10 May 2015

Longside Leather Co. Handmade Belt

This is my new handmade belt, by Longside Leather Co. If you flick your minds back to last December, you might remember the name from our Ones To Watch feature. Well, I decided to put my money where my mouth is and purchase a belt from Ted's collection. He was kind enough to take some photos while he was making up my order - I went for the natural leather Casual Belt - and share the process on his Instagram account. Here's a short video of it being made too!

The idea of wearing a handmade belt from an skilled craftsman excites me. After receiving it in the post on Saturday morning I'm pleased to say that I couldn't be happier with the level of materials use and finish. I'd say it fits like a glove, but...

I've been searching for a slim natural leather belt for a while now,  and I also considered Tanner Goods + Makr. I feel I've made the right decision going with Longside Leather - especially now I can put a name + face to the company. It'll going to make perfect partner for my well worn Albam jeans I'd say.


  1. That is one gorgeous belt! Nice choice. http://americanmadeguidetolife.blogspot.com/

  2. Albert Wijaya20:46

    Great choice! Awesome looking belt! :)

    Best, Albert | Palming Pebbles

  3. That is really nice! Good to see the process behind its making too.

  4. Maria Fallon20:00

    This is amazing, so much work has gone into it!

    Maria xxx

  5. I'm so pleased with it.

  6. I made a great choice!

  7. I know, that was a massive bonus for me.

  8. Feels really nice to be wearing something with a high level of craft.

  9. Beautiful!

    I know that feeling. Wearing a good leather belt made with care and skill. My friend - a shoemaker made me and Hiro some belts. They are our treasures.


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