9 Feb 2017

Best of Packaging | Biggans Bocklingpastej by Bedow, Stockholm

Sometimes I find it hard to get started with work in the mornings, even after a coffee.

That's where Pinterest comes into its element. I type in a few likely words, like 'killer' and 'packaging', and up comes a ton of inspirational ideas that get my brain going.

Okay, so a smoked herring fishpaste might not be at the top of everyone's shopping list, but this beautiful design by Bedow of Stockholm will certainly make Biggins Bocklingpastej an eye-catcher on the shelf.

I love the way Bedow have thought of the small details too, like how the packaging will look when the box is half full and the pictures of the sea floor that are revealed once the book is empty.

We're always looking for inspiration for our Best of Packaging Instagram account. Found any great examples? Sent them to us!

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