18 Apr 2017

Revisiting Ones to Watch | Longside

We first featured Longside back in 2015 - when they had a slightly longer name and a product range which, if we recall correctly, consisted of just one belt.

Since then we've watched Longside grow as a brand and develop their products - now, featuring a range of belts, card, and key holders - while still maintaining that personal touch that comes with an independent, owner run brand. As well as the name change, Longside have also update their website and - as all good brands should - are developing a consistently good looking Instagram account.

Visit Longside's new site, and also let us know if there's any brands out there you think we should feature in our One to Watch series.

You can find Nik at - Twitter | Instagram | Newsletter


  1. Beautiful shade of leather! Can't think of a brand off the top of my head, but am excited to see who you feature next ;)

    Kosta | Cool Gear Cavalier

  2. I love the design of these products...very beautiful!


  3. A Pot Less Gentleman22:05

    These all look amazing and I need them!


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