9 Mar 2018

The Slower Months

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January was a really busy month for me. It felt like the ideal start to the year; freelance projects kept my hands full, a couple of travel opportunities came my way, and I took it upon myself to head down to Manchester most weeks to catch up with friends. Things were pretty sweet.

Then February came around, and it was all change. At the start of the month I found myself writing about how I'd taken too much on at once, and a few weeks later I'm putting together this short post about how I haven't got much work on...That's the reality self-employment; you turn into some sort of human yo-yo.

A yo-yo with anxiety issues, at the best of times. It's all ups and downs. I have always thrived on the freedom of working for myself (and it seems to have worked well for me for the past three years), but I'm in a constant battle with myself to stay proactive, keep on-the-ball creatively, and maybe, most importantly, keep on working towards my next goals and rememeber to set them.

When there's no one to tell you you what to do, it's easy to fall into the role of professional procrastinator. That's just something I haven't managed to conquer as yet but if I'm going to carry on in this somewhat uncertain career path, I need to get myself in gear, especially in those quieter, thumb twiddling months.

Photographs by Jordan Bunker.


  1. Dave23:42

    Everyone has a slight tendency to procrastinate, even myself. If you've got 15 Mins and like Ted Talks, I'd recommend the "Inside the mind of a master Procrastinator" by Tim Urban. All the best, Matt!

  2. I so can relate! My year started off super busy in January and then it went downhill. Thankfully things are starting to pick up now, I have some commissions and a wholesale order lined up :) running a business is unpredictable and I try to embrace it! It is not easy at times though.


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