26 Mar 2014

The Importance of Quality | Belts by Mackenzie & George

Apart from a moment of frivolity in an Oxford cobblers, I’ve never spent more than £10 on a belt, buying mostly from Topman or Gap, which usually feel a little delicate, but work well until they need replacing 12-months later.

Struggling to think of a Christmas present (for myself) last year, Mackenzie & George presented me with the perfect answer when I stumbled across their belts online. Their chestnut leather and brass buckled Chester might be £45, but it’s a quality, sturdy handmade leather belt that is going to last a long time. At 40mm it’s designed for wearing with jeans and the large buckle would definitely look strange on a neat pair of chinos, but it works well on my tan Levi Commuter skinny chinos when worn with a pair of chunky boots - like a Red Wing Heritage Chukka, as worn by Mat here.

It’s tempting to ‘save’ money on the hidden items of an outfit, like socks and belts. Often, it’s a false economy though, costing more to replace worn out socks and broken belts every few months then save up and buy one item of good quality.

Check out Mackenzie & George’s new catalogue for 2014 here. - Nik.

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  1. Handsome stuff, Mat! You're right about false economy, I'd rather save for twice as long for something that will last me a very long time. I just splurged on a Barbour coat and the thing is going to last me forever, well worth it!

  2. I completely agree about quality over quantity :D Absolutely love the black version.


  3. You are so right. Sometimes belts (and socks) seem to be a little pricey, but I think it's worth it if the're gonna last longer. Those particular ones are really nice, I think I have a crush on the first one.



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