2 Aug 2016

Eastern European Matchboxes by Matchbloc

I haven't written anything for Buckets in a while. Moving house and starting a new job have taken up about 99% of my time recently. I've kept an eye out though, scanning through Instagram, SnapChat, and whatever else occupies the 1% of the time I have free, to find sources of inspiration for a blog post or two.

This one writes itself really - a whole series of Soviet-era artworks, found on the top of matchboxes, each one a stunning demonstration of graphic excellence. All collected in one place, Matchbloc, by the dudes behind Present & Correct.

Go, take a look, and give them a follow! If you like this you'll also like these not-so-regular Simpsons badges.

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  1. Nice find, Nik. These are pretty cool - I especially like the CCCP one!

  2. Nice find, NIk! I especially like the CCCP one, very cool!

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  3. This is nice and I love the colours! My fave is the 3rd and 5th images :)

  4. Glad you like it man. Yeah, they're very cool. Love this old school Soviet stuff.

  5. He knows how to find 'em


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