24 Jul 2014

Store Visit | Farah Vintage, Seven Dials London

Farah Vintage, Seven Dials.

It's been a while since we last did a Store Visit so when Farah Vintage got in touch regarding visiting their new shop I jumped at the chance. For the third time I stayed Tune Hotel at King's Cross; which seems to be the perfect location for getting just about anywhere in London.

I made my way around the endless city streets - walking from King's Cross, to Oxford Street, then on to the Seven Dials, Covent Garden - that route has now turned into one of my favourite walks in the city. London is a fascinating place to walk around and I do so as much as possible, taking slightly different turnings with each journey; all while avoiding taking the tube. This time I only ventured on the tube once to meet up with Nik for a trip to the Sunspel store in Shoreditch.

I knew I was in for a busy day so I stopped off for a hefty breakfast at Cote, before headed to meet at Farah store. I'm pretty familiar with the Seven Dials area now as I always seem to end up there, so to hear the news that Farah Vintage had just set up shop there was top news! For the most Farah is a household name across the UK + America, known for their history in workwear and later being adopted by the skinhead movement - the Farah Vintage range plays on their close links with music and youth sub-cultures; today being worn by creatives, musicians, officer workers and the football terrace crowd alike.

The store itself is a compact, well considered space which isn't overrun with stock; instead housing key pieces from their SS14 collection and small selection of items from their new collection. Plenty of patterns to get your heads around - Aztec, Stripes, Polka Dot, Floral, Tropical - you want it, they've probably got it lurking somewhere.

We got chatting about the Farah brand and what they've got lined up for the coming months - something I wasn't aware of was the work they do as a part of the local community. With events being held throughout the summer and mention of a pop-up beach party in Camden, it's a subject I'd love to explore a little bit further down the line.

Thanks to the Farah Vintage team for having me by the store. We'll be running a giveaway to win a bunch of stuff from them very soon, so look out for that! Farah Vintage, 18 Earlham Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9LG.

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  1. I love the abundance of patterns here! I'd definitely wear these shirts!

  2. I love shops that take care over their layout, it makes all the difference.

  3. Ahh that was one of my favourite things about London... walking about in the summer, dashing into random shops I had never heard of and that ended up being amazing!

    {Teffy's Perks} X

  4. I'm seeing a lot of patterns I enjoy seeing.


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