13 Jan 2018

Geo Typeface Wall Clock by Paulin

Something a little different today from Scottish watchmakers, Paulin. The Geo Typeface Wall Clock is the Glasgow-based design studio's first stand-out product which ventures away but not too far from their original wristwatch collection. Featuring the brand's in-house created Geo typeface, the Art Deco-inspired design follows timeless design principles from the Bauhaus movement giving empathises to bold colours, simplistic design + geometric forms. 

One of the things that's really doing it for us is the sweeping second hand, which makes the Wall Clock completely silent - no annoying ticks when you're trying to concentrate.

The Geo Typeface Wall Clock retails at a very reasonable £45, and is available in two colours here.


  1. This clock is very cutie, looks so playful with these colors! Nice post!
    I am Teo from Euframe.blogspot.com

  2. Those are beautiful clocks. I'm in the process of looking for a wall clock myself - I'm wanting something with all 12 numbers because i'm a child and it takes me a second longer to work out the time if they're not there, haha.

  3. Such a gorgeous design - so clean and precise!

    The Leach Life | theleachlife.com


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