2 Dec 2011

Week in Detail #3

In TKmaxx it's a proper giftfest, I just look for the fun stuff though.  I'd really like one of those nutcrackers, we used to have quite a few when I was a kid.
Tuesday at work. Wearing - Topman cord trousers, Uniqlo green socks, Ebay'ed brogues, £7.50
Wednesday trip to the tailors. Wearing - Vintage suit trousers, Tabio polka dot socks, brogues

Since Steve from Style Salvage has been posting loads of British factories I now seem to be obsessed with looking at where everything is made. I picked up this tweed suit in a charity shop for £2 and I finally got round to wearing it this week.
Powerful hardware tool or metal dogs face?
How many fire exit signs do we need till it sinks in?
I helped out on a photo shoot at an independent hardware store on Thursday, it was a very charming place but so so cold. I amused myself by wondering around the machinery and wood sections. The situation required comfort so the New Balance 410s stepped in.
Post from Romania, bit different.

Thanks to everyone who entered the Murdock London candle competition. The winner is.....

Harriet from Where is Harriet? 

Well done to you, check your Twitter or contact me and I'll get it send out to you. To everyone else, I'll be launching another Christmas lead-up giveaway next week (and hopefully the week after too), so keep tuned for that post. Oh also, I've just noticed I'm quite nearly to my 500 post, cripes!


  1. 1. I'm just going to assume that TKMaxx is the same thing as TJMaxx here in the states?

    2. Your socks are always impressive.

    3. That power tool does look like a dog face!

  2. Aww, metal dogs face!

  3. Your Tabio socks and brogues combination is exquisite. You are a man after my own heart. Thank you for reinstalling my faith in daily menswear.

  4. Anonymous16:05

    I agree with Jessica above! very impressive for a man : ) Looks like you had a fun week - I WANT them nutcrackers, how handsome are they! I shall go to the local TKM and seek them out... (I have them same cords on my xmas list by the way lol)

  5. i like how you wear colourful socks, the way it is peeking under the trouser and brogue. attention to detail is vital when it comes to fashion. the metal dogs face is hilarious xo

  6. I've said it on twitter already but I'm so excited to have won - thank you!

    Love your ebay'd brogues - they are awesome!

  7. You've had a busy week. And worn a lot of good sock/shoe combos. Those polka dot numbers are something a bit special aren't they! And also, what is Pants on Fire? It sounds a bit dangerous?

  8. You are getting around, Mat! We had these nutcrackers at home, too. They do remind me of Christmas...
    Congratulations to the lucky winner Harriet!!!

  9. Anonymous21:07

    Well done Harriet! Enjoy your gift :)

    That is definitely a dogs face and I like your spotty socks.

    Sadly the TK Maxx in wolverhampton closed this year. I never looked round much but when I did I always found something at a bargain price. I'd totally play that game also.

    Hope the photoshoot went well, sounds very interesting. I've entered a sculpture compition at uni but so far I haven't manged to draw up anything yet. I need some inspiration I think!

  10. Anonymous10:45

    You're on fire with your bargains! That suit really was a find at £2, not entirely sure how you managed it but I'm very impressed. Those brogues are lovely too, were they brand new as well for £7.50? x

  11. Oh my god, these brogues are THE BEST ones I have even seen in my intire life! Where on eBay did you find them? can you please send me a link or something..
    By the way, I like your style a lot, so 'yourself', really iconographic!



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