14 Jun 2017

Exploring London’s Architecture from Paddington to St. Pancras

Images taken on iPhone 6

For a little while now, I’ve been posting pictures of London’s architecture. It started with the classic shots of iconic landmarks St. Paul’s, The Shard, and the rest before I moved on to a few, slightly more obscure pictures of the city’s lesser known buildings.

To be honest, my intention was never to fill my entire Instagram feed with shots like this; but, what started as a way of killing some time between meetings, has turned into a mild obsession, where I’m forever stopping in the middle of the pavement to capture a building I’ve not shot before.

I’m not alone in this, of course. Instagram is bursting with architectural imagery, from every corner of the world and, the more I posted, the more I chatted with folks who had a similar fascination with the corners of office blocks and apartments.

One of these guys was blogger and photographer Anthony Lee and both finding ourselves with a Friday morning free, we decided to meet up and take a walk from Padding Basin (and *that* staircase), along the canal and the A40, down to Euston, before winding up in St Pancras.

To be honest, there’s so much on offer in this part of town, with so many new buildings going up, that it’s hard to know where to point the old iPhone. We were lucky with the weather very very lucky; bright blue skies always set the angles of a neat, modern structure off nicely.

That said, some of the glass buildings just had too much glare for a perfect shot; which, actually, makes for a nice excuse to head back and try again, one day. First up though, I’ll be heading further East and trying to get some decent shots of the City. Who’s up for coming along?

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  1. These photos are amazing! I love the architecture!


  2. Thanks Valerie! Glad you think so. The architecture around that part of London is fairly stunning - and as most of it's new, it's all really clean and photographs well. Hopefully, we'll get a few more of these sorts of shoots done this summer.

  3. John Robinson19:09

    I'm very keen to join you, always look into for opportunities for my Instagram johncs2012.
    Please let me know dates of your next trip

  4. these are incredible! I love the shots :)

    With Love, KANDICE


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