7 Jun 2017

A Natural Progression

Chore Jacket by Paul Smith | Shirt c/o Natural Selection | Trousers by Topman | Sneakers by Harrys of London | Chronograph watch c/o Timex | Sunglasses c/o Monokel Eyewear

 Photography by Jordan Bunker

My working partnership with lifestyle blogger + writer, Jordan Bunker, has started to become a bit of a tagteam of late. The running order usual goes like this; plan to visit a specific area, do a little research, take in the neighbourhood's individual nuances, drink the coffee, and point our cameras in a aesthetically pleasing direction. 

That's been the general narrative for a good 10 months now, and it seems to be working well for us. For this meet-up I suggested the location (Mayfair + Soho, London), tagged Jordan in, he grabbed the camera and got to work on fine tuning the settings, then Jordan tagged me back in for the finishing move. Just call us the Hardy Boyz of menswear...

In all seriousness though, working collaboratively with Jordan has felt like a natural progression for my blog. There's no hang ups or hidden motives. We're there to help each other, share our personal experiences as freelancers in this extremely competitive industry and learn a few things on the way. And believe me, I've learnt a lot from this man.

Friendship can come from the least likely of places, and I take a certain solace that some of the most important people in my life are those that I have struck up conversations with through reads blogs and using social media. 

Some say social media is the death of real interaction Personsally I don't think that statement could be further from the truth. If anything, this current digital age has brought our own communities closer together.

What's your take on real interaction via social media?

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  1. I think social media only enhances social interaction! It's all in how you use it.



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