7 Jan 2015

Made in USA Accessories by Owen & Fred

Every brand, it seems, are offering a sideline in wallets, money holders, bags, and various trinkets. To stand out then, you really need to do something different - either a new ethos to your brand or a line of products which capture folk’s attention straightaway.

We noticed Owen & Fred at Pop-Up Flea in London back in November. Granted, we were making an effort to look at every stand, but the quality and style of Owen & Fred’s products really drew our attention and kept us there, chatting with the owner, for quite some time.

It’s hard to say exactly what Owen & Fred focus on. Hanging on either side of the stall were a series of canvas products: the rugged and solid, “Work Hard, Play Hard” duffel bags; and their colourful “Hey Handsome” shaving kit bags on the other. The tables, though, were lined with what can only be described as bar accessories: money-clips, Paisley leather coasters, and my favourite, the “You Earned It” bottle opener - a solid lump of brass that’ll open many beers for years to come.

At Pop-Up Flea, Owen & Fred probably showcased half, if that, of their brand. Visiting their website reveals even more options on the lines we’d viewed, and a whole host of other products just waiting to be seen the next time they’re in London.
We definitely recommend checking out Owen & Fred's American-made products, it's all right up our street. A few of their items can be found in Present, Shoreditch, London.  Nik

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  1. Great pick-me-up messages for a cold, bleak January. Would make excellent gifts!

    Ben | http://www.twentyfirstcenturygent.com/

  2. Agreed. Cheers for stopping by Ben. Be a good gift to yourself!

  3. Wow these products are actually really witty. I love the bottle opener one the most. Would make a great gift for my boyfriend. Too bad he already knows how to open bottles with everything but bottle openers.

    rae of love from berlin

  4. They're ace. We noticed them straight away at Pop-Up Flea...and I bought one straight away as the perfect present for someone who needs quite a few bottles opening ;-)

  5. Haha love the "Hey Handsome" type surprise once you open up the handbag. Maybe they should make one for girls that say "Hey Beautiful"!

    Tee @ Rotten One

  6. I love all of the fun details in these pieces. The "Hey Handsome" at the bottom of that bag is such an unexpected surprise that's so playful!


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