6 Nov 2018

Doom Bar Sessions in Cornwall w/ Sharp's Brewery

tube station cafe in polzeth
the st moritz hotel in cornwall review and feature
architecture style at the st moritz hotel in cornwall uk
polzeth beach and surfers
food at paul ainsworth's restaurant in padstow
food at paul ainsworth's restaurant in padstow
a collage of the polzeth rockface in cornwall
Sometimes I have a tendency to only think forward. Forward is good, in fact, it's great; it helps you  push yourself creativity, set goals and strive to become the person who you want to be. But looking back on past experiences is just as important, and can help you put the slower weeks into perspective. I'll sit in my office, take one look at my very mundane to-do list and think, "what the heck am I doing?!". But then one quick flashback though the past 12 months in my head always reminds me that I have zilch to moan about.

There's a couple of moments that I think back to, surreal situation which leave me wondering how did I end up there. Saying yes to intriguing opportunities seems to lead me down a very wacky path, and as long as there's no "risk" I'm fully on board.

One of these moments was on a recent trip down to Cornwall with local brewing bin guns, Sharp's Brewery, who invited myself and Dan to their annual Doom Bar Session. The invite said there'd be a a nice hotel, a tour of the brewery with a tasting session and meal,  time to explore the neighbouring villages, and a gig on a small boat with Feeder...sign me up.

coffee and cake at fees foods in rock, cornwall
brewery tour at sharp's in rock, cornwall
brewery tour at sharp's in rock, cornwall
brewery tour at sharp's in rock, cornwall
dinner and tasting session at the mariners resturant rock cornwall
rock beach and coastline in cornwall
sharps brewery craft beers
feeder brand at sharp's brewery doom bar session
feeder brand at sharp's brewery doom bar session

This trip turned out to be one of those surreal moments, one which I 100% do not regret saying yes to. In fact, the two day stay down in the tiny village of Polzeath Cornwall, just outside of the even more quaint town of Padstow, turned out to be extra special for me. 

I don't shy away from sharing my love of craft beer, as well as championing the people who take a risk to turn their ideas-on-paper become a reality. For me,  I have an underlying urge to do more in the beer industry. I have no idea what that idea is, or indeed much knowledge of the business, I just know there's room for me in there somewhere.

And for me to be invited down by a respected brewer to enjoy the area's colourful cafes, epic surfing coastlines and local foods is very humbling. But not only that, I got to relive my teenage years - along with 120 other people on a tiny boat - by seeing Feeder belt out their greatest hit!


We stayed at St. Moritz Hotel, hung out at TubeStation and Fee's Food, ate at Rojano's In The Square + The Mariners, and drank at The Old Ship + Sharp's Brewery.

I was a guest of Sharp's Brewery, who covered my trip to Cornwall for the weekend. Your support of the brands + businesses we work with helps make this blog happen.


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