22 Sep 2017

Adapting To A New Routine

It's fair to say that over the past few months this blog has been neglected a little. With a couple of huge life events buying our first house + getting married in a foreign country within the same year was never going to be easy I knew something had to give. Blogging has always required consistency and patience, I had plenty of this. Taking time to immerse myself within the community is extremely rewarding daily visits to blogs, joining conversations and offering something (hopefully) inspiring was always the top priority for me.

This post is in partnership with Rotary's brand new Oxford Collection.

As events started to creep closer this summer I assessed the way I handled time, making a conscious decision to dedicate more effort to concentrating on platform that could track my progress in real time. Instagram became my main creative outlet while we were on our West Coast road trip, and since then I've settled into a routine of creating daily Stories, and taking more care with the images + the message I was sharing.

Jacket by Several | Sweatshirt by Beams | Trousers by Topman | Sneakers by Converse | Hat by Fairends | Watch c/o Rotary

I've struggled with time management in the past starting the day off with the best intentions, but often failing to complete due to the fact that I try to do so many tasks at once. Things have improved, but I can feel those bad habits creeping back in.

Travelling frequently has had a positive affect on my drive to "always be doing something", but the thought of arriving home to a maxed-out inbox and an even longer to-do list (both work and personal) is always a daunting one.

My current daily freelance routine just doesn't feel productive anymore. I need to adapt it into something more suitable for my current workload, travel commitments + creative projects. This will hopefully help with my well-being, work anxieties and productivity.

For me, time holds a lot of value; it reminds me if I'm on track, when I need to be somewhere and when I need to rest. I'm a creature of habit, someone who relies on doing things in a certain order, at a certain time. And once those times go out of whack I can feel the stress start to build.

Photography by Jake Millers

The Oxford Collection by Rotary acts as that simple reminder to keep on going. Nothing about the watch lights up, beeps or buzzes its architectural-inspired design sticks to theory of form follows function, nothing extra is needed. Maybe I should think about applying this theory to the way I approach my work?

"Having relocated our headquarters to Great Britain in 1946, Rotary watches are conceived, designed and developed in-house in the heart of London, one of the world’s most iconic and creative hubs. The natural choice was to pick a place name that exudes the same characteristics as the inspiration behind the product and, with its young collegiate nature and traditional architecture, Oxford had it all."

Head of Design at Rotary Watches, Matthew O’Neill
As it stands I'm not 100% sure how many routine will change, but I aim to try out a few different methods over the next month. Maybe I'll start work earlier, mix up the locations I work from, prioritise jobs more efficiently, or simply turn my phone off...but what I can guarantee is I'll still put all my time and efforts into meeting up with more new people + start to make things happen.

The Oxford Collection by Rotary is available here.

This post is brought to you in partnership with Rotary. Thank you for taking the time to support the brands + businesses that make this blog happen.


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  2. Ohhh man can I relate! I am having the same struggle right now - how do I find routine when my work itself has none? I work somewhere once or twice a week, always different days and times. Then the rest is on me, usually at home. I'm thinking of checking out my local library as a potential workplace for days when I need to get out of the house......

    Beautiful watch, too :)

  3. Aurigoo Limousine & Chauffeur18:48

    Hi. That watch looks great. As I learnd in your blog, it's London-Made. I never thougth about, that there are other brands than the swiss and japanese.

  4. Oh boy, I feel the same. The work has no structure so what hope do we have? I you have try and few things and see which stick - no right, no wrong. Freelancing is hard though, feeling it at the moment.


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