1 Dec 2014

Ones To Watch | Longside Leather Co. Made in England

We’ve talked before on Buckets & Spades about how passionate we are to discover and show support for new aspiring brands/stores. It’s even better when you get chance to meet the people (or person) behind these start-ups, hear their story, and see their passion.

Longside Leather Co. is one such brand. Run by student and hockey player Ted Bennett from his Oxford based studio, Longside currently produce handcrafted leather belts and card holders. The designs are classic and simple. Just what you want from a belt really. 

We’ll keep a close eye on Ted and Longside Leather Co. In the sea of large corporations it's important to support the small guys where we can. Expect to see more great stuff in the future - Nik

You can find Nik at - Conrad's Beer | Twitter | Instagram


  1. This is dope bro, I'm now following Ted, Thanks.


  2. Ah, I love beautifully handcrafted products. One of my friends from university made me a leather cardholder from scratch and I still use it – I really appreciate the detail, time, and craftsmanship people put into making products.


  3. That's so thoughful, and hard work too, what a lovely gift. Glad other people share the same sentiments of what Longside Leather Co are doing.


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