29 Dec 2017

Holiday Slowdown | A Few Good Things #1

Things have slowed down quite a bit since the Holiday Season set in. My first reaction was to apologise for the lack of updates, but none of us need to make an excuse for using our time off to recharge + reflect on how 2017 was for us.

Here's a few things I've been enjoying these past couple of chilled out weeks:

The Kinfolk Entrepreneur - One of this year's essential coffee table reading, from one of our generation's most influnetial publications. Editor Nathan Williams introduces us to an in-depth look at 40 creative individuals and businesses around the world - giving us a real peek into how they each of them has created a meaningful + inspiring living.

Inventery Mechanical Pen - This slim bit of onyx has been knocking around in my bag, pocket and on my desk for a few months, and I've enjoying using it every time it's in my hand. Weighty, comfortable to hold and writes like a dream.

Arket Vetiver Handcream - This one found its way under our Christmas tree. Cheers Hollie. It's great size to toss in your tote bag, and the packaging is perfectly understated. But ain't all about looks - the earthy notes make the scent really universal.

Instrmnt K-61 Watch - Attention to detail + user experience is always a high priority when it comes to Glasgow-based design studio, Instrmnt. I mean, have you ever heard of a rubber strap being injected with a vanilla scent, just so your wrists smells good? The minimal watchface and careful touches speak for themselves.

Glory Magazine Issue 3 - The third print of a publication that boasts a fresh take on football, design + culture. This issue concentrates its efforts on looking at Swedish football - stadium architecture, travel photography and kit design. I was hooked after reading the first article.

Beams Heavyweight Tee - I picked this long sleeve top up earlier in the year, and it quickly became one of the most worn pieces in my wardrobe. Worn over a white tee, under a shirt, or layered with a gillet, it just seems to work every time. It's from the SS17 collection, but I'm hoping the Beams boys come out with something similar next season.

Enjoy your downtime.


  1. Happy holidays Matt! Glad to hear you've enjoyed some slow down time :)

  2. That mechanical pencil looks right up my alley.

    Hope you and Hollie had a beautiful Christmas!

  3. Hope you've had a lovely holiday, Mat!

  4. Happy New Year! I hope you are having a wonderful 2018! :)


  5. happy new year!!!!! hope all is well up there!

    i need that kinfolk edition!

    (krystal/village but with new blog haha)

  6. Thank you Katie, I hope you are feeling refreshed!

  7. Cheers Syed, I appreciate that. Hope you did too fella.

  8. Dillion, oh man what a late reply. But I wish you the best for 2018.


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