1 Apr 2014

Workshop Denim by Universal Works - Made in England

One of my favourite British menswear brands, Nottingham-based Universal Works have finally launched into the denim market with their brand new Workshop Denim collection. Their aim was to keep things as simple as possible, which can be seen through the minimal branding and lack of treatments. This, alongside unbranded rivets, modest pocket stitching and a humble, hand-stamped UW "Workshop Denim" interior patch.

The 4-piece collection features Slim + Regular fit jeans (worn above with the Bumper boot), a classic Trucker Jacket and workwear inspired Chore Jacket, each sticking to the 100% fuss-free aim. These pieces are a true blank canvas, awaiting for the customer to leave their own mark. Construction is Nottingham, England based - With the 13oz denim being originally spun on a vintage loom out in Portugal.

Check out the lovely stop-motion video below, "Are Your Jeans Handmade?", created by Animator Allan Buxton, for the launch of Workshop Denim.

Workshop Denim with be available on 4th April at Universal Works. The jeans will also be exclusively stocked at Oi Polloi, Manchester and Peggs & Son, Brighton.

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  1. Oh, I just love denim so much. That first photo is just perfect! Loving it.
    All this denim is bringing some serious 80's / 90's memories back. Ha! :)

  2. My boyfriend loves the raw denim from APC, so this is totally up his ally - they look like the jeans in the 2nd and 3rd photos. I'll definitely recommend this to him!

  3. Love the streamlined denim! And that video was really quite nice.

  4. I love the shoes too!

  5. brilliant little movie

    xxx Anna
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  6. Some solid looking denim! I bought a pair of Hiut Organic jeans about three months ago and made a mistake with measuring. Make sure you get a good fitting pair of raw selvege and that you dedicate time to breaking them in!

  7. I love the almost plain look to the denim. It is an understated outfit which I feel portrays the look that Universal Works usually push really clearly.


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