23 Jul 2018

A Short Stay at Boro Hotel, New York

It may have only been for one night but I recently enjoyed a memorable stay at the Boro Hotel in Long Island, New York. This overnight marked the end of our working trip to Easton, PA, and the start of myself and Jordan's three days of free time in NYC (lots more to share on both of those trips soon).

After checking in we parked up in the aesthetically pleasing lobby for an hour of caffeine fixes + beers, just before we headed off to see the NY Yankies play Washington Nationals as the ionic Yankies stadium in the Bronx. But let's not glace over that lobby too quickly, as this perfectly sized space was actually the highlight for me. Horizontal airbricks backed the length of the reception, giving your eyes plenty to look at while the check-in process went down. Be forgiven if your gazed wanders elsewhere in the room, as the late evening light danced across the soft green painted walls, untreated concrete pillars as if planned perfectly. The mixture of mid-century and powder-coated contemporary furniture worked a treat.

As for the rooms, well I definitely lucked out being on a high floor; the windows faced out towards Manhattan, making my early morning rise that little bit more special. My room was spacious with a huge window letting in loads of natural light. A wooden study desk and comfy chairs were all there but I inevitably didn't get chance to use. The bathroom was neat and well designed, all I really need.

Would I stay at Boro Hotel again? For sure! Being on Long Island it's a little further out the way than you'd usually think of staying, but I think it's worth the extra few miles for such a memorable experience - even if it's just for the rooftop view, which overlooks the whole of the New York skyline.

My stay was covered as part of a wider project with Majestic Athletic, which I'll be sharing soon! 
Additional photography by Jordan Bunker.


  1. Really nice pictures, man! Loved the graphic images with details and the light!

  2. I love the clean minimalist sleek design of this hotel. Very modern.


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