26 Jul 2014

Illustrated Cities by Collab Belfast + Weekend Links

At the fear of making us long to travel more, Belfast based design studio Collaborate have created these delightful illustrations, featuring some of the world's most loved cities. I could definitely see these prints hanging in our house, maybe even of the places we haven't visited yet - something to aim for?

As well as trying to stay cool this weekend I'll also be attempting to go totally tech-free for 24 hours, I'll share how I got on next week. Enjoy your weekend guys, whatever you get up to!

Weekend Bucket List

Every thought about camping in the jungle
An interview I did for the Great British Beer Revival
The Realities of Freelancing, this all rings so true
New app by Muji designed to help you sleep
Hatch & Harbour - Design for daydreamers + risk takers
My favourite summer(ish) outfit
Cool stackable desk accessories
Radioactive smoothie

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  1. Tech free for 24 hours? Good luck, I don't think I could do it haha.

  2. Nice! Tech free challenge - I think I have done this for quite a few days this year - wait...do cameras count? If yes...then NO WAY! Good luck son!

  3. Love them. Would definitely hang that I havent been to. Let us know how going tech free for 24 hours goes!

    Katrina Sophia

  4. Oh man, these are so great!

  5. great prints. hope you had a nice weekend. and man i can't wait to hear about the 24 hour tech free attempt!

  6. your tech free challenge sounds ammaaaaazing! I try and do phone free once every two weeks and by that I mean switch my phone to airplane so I allow phone calls and important texts only not idle chat on whatsapp. and i do tech-free every once in a while, it's nice to be cut off.


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