31 Mar 2014

The World of MARK / GIUSTI - Italian Leather Goods


It's a little known fact that in my mid teens I wanted to either a) designs cars for a living or, b) become a fashion designer. The car idea fell through quite quickly when I was informed I had to become a trained mechanic first, I wasn't so keen on that so I went off to enroll at college to study Fashion Design, for three wonderful years. Long frustrating days and slow night classes left me knowing my way around a sewing machine like a pro, but I quickly realised you had to be the very best to make it as a fashion design and soon focused all my attention on studying advertising, branding and creative marketing at uni.

Those years left their mark and rooted a great appreciation towards the design process + construction which goes into creating a product, be that handmade, machine or via a computer. MARK / GIUSTI is one of those such brands that considers design integrity and construction to be a driving factor towards their business model.

Handcrafted in Italy, MARK / GIUSTI's UK designed leather bags + accessories quickly became recognised within the industry for their distinctive use of fabrics and patterns. They pride themselves on taking exceptional care on the parts of the products that may usually get neglected or overlooked. With an extensive amount of compartments and pockets, each piece is created using their signature mosaic patterns and top stitching method.

Find out more about MARK / GIUSTI here.

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  1. Italians do it best!Fashion concerning..

  2. ^ I think Italians do leather best too! haha

    I've really been paying mind (you like that? so british haha) to the things I buy lately, and how they're made.

  3. Italian bags, Italian shoes... these Italians sure know their leather.
    Lovely video.


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