16 Nov 2012

A Visit To...Seven Dials Part 2

Following on from last week's Part 1 of my recent trip around Seven Dials, Covent Garden here is Part 2. There was way too much good stuff to cram into one single post, so here are some more stores that sparked interest whilst I was there.

Let's dive straight into some beardy good stuff with Murdock London -

Murdock's has been a firm Buckets favourite for a few years now, but this was actually my first visit to the store and I've certainly been missing out. Murdock London is basically a modern gents mecca for all things grooming related. You can be kitted out with all the finest shaving goods, fragrances and manly skincare that you'll need. Alternatively you can have you face fuzz fine tuned, get some Movember advice or just get a hair cut; they'll even offer you a whiskey after your treatment, very cool. The store itself is much bigger than the exterior would have you believe, the space is used really well and every direction you turn there's something interesting to look at. As well as stocking their own products they carry socks, scarves and leather goods from selected retailers. Murdock London, 18 Monmout St, Covent Garden, WC2H 9HB. Next stop Private White V.C. - 
Manchester's Finest, Private White V.C is another brand I've admired from afar for some time now (see here and here). Their second UK store is one I've been itching to visit ever since I heard about it opening a few months back. The space is small with minimal fuss, letting the products do all the work. I've mentioned previously that Private White designed the uniforms for the Industrial Revolution scenes at the London Olympics opening ceremony last summer; as soon as you enter the store it's easy to see why the brand is highly regarded. I was pleasantly surprised to find lots of other interesting bits in the store, like the vintage Claude Butler bike, wartime memorabilia and British brands such as John Smedley, Cheaney and Mr. Natty. Private White V.C, 46 Monmouth St, Covent Garden, WC2H 9LE. And on to Topman General Store -

This trip marked my second visit to the Topman General Store. I was greeted with big smiles by Terry and Alfie, who were happy to update me on what's been going on since my first visit back in April. The idea behind TGS is to create a unique environment to house handpicked Topman products, which sit along side choice brands from around the world. The store boasts four rooms over two floors, mixing both industrial deco with Scandinavian inspired furniture. The place is filled with all sorts of nooks and crannies to explore at your own pace. Loads of interesting stuff to busy yourself with including an extensive Hemmingway Design for Hush Puppies collection, Pendleton, LA based The Quite Life, Anerkjendt as well as local artwork, publications and a chance to design your own Foffa bike. Topman General Store, 36-38 Earlham Street, WC2H 9LH.

Other stores:

Cro' Jack - Traditional British clobber using the finest materials. All made in England, nice use of fabrics including Harris Tweed, Liberty and Ventile fabric. Heavily influenced by the military. 38 Monmouth Street.

Foxhall - New to the area, stocking their urban casual/commuter range with some cracking outerwear with very clever attention to detail. 20 Earlham Street.

Well that concludes the round up, I hope you enjoyed it and that it can be of some use if you're ever planning a trip. Thank you again to Alishia at Threepipe PR for organising the trip and being my tour guide for the day.


  1. I absolutely love the playing card wallpaper at Murdock's. Lovely photos of interior spaces, as usual! xx

  2. The jacket is tad long for an ideal riding jacket. it doesn't catch or rub the tire. I just tend to fold it under my bottom and sit on it. It's actually has quite a bit of give for when moving around and all which I was surprised.
    Ah stains from other garments are the worst. I can't stand it. Ruined some nice socks I get from some black pants rubbing their dye onto them. I was looking at the commuters online the other day. I'm going to see if I can get a local shop here to order them for me so I don't have to go to UO or another mail order to get them. I'm debating if i want a size bigger so i can wear them over pants or if i should just get my normal size.
    I'll get onto making a twitter if you don't mind giving me some advice for it. I'll go follow you as soon as I make one.
    Like you said I think having any sort of collectible or something you find interesting to have around. Can always spark up some inspiration. I'm still trying to get my apartment set up to how my brother and I would like. Pretty stoked to eventually get that going.

    Round two was killer man. The shop photos are great! Did you ever seen Pascal Grob's photos of the townhousezurich shop? They're pretty nice and these remind me a lot of them. I'm sure the shops wouldn't mind seeing your shots and putting them up on their site or blog.
    Really liking the Private White V.C. brand/shop. I could use that bar on the wall to hold my bike. Topman general store looks nice too. Actually kinda looks like two different shops from looking at the first shoe photo to the second. Personally I like the feel and look of the setup going on in the second one.
    This was a good series man, I enjoyed it!

  3. geez i need to go there shopping, stat.

  4. I love London, I was living there two years ago and I falled in love!
    I wpuld like come back!
    Adriana R

  5. A whiskey afterwards? Now that is pretty awesome!

  6. Damn, these places are cool. Men's shops are really stepping up their game. I'm jealous!

  7. Anonymous09:59

    Oh you have been busy! The artwork is what strikes me the most (that comic book artwork is fantastic!), and the creative sort of visual experience of the place - must give the stores a really good vibe as soon as you walk in. You're right about the space being used well also!

    Did you get tempted to buy anything from the stores?

  8. This is a great boys eye view. I walk around there regularly and never noticed. Thank you for the insight. Xxxx

  9. I am a fan of Mr Natty packaging!

  10. These shops look awesome! I especially like the athletic soap bar! xx

  11. Black Tea cologne?!? I think I might need that in my life!!!!!

  12. Murdocks- what a shop! I am loving those Penquins books x

  13. great tips!
    Me and my husband are off to London in a few weeks, so this was perfect. Thank you!

  14. Beautiful looking stores! I miss London so much! Dying to visit.

  15. Great stuff as always mat, a keen eye for it.

  16. I never seem to get that much actual shopping done around Seven Dials, usually just end up in a coffee shop. But Murdock is seriously dope, been meaning to pick up some of their Black Tea perfume, one of my friends has it and it is flippin' mesmerising.

  17. Your last few blog posts have been really brilliant! You're on a roll!


  18. I love the Seven Dials area too, favourites are Laura Lee & Tabio.


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