27 May 2015

All Over Shorts by Olivers Apparel

The crossover between sports and casual or "ath-leisure" as some call it has been one that's been happening for as long as I can remember. How can you go from a workout, or cycle for example, to a coffee shop without feeling like you're wearing your tatty school sports kit? I have nothing against sportswear, quite the opposite actually my love of sportswear has grown to crazy levels while in my twenties but if there's a way I can make the transition from a-to-b a little less "sporty" then it will grab my attention.

Olivers Apparel is doing something pretty cool. They've designed a pair of shorts that can seemingly tackle most sports + fitness / rec, but also wouldn't look out of place on your daily commute (or pretending to be working at your local coffee establishment). The All Over Short is the brand's signature product; a pair versatile shorts, made from lightweight but durable 4-way stretch fabric, with a modern tailored fit. Water repellent too, so the filter coffee will run right off...
This week Olivers Apparel released their All Over Shorts in a new set of colours. The "Summer Classics" of orange, purple + cobalt, now join the original black, grey green + copper. I've been wearing a pair of the cedar green shorts for a month or two now, and I've been really impressed with their versatility, between indoor rock climbing, gym sessions, cycling and travel.

The All Over Shorts are handmade in California, and are finished off nicely with a paracord drawstring and contrasting mesh pockets. Stick me down for a second pair!

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  1. Looks like a nice line athletic wear, I Kind of like that of athletic and casual look.

  2. Albert Wijaya20:24

    Wonderful looking shorts! :)

    Best, Albert | Palming Pebbles

  3. the perfect casual/sporty shorts

  4. "ath-leisure" is a hilarious composition of words, but that doesn't stop me from wanting a pair of these right now!

  5. Shorts are the most awesome clothing for mens, comfortable and brrezy :)


  6. Daft word creation isn't it, but years ago there was a sports shop in England by the same name. Turns out they were ahead of the game!

  7. They seem to be perfect for both too. Handmade in Cali is impressive, no?

  8. Glad you agree, Albert.

  9. Me too, it's a nice transition from sports to not looking like a sports freak!

  10. And these are some of the finest around.

  11. Gianna Blake08:36

    Even I need to buy the workout clothing and have just had a glance over the prices of stuff online and found amazing stuff at affordable prices. Would soon be adding some Workout Leggings and two pairs of t-shirts in my cart. I am just a little confused because there are a lot of designs.


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