26 Sept 2018

36 Hours in Berlin

mat buckets wearing universal works denim trousers with jigsaw menswear resort collar shirt in berlin
mat buckets wearing the new skagen falster 2 smartwatch
the visit coffee shop in berlin
interior of the visit coffee shop in berlin
yellow colour spotting in berlin
mat buckets wearing universal works denim trousers with jigsaw menswear resort collar shirt in berlin with uk blogger brittany bathgate
Shirt by Jigsaw | Trousers + Bag by Universal Works | Sneakers by Converse | Smartwatch c/o Skagen | Cap by Fair Ends | 
Glasses by Moscot

This summer has been unforgettable. The past four months have been some of the most rewarding of my life, and if I could exchange air-miles for beers I'd be set up for life. Something that is niggling me though, I'm getting worse at catching up on things that I've said I need to. A blog post here, a month's worth of admin there, and, well, let's not even mention the blog re-design...

I feel pretty content with most other things, especially when it comes to this summer's opportunities. Being able to travel for work given be chance to strengthen friendships something that would normally be missed due to being elsewhere. In a weird kind of way I feel like I've had plenty time for my friends for photography, creative support and even the +1 perks for trips I always reach out to my buddies.

Earlier this month I was invited to Berlin with Skagen for the launch of their new smartwatch, the Falster ll. Jake Millers came along as my photography support, and it turned out that my old mate Brittany Bathgate was also visiting for the event. We haven't spent much time together since earlier this year - both of us busy with things across opposite sides of the UK - but then BAM, there we are together in a different country.

The next day only left us with a few hours to hang, but it was good to hear about Brittany's home DIY progress and chat through the issues that come with owning your own place, as well as being self-employed.

At the fear of this post sounding like it doesn't have a purpose, it's purely a life update. But hey, that's what my space is all about I'm just pleased I still have the passion to share my journey with you.

Photography by Jake Millers.


  1. I'm so envious of all the places you've been this year! I'm really enjoying hearing about them.

  2. Love the life update! And how nicely you have captured "my" city! It really does show on the photos that the weather was all grey and cold - love the composition of the grouped photos as always!

    Soph || http://basicapparel.de

  3. I've been super fortunate with how much travel work has come my way this year. But you are the queen of travel, you know this! I'm coming over for a catch up.

  4. The HFL Mentor13:07

    You live a really cool life. I must get round to these places. Thank you.

  5. Thank you buddy, it's all achieveable. Cheap flights and not-so-pricey accommodation goes a long way

  6. I know, we managed to find some nice warm feelings all around. I love your city, but hoping you can be a tour guide some day


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