24 Sep 2017

Giving Time to Explore Edinburgh, with Timex

 Jacket by Paul Smith (similar) | Shirt + Denim Trousers by Weekday | Sneakers by Converse | Easy Reader Watch by Timex | Sunglasses by Moscot

13:00 Hyde & Son's on George Street is one of the city's newest + most exciting spaces. From the team behind Leman Locke, Hyde & Son's offered a relaxing environment for coffee, drinks + food.

A venture across the Scottish boarder is always a welcomed one. Having had the opportunity to explore some of Scotland's most beautiful landscapes and its vibrant cities, I can safely say that I'm a member of the fan club. I'll try to organise a trip as frequently as possible, and I'll take any excuse to further install my love for its history, people and landscape.

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Timex's best-selling Easy Reader collection, we wanted to visit a city within the British Isles that mirrored the brand's core values and heritage, while still having a firm grasp on progression and willingness to evolve. For us, Edinburgh was the perfect place.

10:00 The borough of Stockbridge is full of independent restaurants, coffee shops and retailers. You could easily spend hours shooting the breeze with locals + getting lost in the side streets. Aesop and the newly opened The Method stores are setting a high standard.
Jacket by Several (similar) | Shirt by Jigsaw | Trousers by Topman | Watch by Timex | Socks by Paul Smith | Sneakers by Common Project (similar) | Sunglasses by Ace&Tate

For many of us, a Timex evokes a certain childhood memory of receiving our very first watch. In 1977 the first Timex Easy Reader pootled off the production line, and since went on to sell 25 million+ worldwide. Fast forward to its 40th anniversary and we see the new collection being brought up to date with some sweet new additions; the iconic INDIGLO® night-light still features, but this time the face reveals a back-lit "40". New life is carried over into the strap design too, with American Horween leather, along with complimenting stitched edges, being used for its durability and comfort a natural patina will begin to form over time.

The city is full of hidden treasures; from the independent community in the borough of Stockbridge coming together to support the notion of thinking smaller to create something bigger, the city's ever-changing entertainment scene to the recent renovation of the Quartermile an area which seems to be obsessed with Swedish bakeries!

For me, a travel experience has a lot about those details that you don't first see at first glace; a tiled staircase which leads to a restaurant's bathrooms, the smell of freshly baked cherry brownies, an unassuming cobbled street which serves as a cut-through towards something more tourist-friendly.

Everything is down to detail. I feel that same passion towards design.

 12:00 Making time out to explore the city's much-loved botanical gardens + its surrounding area. Feeling ready for food, we took to Instagram for recommendations.
 15:00 Taking recommendations from the Edinburgh locals. Photographer Murray Orr took us to one of his favourite lunch spots, Checkpoint, just off the Royal Mile.

17:00 No visit to Edinburgh is complete without stopping at the National Museum of Scotland. An hour of our time spent staring up in ore at the Grand Gallery's intricate architectural design, exploring the permanent collections, and relaxing into the perfect people-watching bench.
09:30 Checking out of the Principal Hotel on George Street, after a comfortable stay and the perfect chance to unwind. You can predict that the weather in Scotland won't pay ball, but as the saying goes, "failing to prepare is preparing to fail".

On this occasion time wasn't really on our side. Just one overnight in the Scottish capital leaves you itching to book an extra night at the hotel and that extra day off work. The idea of having one foot in the past, but maintaining two eyes on the future runs parallel between Timex and the city of Edinburgh. The 40th Anniversary Easy Reader collection gives strong nod to the brand's heritage and willingness to evolve something which a city such as Edinburgh, thrives upon.

The Timex 40th Anniversary Easy Reader collection is available here.

Additional photography by Jordan Bunker

This post is brought to you in partnership with Timex. Thank you for taking the time to support the brands + businesses that make this blog happen.


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  2. Love this post and also love Murray Orr's work! Glad you had fun! x

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