1 Feb 2018

Too Much at Once

Coat + Jumper by Jigsaw | Sunglasses by Moscot | Cap by Percival

Last week I spend four days in Amsterdam, along with my regular travel buddy Jordan Bunker. Four days which we had loosely planned out, along with a bunch of recommendations from the Instagram community.

We were over for work, so we knew spare time would be at a premium, but it was a good opportunity to revisit a city that I'd not explored since I was a teenager. A lot has changed in 12 years if I look back on memories of my first visit, they now feel like a deleted scene from The Inbetweeners...

The job I have created is extremely fulfilling, and at this stage of my life I wouldn't trade it (or the opportunities I am fortunate enough to be given) for anything. But sometimes it does becomes hard to enjoy "the moment", because I'm constantly thinking of the task at hand in this case, balancing three projects over as many days. Too much at once. The mounting pressure from myself to make every brief "perfect" made the experience of visiting an exciting city quite a stressful one. The light wasn't on our side, locations didn't look like they appeared to on Google, and time was running short. It's not the city's fault sometimes you've just got to accept that things won't be perfect.

A few lessons learned for me: a balance between work + pleasure is very important, be ready to adapt a plan at the last minute, if there's more than one project going on at once then plan meticulous (and always prepare a plan c!).

I'll put this one down as another learning curve.

Photography by Jordan Bunker (sorry if I stressed you out, fella).


  1. The Sunday Mode12:02

    I've definitely felt like this before, lots actually. You learned from it though so I guess that's the main thing! For me I really have to learn to be able to adapt and change at the last minute as well...

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

  2. Hey Mat.

    I don't know how you do it. I hand on heart believe that you are the hardest working blogger that I know and I have so much respect for that. You inspire me to try harder and work harder (when I mum duties don'y take priority). But I can emphasise with the juggling of projects. Sometimes spreading yourself too thin can make you feel a bit adrift? It does me. I think you handle things marvellously. Perfection is overrated in my view - being able to make something from very little is hard but it pushes you and ultimately the end result means more. Am I banging on a bit? Sorry!

  3. I think you are being a little too kind of me here, Yasumi, but I appreciate that you think of me so fondly. That's encouraging all the same. I haven't actually been keeping up to date with my blog or other as much as I would ideally like lately, but other bits have kept me busy.

    I did start to keep a little fussy in the head, and it was hard to concenrate. That doesn't end well for something who is easily distracted. Perfection is overrated, I love that sentiment.

  4. You do learn a lot, you're dead right, Julia. The learing to adapt will come into the play the next time I'm in this situation, which I think will make this instant an invaluable exercise.

  5. India Hobson10:30

    Absolutely know how you feel - sometimes you have to combine the projects to make them viable but that can have it’s complications and when the light is not on your side it makes for a bad day, lost time and a knock to your confidence. If it was easy and everything always went to plan then everyone would be doing it and what we do is all about the problem-solving...
    It is really difficult to plan meticulously when you’re not familiar with a place but then just resting on a place that you know so well doesn’t always bring the surprises or happy accidents that make something special or successful.
    You can only ever do your best in any given situation and that is all you can ever expect from yourself.

  6. Shaun Donnelly11:29

    Hi Mat,

    I know how you feel (granted, it is on a completely different scale for you). Juggling blog related tasks and my 9-5 job is a battle. My 'days off' have quickly become opportunities to create / catch up on content - I daren't complain though because on the whole, I love it.

    For what it's worth, I love the content you're producing and think you're doing a great job. Long may it continue!


  7. I woudn't say it's that different , Shaun, you're holding down a respectable job and have started something on the side that you're clearly passionate about. Finding people with similar interests and enthusiasm is why I got so interested in blogging in the first place.

    I appreciate that. I've slipped quite a bit lately, as other bits have been keeping me busy but I aim to get this thing back up to speed.

  8. This is very tue, India. It wasn't easy but I did achieve all that I set out to do, granted in not as a smooth of a way as I would have hoped. But I got there.

    It was a knock but also a good lesson for me. A needed one I think. I think I nearly did my best, next time I need more back-up plans. Thank you.


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