26 Oct 2018

Glasgow, A Visual Diary

mat buckets wearing arket navy jacket, folk trousers and paul smith tee in glasgow
 Wearing - Arket Jacket [gifted] | Paul Smith Long Sleeve T-Shirt + Sneakers, Folk Trousers, Fair Ends Cap
cartel coffee company in glasgow
nom restaturant in glasgow
eating at nom restaurant in glasgow

I've had a copy of this blog post in my drafts folder for about a month. I've written two in total, but I wasn't particularly thrilled with either, which is weird because I had a blast on my recent trip up to Glasgow. Maybe it's a case of leaving the words too long, or maybe it's a case of not actually feeling mega confident with my writing of late. I've spent soooo much time working on images lately it seems I've forgotten how to put words next to each.

So in light of this slight writer's block I'm going to get the images do most of the talking this time. "Booo, what a cop out" you may think, but hey, do more of what feels right. Right?

Where We Stayed

Two night's spent at The Principal's Grand Central [press stay] was just what the doctor ordered. The location was bang on, right at the side of Glasgow Central Station, and the room was ideal for me and Jordan in two single beds.. Really spacious and comfy rooms, with a stellar bathroom and a cool view of the city's Southside. I tried to book a third night, due to all the trains out of Glasgow being cancelled, but sadly it was all booked up. A good sign though!

Where We Ate

This isn't an exaggeration in saying that Glasgow's food and drink scene is incredible. Never have I been to a city in the UK with such a passion for it; the variation of food styles, the meticulous details they put into their interiors, the sheer amount of space places popping up - and the passion follows suit. Highlights - Alchemilla, Gnom with Jordan's friend Nicole, Betty's Good Times Roll, Ramen Dayo, Paesano Pizza.

Where We Hung Out

We saw a lot of the city, and to stay it's changed since the last time I visited is an understatement. Our long list of recommendations took us to been before, and some places that have been on my "must visit" list for ages. We had plenty of time dedicated to meeting up with old and new friends, with local photographer Alex James sparing a whole afternoon to show us around some spots he knew we would love. Highlights - W2 Store, Drygate Brewery, The Lighthouse, The Good Coffee Cartel, Laboratorio Coffee.

good times roll cafe glasgow in forever yours betty
forever yours betty at good times roll cafe in glasgow
view from the river cylde in glasgow
this is alchemilla restaurant in glasgow
view from above, this is alchemilla restaurant in glasgow
review and feature of the grand central hotel in glasgow
review and feature of the grand central hotel in glasgow room details
review and feature of the grand central hotel in glasgow, view from hotel
review and feature of the grand central hotel in glasgow, and jordan bunker

Until the next city break.

Additional photos by Jordan Bunker.


  1. Glasgow looks awesome! You do have a knack for tracking down the coolest places in a city.

  2. There's good things going on everywhere, I can always find it!


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