11 Sept 2017

Cereal Magazine Volume 14 Preview

The digital age has created a civilisation obsessed with convenience. An endless stream of media is available at our fingertips and instantly accessible through a device that fits in our pockets. Images come and go at the swipe of a screen and news stories circulate so quickly that newspapers struggle to remain relevant.

Why then, do I still choose to spend my money on a large, not-so-portable printed magazine?

For me, delving into a beautifully curated, thoughtfully put together magazine and stealing 20 minutes to myself offers me something that my iPhone can’t provide. It’s like hitting pause on all the distractions. With an uninterrupted focus I’m able to fully immerse myself in the words, the copy and the personality of a publication.

Founded by Rosa Park and Rich Stapleton, Cereal is a bi-annual travel & lifestyle magazine based out of Bristol. The couples ability to combine thought provoking words and stunning original imagery in a manner that exudes authenticity has seen Cereal amass a loyal cult following since their inaugural issue in 2012.

In the latest volume, Rosa and Rich visit the Ludwig Mies van der Rohe designed Farnsworth House, spend a day at Wimbledon and escape to the Shetland Islands all in between interviewing Vincent Van Duysen and Grant Achatz.

My pre-order copy is in the post along with an exclusive A5 print and while I look forward to receiving it, I’m off to grab a tea, put my feet up and revisit vol.13.

Cereal Vol. 14 is available to pre-order online now - pick up your copy here.

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  1. I love real print publications - this looks like a good one, and I agree there's something about sitting down with something physical and spending a little bit of time with it and nothing else!

  2. Shaun Donnelly16:47

    I'm glad to hear that I'm not alone in this. Having a book to hold, feel and flick through has always given me comfort.

  3. their pictures are always soothing :)

  4. Didier Young03:46

    There is a beauty to printed magazines. Same thing with books for me. I just love the idea of holding a book. Plus I love the smell of books ha.


  5. They always work so well together.

  6. It's such a well considered publication, well worth looking out for in your local magazine store.

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