9 Feb 2010

Buckets Re-Vamp & Update

So, slowly but surely I'm trying to revamp the blog. Now I'm not the most technical person when I comes to codes and what not, so it's only small things changing but hopefully it will look a bit more interesting when I have finished. Colours, fonts, sizes, slight change to the layout, that sort of thing.

I do want to design a new header for the blog too, as this one has been knocking about way up there for a good year 1/2 now. Does anyone fancy designing for one me? I'm going to start working on one soon, involving pattern and colours.

In other news, I'm still in London but I've been jobless for about two weeks as the job I moved down for didn't work out(I can't really go into it on here), so I have just been enjoying the city whilst I can. Also at the same time catching up with friends, exploring the area and improving my cooking skills. I've been looking for more work as I really wanted to be around London for London Fashion Week but I may have to go home just before it. I do have tickets to two of the shows but I don't know if it's going to work out.


  1. DO hope it works out! I'll be over for menswear again...


  2. Wish I had half a brain to figure out ways to re-vamp my blog. I second Cillian and hope everything works out and comes together for you. Sure you'll find something soon enough. Hang in there!

  3. thanks for the support guys. as you say, im sure it will work out in the end and stuff.

    Cillian which menswear shows are you going to?!?!

  4. I'm sure it will work out my dear. Liking the new colour scheme :)


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