15 Jul 2014

Orlando Photo Diary Part 2

Even though we've been back from Orlando for three weeks now I've fully got my freelance work head back on. I've been in London for the past few days - if you've been following on Instagram you might have seen it's been all meetings, beer + cars. Just the way I like it. Our holiday seems pretty far gone now, so let's just say it's a good thing I have a bunch of photos to share with you guys; it's a memory refresher! Here's some shots from our time in Florida -

We'd been wanting to visit the town of Winter Park for a while now and received a bunch of nudges from Wendy of Local Shine (who's a Orlando local), so we headed there about half way through our trip. Hollie's parents had already been but this was our first trip - Winter Park is about a 20 minutes car ride from central Orlando and 30 minutes from Davenport, where we stayed.

Winter Park was an absolute treat - was great to get away from the typical scenes you come to expect from Orlando; huge neon signs, fast-food restaurants everywhere, outlet malls and Mickey Mouse was replaced with independent retailers, local cafes, tree-lined narrow streets, art installations, with the same easy-going attitude. Damn, this place was cool. Home to both Makr Carry Goods and Rifle Paper Co. no less!

We did have a plan for the day but it was so hot we just wondered around looking for the nearest cold drinks. Lunch at The Coop was immense - Southern home-style cooking; buttermilk fried everything and traditional side. The place had hearta, real community feel to it. If you're ever in the area then this is the place to eat!

Other than that we just tried to relax, which I find troublesome at the best of times. My mind starts to wonder and I just want to get out and explore - I ended up going for early morning jogs, which did me the world of good. There's something about exercising in a warm climate which is preferable to gloomy weather in Lancashire, you know?! 

I do love Orlando but I'm itching to explore the rest of America. An idea for the honeymoon maybe?
Hope you enjoyed part two, you can check out Orlando Photo Diary Part 1 here.

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  1. Blog as much as you like about your adventures Mat. Re-live them with us. We learn through sharing stories no? And I do LOVE a good story!

    I would to visit the Rifle Paper co. I would probably love it but I think it could be one of Hiro's "i will wait outside" places. :)

  2. i love your orlando photo diaries! definitely a side of florida i've never seen before, love the little details you've captured

    Little Blue Backpack

  3. I've been to NYC, Atlanta and Miami. NYC is definitely a place a man must see once in a lifetime!

  4. Lovely photos. I haven't been to Winter Park but it looks really chilled out and relaxed. It's good to know not everywhere in Florida is Disney central, ha!

  5. This place looks super cool! Sounds like you had an amazing lunch there haha.

  6. lovely! and wendy is so great! :)


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