16 Jul 2014

The Cartocon Co. Tote Bags | Made in Scotland

Another quality tote bag for you today, this time coming from Scotland based men's lifestyle store The Cartocon Co. As well as stocking a well considered range of clothing and accessories brands  they've recently released their own collection - today I'm singling out their brand new 22oz Canvas + Waxed Denim totes. The team have been working on designs for a tote bag for a while now, perfecting and fine-tuning - the end result is something pretty special!

There's two versions in the range - the 22oz Canvas (available in Olive/Camo + Navy) and the Waxed Denim, the latter being my favourite. 100% of the materials used to create these designs has been sourced within Scotland, each being constructed from durable cotton canvas and finished in their small workshop, with 10oz hand-cut tan leather handles and copper/silver rivets.

The 22oz Canvas features a fully-waxed cotton camo lining, which can be folded over and a removable leather shoulder strap - the Waxed Denim tote is slightly smaller and features a really nifty digital camo interior; it's these are the kind of details that get me excited!

The Cartocon Co. are a really small team from the Dundee area and have been producing some great things of late, plus they're also a stockist of our brand Northern Goods Co. For more information on the The Cartocon Co. visit here.

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  1. nice bags!

  2. The pixel camo is pretty rad

  3. I'm on the market for a new tote bag, and this is looking pretty tempting! I wish there was a zipper, but I guess I can't have everything, haha.

  4. Nice! I would like to check these out in real life.

  5. Thanks for the kind comments, guys!


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