29 Jul 2014

Tom Hide Superior Goods Co. | Discovering New British Brands

We're always on the look out for new and interesting brands, especially ones based in the UK. Recently we've covered home-grown brands such as Cubitts, Mackenzie & George, and The Cartocon Co.

What all these brands have in common - as well being UK based - is a great product; one that they're passionate about designing, developing, and producing.

Tom Hide was recently brought to our attention on Twitter and from the shots they sent us they're producing some really good looking stuff from their small home workshop in London. Couverture & the Garbstore in Notting Hill certainly think so too, as they're now stocking a range of their products, the first of many we trust.

While you can find their full range online, they have plans to sell in a few more stores down South and possibly we'll see some new product designs too; launching their first wallet online this week. This post only starts to scratch the surface of Tom Hide, we'll be exploring their story, products and the people behind the brand over the next couple of months.

Watch this space and if you see any brands that you think we'll like, send 'em in! - Nik

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  1. I've been watching Tom Hide via Instagram for a while now. Although I have yet to place an order - I am ever admiring their dedication to producing quality goods!

    1. They do some good looking stuff Yasumi. Keep watching and I'm sure you'll be placing an order soon!

  2. I just ran across your blog and love everything I see! You've got a new follower for sure.

  3. This series is going to bankrupt me but I do love it.


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