8 Feb 2010

Up Close And Private

If you haven't heard of Up Close and Private I urge you to visit their site. The team bring out a new issue of inspirational imagery every season and have done for 3 seasons now. Up Close and Private is described as,

"An on-going project by Sergei Sviatchenko which looks to capture the spirit of modern style, as seen through the subtle shades of the individual. Through these details a complex discourse between clothing, fashion and image take form, offering new perspectives on contemporary fashion and identity."

These images are all from the Spring/Sumer 2010 edition. If you ever feel stuck for outfit ideas and colour combinations this is the must-go-to destination for a quick fix. They have also recently ventured into capturing womenswear too, bonus.


  1. Lovely images, top notch.


  2. that was a quick response!

  3. I will definetely check this out now!!!

    I like the blue socks with the brown shoes, think its gonna be a case of regina george wore flip flops and army pants, so i bought flip flops and army pants...

  4. love. the glasses on head image


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