25 Nov 2019


In Edinburgh | Outfit all by Oliver Spencer (gifted for a paid project)

Well this was unplanned...I've just realised that it's been waaaaay over a month since my last blog post. Honestly, I hadn't even thought too much about blogging for a while. It's not that I've fallen out of love with it as such, it's more, other things have taken priority and the projects that I have been working on have either not required any blog action, or the fact they've not left much time for me to put energy towards these pages.

My reasons for blogging have always been the same; to share things I think are cool - be that parts of my creative process, travel diaries and other bits I've found from around the internet. That will never change. Through blogging I've met many inspiring people, and some which have become best buddies. Work buddies, travel buddies, life buddies I reckon. The people who will offer constructive feedback, help out very last minute with no questions asked, chat for an hour on the phone about everything and nothing...even better when you get to work together and it just doesn't feel like work at all.

If there's a positive takeaway from my absence from blogging, it will be because I've been busy building meaningful friendships. And thank you to Jordan for being that guy.

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