5 Jun 2014

Gaolhouse Denim | Developing Jeans with Meaning

It's great when you get to meet with a brand that has such an interesting and engaging story behind it, especially one local to London. Many big brands invest a fortune trying to construct a believable story to support their brand or regain one that they've somehow lost along the way.

Gaolhouse Denim definitely has a background to rival the best. A small batch denim producer that has worked with inmates in UK prisons to design and develop their jeans, providing these inmates with an income, but more importantly the confidence and skills to find work once they’ve served their time. It's a strong brand with a social conscious and a product that looks and feels awesome - a deserved result from a founder who's put in a ton of hard work and faced challenges most brands would back away from.

The jeans are a slim cut, 5-pocket jean made from an 11.5oz unwashed denim. Modelled by Ricki Hall they've produced some outstanding shots for their website and display a load more on their Instagram page. - Nik
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  1. This is cool Mat! Stunning photography xx

  2. Anonymous21:55

    I really do like brands that have a social impact attached to it. These shots are very atmospheric as well.

    Saskia / girlinbrogues.com

  3. the quality just looks incredible! you get to meet with so many wonderful brands, that's really exciting :)

  4. really great initiative. i support a shelter organization here in the states - villalobos rescue center (they also have a show on the animal planet network) - and they work with parolees to help rescue dogs. the idea is that it's all about second chances... for the parolees and the dogs. they do some really amazing work and come up against so many obstacles but they come out fighting each time, most of it because of their tenacity and determination but also because of a great support network of people who help out with time and money. it's great to see these kinds of work that helps the most marginalized.

  5. They sound like a great brand. I love the photos and detailed shots!


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