31 Jan 2017

Outfit | A Continuous Love for Denim

Overshirt c/o A Day's March | Shirt by NN07 | Jeans by Albam | Socks by Form&Thread | Sneakers by Converse | Cap c/o Percival | Gloves by Banana Republic | Watch by Timex

Denim is universal. Never has one single fabric transcended such a wide range of generations, cultures and industries as this humble woven fabric. My relationship with denim started when I was a youngster; I remember my elasticated stonewash jeans, which I proudly sported with a shell-suit jacket, WWF t-shirt and Bart Simpson basketball sneakers. 80's kid and all.

My style has moved on, of course, but rather than denim falling out in favour to a more grown-up alternative, the fabric has just been reappropriated to fit my lifestyle. See, that's the beauty of denim; it's versatile enough for it to slot into most people's lives without ever really making much noise sticking with us until it's time to trade in for a new pair.

When I was a teenager I went through various denim phases; ripped, bleached, flares, skater, skinny, patchwork and even white with pink stitching (that's art college for you...). But in my early 20s I traded all of those in for simple indigo blue jeans. After I stumbled into the world of unwashed indigo-dyed denim I never looked back, and nowadays that's all you'll find in my wardrobe.

These British-made Japanese Selvedge jeans by Albam have become a second skin, the 3.5 year's hard wear shows across the pockets, knees and thighs. They're the jeans I grab when I need to do some jobs around the house, nip out to the shops, go for a quick cycle or pack for a work trip when the weather isn't looking so hot. The way they've worn is totally unique to my job, what I carry and how I've have treated them.

Is there a type of clothing that has been with you since you for a long time?

Photography by Jordan Bunker.


  1. Love the overshirt & shirt combo, this is really nice dude. Great photos too.

    James / www.br0n.co.uk

  2. donebysaturday15:36

    Right on, there's not much like a good pair of jeans. Rogue Territory are my current go-tos.

  3. Strong words to go alongside these photos, all that's missing is a photo of your white denim with pink stitching. Always a pleasure working together, until next time Mat. J

    Jordan Bunker | Men's Fashion and Lifestyle Blog

  4. Those are lovely. What;s your thinking re turn-ups? How many mm and how do they stay in place?!

  5. These photos are amazing! I love the shirt and the hat...great outfit!



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