff. Love the vibrancy of them all! I really hope his Shoe company is/has taken form now also

    Katie » Tattyboots

  6. Ahh, these are really cool! Would be neat to have your favorite car as a print for your home :]

  7. Land rover defender, that's what I drive I love it :)

  8. Wow Wow Wow!!! I really really do love these! Would love to see the Lancia Stratos in red too :)


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