9 Feb 2017

Exploring the Interior Design of Aesop London

Aesop Soho, London

Back in November I had the privilege of being shown around three Aesop stores in Central London. The focus of the day was not only on the carefully concocted skincare products, but also the design ideas behind each location. If you've ever visited more than one Aesop store you'll have instantly noticed that each is different from the next.

It's taken me so long to upload this post because this total wally (that's right, me!) managed to delete his whole memory card free from the original images. So last week I did the rounds once again, visiting Aesop stores at Covent Garden, Soho and Lamb's Conduit Street.

To be invited to spend an afternoon with Aesop's team, along with my buddy Oliver Hooson, was extremely flattering and exciting experience in itself. We got to hear about the humble beginnings of this Australian brand; their focus on creating environmentally friendly products since the mid 1980s, the theory of how natural ingredients work hand-in-hand with each skin type, as well as the brand's commitment to creating a unique retail experience, passion for architecture + why the small details matter.

Aesop Covent Garden, London

Each store has its own unique theme, with different designers and architectures being commissioned to create a memorable experience. From the Morroccan tiled flooring and moulded concrete of Covent Garden, the reclaimed enamel soap dish wall mounts of Soho, to the way the Lamb's Conduit Street store takes inspiration from its own history of being one of the cities most renowned bakeries the attention to detail is second-to-none.

Aesop Lamb's Conduit Street, London

In the Lamb's Conduit Street store you'll find a relaxation area in the back, which is free to be booked out for treatments, or to be used as the perfect chill out area in the summer months. If you have time to visit the store then take a look at the floor tiles they're the exact same ones which originally lined the actual street back in the day. And it's these small details that really make a difference, giving us more of a reason to invest.

The people of Aesop aren't in it to take over the market, but by following to their unique ethos, adapting to cusomter feedback and utilising meticulous design ideas they've won themselves many fans worldwide. I must say, I am definitely one of those people.

Thanks to Jess + the Aesop London team for taking care of us. If you're interested in hearing more about the design of each Aesop store then visit Taxonomy of Design.


  1. I've only been in a couple of Aesop stores and noted how cool they looked, but didn't realise they made such a point of giving each store a unique character! I really like that idea.

    Jane / deluminators

  2. The thing dreams are made of!

  3. This is such a beautiful store! I love how it is designed!


  4. I didn't even know Aesop was Australian, let alone each store was differently designed. I think thats so cool! The interior design is goals though

    Jacqui || Jaqventures

  5. Adhi wahyudi11:14

    cool stuffs!


  6. Oh man these stores look great! I've only seen one in the U.S. and it wasn't nearly this put together.

  7. Aesop stores are my happy place and I love their design ethos. These ones look lush. We have a few in Brisbane and the newest one is probably my favourite - curved fibreglass and lots of light (http://www.aesop.com/au/article/aesop-james-street.html).

  8. Where was it? I've been to a few in Japan. It turns out there is 13 in London alone

  9. Oh nice thanks for sending that over! They do really good stuff, but most importantly, how good does it all smell?

  10. Some are serious cool; some look quite low key, others quite elaborate. Always well thought out.

  11. So well designed. The detail is no only concerned but is backed up with so much research.

  12. Have you been to any of the stores?


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