8 Jan 2015

Photography in GTA5 by Curtis McNally

I'm one of those people that becomes totally consumed by computer games, hence why I rarely play them. Skyrim was the last game I got sucked in to. I reckon me + Hollie clocked up a good 300 hours on that thing. Same thing would happen with GTA5, although lucky for my own sanity I've only played it around friend's houses. My current flavour of the month is Super Mario World on the SNES, but for very different reasons.

Photographer Curtis McNally received GTA5 this Christmas. Instead of going down the usually route of mowing through drug dealers and blind-siding prospective-governors at rallies he decided to explore the virtual world without violence. Using the character's in-game smartphone, McNally took to the streets, using the camera as he would in the real world. By looking at a game like GTA from a different perspective it really does give you a new appreciation for what the developers have created. A rather beautiful blur between real and virtual life.

“When your not aimlessly running around the map killing people and hijacking cars, you start to appreciate the magnificent design of the game. From watching sunsets to wondering the back streets you become lost in a rich and vibrant virtual surrounding
 that is a surreal treat to photograph”

See more of Curtis McNally's GTA Photography here.


  1. This is awesome! There may be a few real-life purists who won't agree that this is photography but I'm very impressed. I'm too easily distracted by the violence and speeding to try this myself though!

    Ben | http://www.twentyfirstcenturygent.com

  2. Some of these shots are just brilliant!

    Andrew | www.thatmck.com

  3. Oh my gosh, I thought these photos were from real life. The amount of detail is incredible!

  4. This is absolutely stunning. Video games are my pitfall. Always.

  5. Consuming aren't they!

  6. Real and virtual couldn't be closer with what they've designed here.

  7. It really does, such a simple idea as well.

  8. I have it back! Need to do my version now...get some pics of GTA up soon.


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